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Why Samples?

Buying a sample of the parfums de marly fragrance that you're interested in is a great way to get a feel for the perfume whilst saving money and seeing how it works with your skin. These samples are one of the best ways to find new scents, and you can buy them in whatever size you need - from a 1ml sample of a Parfums de Marly fragrance to a 10ml sample which will last you at least a month.

Parfums de marly Featured Samples

Above you can find our featured range of fragrance samples from the brand Parfums de Marly. Simply click which fragrance you're interested in to find out more. You can sort the fragrances into whatever order you like - price, alphabetical or even best sellers.

We're always expanding our collection, with other Parfums de Marly scents such as Haltane (in the royal-looking green and gold bottle) coming soon.

History of Parfums de Marly

Parfums de marly is one of the noblest and most royal perfume houses around. Combining classic French perfumery with a royal heritage, Parfums de Marly was created to fuse contemporary perfumery with the raw splendour of 18th-century French nobility.

Many fragrances in the parfums de Marly collection are named after royal horses and Layton was the fragrance that really put them on the map. Known for their luxurious bottles and heavy metal caps, if you want to smell different and like a royal, these are the fragrances for you!

Best Selling Samples from Parfums De Marly

Some of our best-selling fragrance samples you can find being sold include:

Parfums de Marly Layton

Layton is by far the best seller for Parfums de Marly - it's a scent that stirs people up. A perfect date night scent, you've got luxurious cardamom and apple, smooth vanilla and light patchouli as some of the notes. Prepare to be described as smelling delicious

Parfums De Marly Delina

Parfums de Marly Delina is a fruity and different scent - one of the highest-selling women's perfumes sold by Parfums de Marly. A zingy rhubarb and lychee opening progress into a musky vanillic base that is delectable.

Parfums de Marly Herod

Dark, brooding and mysterious, Herod by Parfums de Marly is the perfect scent for colder days and nights. An intriguing cinnamon, tobacco and pepper surround a strong base of vanilla, musk and iso-e super.

Parfums De Marly Oriana

A smell inspired by pure indulgence, the sweetness ofOriana by Parfums de Marly is thanks to a strange but delightful whipped cream note. You've also got citruses, blackcurrants, Raspberry, Marshmallows and clean musk.

Parfums De Marly Delina la Rosee

One of the latest perfumes released from Parfums de Marly, Delina la Rosee is a flanker to their original creation. A more flowery version of the original, you'll smell watery notes, roses, musk and pear.

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