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Straight to Heaven Perfume Sample


KILIAN Straight to Heaven is an experience like no other. This powerful scent blends notes of cognac, incense, and fresh air to create a unique yet timeless aroma.

With top notes of Viriginia cedar and Jamaican rum, heart notes of dried fruits, nutmeg and vanilla, and base notes of Indonesian patchouli leaves and musk resin, KILIAN Straight to Heaven transports you to paradise with one sniff.

Incredibly long lasting and with moderate sillage, this luxurious fragrance lets your presence be known wherever you go without being overpowering.We understand that buying a full-sized bottle of perfume can be costly—that’s why we offer samples of KILIAN Straight to Heaven at an unbeatable price!

Whether you’re the traditionalist who loves wearing only the best or a curious perfume enthusiast, our sample sizes of this Killian perfume are perfect for adding sophisticated scents to your collection in an affordable way.