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Our By Kilian perfume samples are always 100% genuine, with no funny business in our decanting. If you order 5ml of a Kilian fragrance, you'll get 5ml of that Kilian fragrance!

By Kilian Featured Samples

Check out our range of By Kilian samples here at Parfumery. If you see a sample you like the look of, simply click it to be taken to the fragrance page where you'll be able to purchase and size of samples.

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History of By Kilian Perfumes

By Kilian is a perfume brand created by Kilian Hennessey. He's the grandson of the illustrious creator of Hennessey cognac, and his love of fragrance comes from the barrels in the basement of his family home.

This heritage has led to Kilian creating fragrances that usually have some sort of alcohol note in them. The perfumes created by the house are known to be exotic, luxurious and incredibly strong - a few sprays will last you all day and sometimes even into the next.

The brand has created a wide range of best sellers for both men and women, including Black Phantom, Good Girl Gone Bad, Love Don't Be Shy, Moonlight in heaven, Roses on Ice, Straight to Heaven and the famous favourite, Angels' Share.

Best Selling By Killian Perfume Samples

Whilst we have a wide and varied range of Kilian perfume samples in stock, here are some of the best sellers. Simply select which one you want or combine a few to create your own little discovery set:

By Killian Angels' Share

Angels' Share has been a recent smash hit for Kilian perfumes. It's an absolutely stunning scent, With a rich cognac opening that is flanked by the smell of oak barrels. Vanilla, praline and sandalwood at the base add a sweet depth that makes this fragrance one of the favourite scents for the collection.

By Kilian Black Phantom

If you want confidence in a bottle, Black Phantom is the scent you need. Dark, brooding and mysterious, this head-turner contains dark chocolate, sweet caramel, coffee and sandalwood to make you smell simply delicious.

By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven

A fragrance made for the classy lady who's hitting the town, Moonlight in Heaven is a luxurious cocktail of rich citrus fruits, sweet mango, coconut and a long-lasting base of light woods.

By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad is one of the bestselling female perfume samples in the UK - and that's for good reason. Encapsulating the woman who isn't afraid to let her hair down, you've got a floral opening with orange blossom and jasmine, that dries down to a sweet amber and cedar base that will have people enraptured with you!

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Now that you know some of the Kilian best sellers, it's time to get ordering your fragrance samples. You can order these samples one at a time, or even combine a few to make a little Kilian discovery set of the fragrances you want. In this discovery set, you can combine By Kilian fragrance samples with samples from other brands - such as Creed or even Tom Ford.

Whether you create this personal discovery set or simply order one fragrance, we will get any samples you buy out to you ASAP. You can also buy in confidence knowing that any fragrance samples you order are completely genuine - we only ever decant from real bottles.

So what are you waiting for - order your Kilian fragrance samples today and see if you've found your new favourite scent!