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Any of our Le Labo samples can be purchased in different sizes - including 1ml, 5ml and 10ml. These samples will be carefully decanted for a 100% genuine bottle of the Le Labo perfumes.

Featured Le Labo Perfume Samples

Check out our featured le Labo Perfume Samples on this page. We have all of their best creations in stock - including the incredible Santal 33. As we stated before, we only ever send you a 100% genuine sample, purchased from the official Le Labo site, so you can be completely confident that what you're getting is genuine perfume.

Simply select which perfume samples you like to be taken to the Parfumery page for that fragrance. here you can select the size of the sample you want and exactly how many samples you like - you can even mix and match to create your own discovery set.

History of Le Labo

As a perfume house, le Labo was created back in 2006 by perfumers Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot. The name Le Labo means 'The Lab' in French and refers to the almost clinical precision they make their fragrances - each fragrance is handcrafted and left to macerate, giving each bottle a good few months to mature before they are released to the public for their first spray.

When it comes to Le Labo fragrances, the fragrance name is usually composed of the main note - such as vetiver, Jasmin and Labdanum - as well as a number. The number refers to the number of notes in the composition of the fragrance.

Thanks to this extensive process and high-quality materials, le Labo perfumes can cost a pretty penny, with many of the 50ml's costing £150 or more. That's why it's better to get Le Labo perfume samples - you can save a huge amount by simply sampling.

Best Selling Le Labo Perfume Samples

Here at Parfumery, here are some of our best-selling le Labo perfume samples.

Le Labo Santal 33

Santal 33 by le Labo created a frenzy when it was first released - people had never smelled anything quite like it. Becoming the unofficial scent of high-class cities such as New York, Le Labo Santal 33 is a sandalwood-based scent that the perfumers wanted to base on the iconic 'Marlboro Man'. The notes of this fragrance consist of sandalwood, leather, amber and a grounded cedar.

Le Labo Another 13

Another 13 by Le Labo is a 'chameleon' type fragrance scent that changes depending upon which person wears it. Combined with your unique chemistry, you have strong ambroxan, which is an aroma chemical that reacts very potently with skin chemistry. Along with that, you have a clean musk and pear, making this fragrance perfect for day-to-day use.

Le Labo Rose 31

Bringing a new take on rose, Le Labo Rose 31 combines the light fragrance of roses with the darkness of cumin, oud and musk. People have described this as the perfect blend of dirty and clean.

Le Labo The Noir 29

A captivating scent, The Noir 29 is a real head-turner in the Le Labo collection. Based around black tea, the fragrance is composed of fig, airy vetiver, bergamot and tobacco leaving a rich and enchanting trail wherever you go.

Le Labo Vanille 44

If you're after a more vanillic vibe, then Vanille 44 by Le Labo could be perfect for you. Created by arguably the greatest perfumer on the planet - Alberto Morillas - you'll be surrounded and wrapped in warm vanilla, smoky incense and a tangy citrus smell that will draw people in.

Buy le Labo Perfume Samples at Parfumery

As you can see, the Le Labo brand has some enchanting fragrances for you to purchase - but they cost an absolute bomb. That's why getting your hands on perfume samples is a great way to still experience these scents whilst not having to pay the huge price!

Unlike other perfume sample businesses, we never water down our Le Labo samples or add in oils - we simply send you nothing than the 100% real le Labo fragrance!