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Iris Inspired By Santal 33 - Intense Concentration


Iris our intense concentration Inspiration of the classic Santal 33 - a great fragrance suitable for both men and women. This Le Labo Santal 33 dupe is just like the original, containing the same base notes and cruelty-free ingredients. Go on an adventure with the complex combination of violet, Saldalwood, tobacco and more.

Arguably the best Santal 33 dupes that you can find, you'll find a mix of Cardamom, Iris, and much more, taking you to places that you have only dreamed of..

The fragrance also contains woody facets, such as cedarwood and the eponymous sandalwood. It's extremely vibrant - charisma in a bottle - and will be an attractive scent to those around you. You can expect a tonne of compliments - not only is it a wood based scent, there are clean florals to help keep this long-lasting and fresh.

Bursting with life due to its musky and spicy facets, this fragrance profile is one of the more popular scents in the industry. The sandalwood base helps to create a woody atmosphere and smells amazing, You'll recognise it from the first initial spray. It's intoxicating, creating an aroma like no other fragrance.

It is certainly a unique and quite a polarizing fragrance that will turn heads, a fragrance perfect for those who specifically love Sandalwood with a hint of sweetness thanks to amber. With our Santal 33 dupe, you will be getting the same scent as the original that can be bought in a high end shop but for a fraction of the price!

If you did not already know, our fragrances have all been produced using Reverse Osmosis Technology, which is all done in-house. This allows our dupe to be as accurate as possible, creating the same warm smell that the original is famous for. Our process is always animal cruelty-free,allowing for safety and accuracy within all our dupe products. Our Le Labo Santal 33 dupe is certainly no exception.

Perfume Notes

Sandalwood, Leather, Papyrus, Virginia Cedar, Cardamom, Violet, Irs, Amber

Longevity & Sillage


Our Santal 33 dupe creates a long-lasting aroma just like you would get with the original. You'll get a meticulously blended notes that combine to create a one of a kind fragrance. You'll find Iris long-lasting and perfect for everyday wear.


The sillage is incredible. Once applied you will create an aromatic aroma that will travel with your body as you move and depending upon how it works with your skin, you could see upto 7 hours of sillage!