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Tonka Inspired By Myrhh & Tonka - Intense Concentration


It's a perfect scent for winter. Tonka, Our Jo Malone Myrrh Tonka inspiration, will provide warmth and comfort - a true festive scent that will capture so many compliments from those around. The scent character of this fragrance provides a delicate touch of tonka bean and vanilla creating the ultimate de parfum.

Thanks to the intensely concentrated formula, the scent lasts incredibly long and is cruelty-free allowing you to receive the same scent from the original designer brand products but for a fraction of the cost. This fragrance is catered for all occasions without the need for reapplication. It is a scent that truly captives Myrrh base notes and is perfect for those who love Almond properties within a fragrance. One of the best Jo Malone myrrh and tonka dupes.

Our Jo Malone Myrrh Tonka dupe is a true masterpiece with incredible top notes. It is certainly a must-have for all fragrance lovers alike. Tonka is one of a kind and has been crafted using state of the art reverse osmosis technology, which allows our fragrances to smell just like the original designer brands, whilst being cruelty-free at the same time.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes

Top Notes - Lavender

Heart Notes - Myrhh

Base Notes - Tomka Bean, Vanilla & Almond

Longevity & Sillage

Our Jo Malone myrrh tonka dupe has incredible longevity creating a scent character that is suitable for all occasions. Thanks to the tonka bean and vanilla base, it sits on the skin as a personal scent for upwards of 6 hours. As always, if you want more performance then simply spray a few squirts on your clothes.


The sillage from this scent is delicate. Expect a moderate silage, a spicy aroma wrapped in a sweet base, Tonka is a warm sweet scent that will certainly leave an impression.