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Same Great Scent. 92% Cheaper.

Same Great Scent. 92% Cheaper.

Save upto 92% on your favourite fragrances with our inspired by range. Browse below or click the 'Inspired By' link on the menu above to see the full range.

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The UK's Best Perfume Dupes - Parfumery

From Baccarat Rouge To Aventus, welcome to the home of designer-inspired fragrances and perfume dupes - Parfumery. You can say hello to your new signature scent whilst waving goodbye to the outrageous price tags with our extensive range of designer-inspired perfumes at VERY affordable prices. All of our Inspirations are stronger than leading competitors 'Intense' versions, coming in at over 20% perfume oil concentration. Save money and smell amazing all day!

Parfumery, Home of Designer-Inspired Fragrances

You can grab designer-inspired perfumes with all of the same fragrance notes here at Parfumery. We have a wide range of scents for him, her, and unisex scents to suit all tastes. All our products come in at 25% perfume oil - or eau de parfum strength - Making sure you'll pocket big savings whilst having a long-lasting scent that sells just like the real thing.

With huge savings, high-tech reverse osmosis, cruelty-free fragrances, and quick delivery, when you order your eau de parfum you're joining one of our many happy customers who absolutely love their long-lasting inspired perfume.

An Exclusive Range of Potent Pheromones

Along with Inspired fragrances, we also have a range of potent pheromones. You can either buy these as standalone fragrances - perfect to add some seduction to your fave perfumes and fragrances whilst boosting performance - or create your own blend with one of our Inspired perfumes!

Are Perfume Dupes Worth It?

One of the big questions when it comes to buying cheap perfumes and fragrances online is the simple question of 'Are they really worth it? I mean they're so cheap, there's got to be a catch...'

The simple fact is that we don't have the outrageous marketing costs that many big brands do, so can pass the savings onto you. The actual juice inside of the bottle doesn't cost these big brands that much - it's the sheer fact they're paying for big-budget advertisements, the design of the bottles, the distribution costs, and more.

We've cut all that away, passing the huge savings onto you, making sure you pay nothing near the regular price of the original fragrance!

Why Pay More When You Can Get the Same Fragrances For Less?

Whilst we all love big-name, rambunctious fragrances and perfumes, they often come with an equally big price tag. For higher-end designer perfumes, you're looking at £100+, whilst niche houses such as MFK can charge £400+ for a bottle.

You don't need to spend these prices to smell good though. Our inspired line is a fraction of the regular price whilst keeping everything else the same - from the top notes to every base note.

Big Names, Affordable Price

We have all of the designer brands you'll find at places like John Lewis, The Perfume Shop, Selfridges, and Harrods. Some of our best-selling brands include the likes of:

  • Tom Ford
  • Enjoy the smoky, spicy, sweet cinnamon kick of Tobacco Vanille but just wish it was a bit cheaper to purchase? We've got you covered with our inspired version, Noire. You'll also find Neroli Portofino, Black Orchid, and more.

  • Jo Malone
  • An inspired version of the quintessential fragrance for women, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, can be found right in our Inspired collection, called Sauge, along with others from the brand. Prepare for amazing value for money on this best-selling scent.

  • Creed
  • Yes, we have an inspired version of the fragrance that created a storm, Aventus. With Citron, our version, you'll find the delicate balance of musk and vanilla just right - something that other dupes just can't seem to get right.

  • YSL
  • You can also find some of the best fragrances from the prestigious house of YSL - including the smash hit, Black Opium. But don't worry, you won't be paying anywhere near the regular price. Our long-lasting inspiration smells exactly the same - rock this confident fragrance whilst saving 70+% on RRP!

Why Choose Parfumery?

Wide Range of Fragrances

From the iconic perfume Baccarat Rouge 540 to more niche selections like Bergamote 22, you'll find a wide range of long-lasting fragrances to suit your style. Whether you prefer musk and spicy fragrances or you're more of a vanilla and tonka bean lover, there's an inspired fragrance in our collection that will suit your taste!

Strong & Long Lasting

We use 25% perfume oil in our blends - Eau de Parfum concentration - ensuring a strong and long-lasting fragrance.

The Latest reverse Osmosis techniques Used To Get The Closest Match

Being big fragrance aficionados ourselves, we want to ensure the scents you get smell just like the ones from designer brands whilst being amazing value for money. Our customers speak routinely about the uncanny closeness and this is down to the incredible reverse osmosis tech we've used to pinpoint the scents.

Save up to 92% Off RRP

The biggest benefit to getting your similar fragrances from Parfumery is the simple fact you're going to be paying a lot less money for practically the same fragrance. Our Inspired line has cut the costs of things like celebrity endorsements, fancy bottles, and distribution costs whilst keeping the same quality. Perfect if you want to smell good on a budget.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our incredibly fast turnaround time, you'll have your new bottle of long-lasting Inspired perfume ready to wear ASAP. We post VIA Royal with the option for either Tracked 24-hour shipping or Special Delivery.

Hand Bottled With Care in the UK

Your bottle of whatever scent you choose will be hand-bottled with care at our base in Manchester - it's one of the reasons we have such fast delivery! No waiting around for another supplier to ship us stuff - it goes straight from us to you.

Grab Your Bottle and get up to 50% Off Your First Order Today.

Find your next iconic perfume with Parfumery. Simply click on the scent that takes your fancy or click the Inspired buy button on the top bar to view our entire collection of inspired scents. You can also search for the names of your favourite fragrances in the search bar and find our inspired version.

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