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What To Do With Your Old Perfume Bottles Once They're Empty

What To Do With Your Old Perfume Bottles Once They're Empty

Whether you're a perfume fanatic or just a casual wearer you may be wondering what to do with your empty perfume bottles. You could just recycle - or you could follow this quick guide and get a bit more imaginative with any gorgeous perfume bottle you may want to reuse.

Below are a few ideas on what to do with your empty perfume bottles:

Create a perfume bottle flower vase

You can quickly turn any empty perfume bottles into a nice, decorative flower vase in a snap. You can use these to spruce up any room you like and there's a whole heap of different ideas around this idea.

To create one of these flower vases, you first need to remove the sprayer from the bottle. This is different with all bottles. Some simply screw off, whilst others may need a set of pliers or a strong pull.

Once you've got the sprayer off of the perfume bottle, you'll need to rinse out the bottle and let it dry. Then you're all set! You can go for a flower arrangement or even create a permanent display by using artificial silk blossoms.

Create a perfume bottle display

You bought these perfumes with your hard-earned cash, so why not show them off? You can create different styles of display, including a brand display, color-blocking the perfume bottle with different items, or maybe a themed display. If you're a fan of a certain perfume house -such as Tom Ford - you can have a nice display on the wall or in the corner showing off your posh-looking bottles.

For clear and opaque glass bottles, one way to add extra oomph to your perfume display is to fill your empty perfume bottles with dyed or colored water. This gives the effect of the bottle still having the juice in it and can add a little extra flair.

Craft your own perfume bottle oil burner

If you're feeling a bit handy and want a quick project, you can burn your empty perfume bottles into scented oil burners. You'll want to watch a video on how to do this, but the gist is you put some scented oil into your empty bottles, add then add a wick. You can even add some decorative extras into the bottles if you want to.

Create perfume bottle candle holders

Another decorative thing you can do with your empty perfume bottles is to turn them into funky candle holders. You don't even have to really do anything to the empty perfume bottles to set them up - simply stick a candle in them and you're good to go.

Turn your perfume bottles into reed diffusers

Glass perfume bottles also make incredibly handy reed diffusers. You'll want some bamboo skewers and a scented oil mix to create this. Wash out your used fragrance bottles and fill them about halfway with the scented oil. Then stick in your bamboo skewers and you've got a quick and easy reed diffuser. Make sure you rotate the skewers at least once a week to make the scent last longer.

Make your own little terrarium

An idea that's a bit more 'out there' is to use your perfume bottles to create a miniature terrarium. This one can be a bit time-consuming and tedious, so you want to have a little patience with it.

You'll need to add sand and activated charcoal first (The charcoal to help avoid any smell!). Then some soil. Slowly turn and rotate the bottle so that the soil lies flat. Finally, you'll have to use a cocktail stick or some tweezers to add some moss.

Make a quick wardrobe spritzer

A really good way to reuse your old perfume bottles is to transform them into a quick freshen-up spray for your wardrobe. Filling up your empty bottles with water and then reattaching the nozzle will lead to a very light spray that still carries a bit of scent in it. You can store this in your wardrobe and use it to freshen up your clothes every now and again. Thanks to the fact that it's mainly water, the scent won't stick for long and you'll still be able to wear other scents on top.

Turn them into special wedding party favors

If you're the artsy type and want to save a bit of money on your wedding, you can transform old perfume bottles into all sorts of wedding favors for the guests. You can also use the perfume bottles as table decorations if people know you're into your perfumes.

Or what about a glitter globe?

This is a rather easy one to do but the end results can be pretty spectacular. All you need to do is dump a lot of glitter - any color - into the empty bottle (use a funnel!) and then fill it up with water. Ta-da, you've now got a cool and eye-catching glitter globe.

This one only really works with see-through and opaque bottles, otherwise, you won't be able to see the glitter. The glitter globe works really well with see-through bottles that have a solid black logo on the front, as the contrast helps the glitter to stand out more.

Finally, make your own perfumes

What better way to recycle old perfume bottles than to use them to store perfume that you've created yourself? Creating your own perfume is way easier than you think and a bit of research will have you trying out all new smells before you know it.

Simply grab some of your favorite notes and essential oils and get mixing. Put the finished product into one of your old perfume bottles and keep it in a dark, dry place for a couple of days. Give it a shake every so often and you've made your own scent.


As you can see, there are a huge amount of different things you can do with an old perfume bottle. We hope this guide has given you a bit of inspiration or at least helped you out on a slow Sunday with a fun project.

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