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Perfume Dupes - Discounted Signature Scents

Are you looking for perfume dupes and cheaper perfumes than the original fragrance? There are many fragrances within the fragrance world, due to their signature scent, and due to them being from household designers, they can often be very expensive, especially if they are from the upper echelon designer brands.

Why Choose Parfumery for A Perfume Dupe?

At Parfumery, we use 30% fragrance oil in all of our perfume dupes - the same as some of the most expensive perfumes on the planet.

The oils that we use are very potent and have been crafted using the most elegant cruelty-free osmosis technology which ensures that the dupes that we provide interpret a scent that is just as aromatic and lasts as long as their original designer counterparts.

Cheaper Cruelty-Free Signature Scent

All of our dupes are cruelty-free and perfectly safe to use and have been heavily tested to ensure that you can get the notes and even spicy notes of the original, a perfectly replicated scent to form the ultimate perfume clones inspired by the scents from designer brands that you would find in high street stores.

Tracked 1st Class Delivery

We use free, fast-tracked 1st class delivery to ensure you get your perfect dupe as fast as possible, tracking your shipment every step of the way.

Designer Perfumes Alternative

If you are looking for a fragrance sample we have a list of the best perfume dupes that will replicate the same notes of popular brand fragrances that you can find at street stores such as the body shop, Jo Malone, and even online retailers. From one perfume to another we are sure you will find a perfume dupe and cheap aftershaves without breaking your bank balance!

Top 5 Perfume Dupes

1) D'or - Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP

If you are looking for an eau de parfum dupe for the famous Baccarat Rouge then check out D'or. Baccarat Rouge is known by the public and many beauty editors around the globe. D'or gets its name inspiration from gold. We're not surprised as this fragrance beautifully replicates the sweet amber notes of the original. The top notes are just as perfectly executed, creating a perfect combustion of beautiful ambergris and Amberwood. If you are in search of a Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP dupe, this fragrance is certainly one to ponder.

2) Ivoire - Tobacco Vanille

Ivorie, named after the word prestiege. Releasing ultimate replicated notes of Tobacco Leaf, with the middle notes containing some pink pepper, Vanilla, Cacao, Tonka Bean and Tobacco Blossom, while executing the base notes of dried fruits and woody notes effortlessly, with a balance just like the original that does not overpower and gives off a sweet and sultry aroma, creating the ultimate perfume dupe for Tobacco Vanille.

3) Bijou - Gypsy Water

Bijou, which means small and elegant, the perfect way to describe this dupe, a casual fragrance which is mesmerising for outdoor occasions. It contains elegant top notes and a very natural and soft scent. The middle notes include aromas of pine needles, incense and divine Oris Root, enticing you with stunning combinations of earthy woods and authentic vanilla. This dupe is one of the best cheap perfumes on the market to date.

4) Orange - Neroli Portofino

Orange, a dupe which is inspired by Neroli Portofino. This due replicates the refreshing and clean smell that releases an orange blossom aroma, that stands out heavily with this perfume. Orange is a long-lasting seducing eau de toilette exactly like the original that can be found in a perfume shop. The top notes are heavily inspired by authentic charismatic Bergamot and Mandarin Orange notes, releasing a sense of a deep garden bouquet on a summer's day inspired by aromatic bitter orange and a hint of rose fragrances, which is reminiscent of a Turkish rose scent.

5) Citron - Aventus

Citron is heavily inspired by the popular fragrance - Aventus. Replicating the aromas of this fragrance smoothly, with the perfume notes being as mesmeric as the original, this dupe is long-lasting and based on the 11Z01 batch, which is known to perfume enthusiasts around the globe, to be the best current batch of Aventus. Due to the long-lasting aroma it had. Making it the last best perfume dupe on our list and an extravagant choice if you are looking for a cheap aftershave. with a jasmine sambac scent, this is one to certainly adventure.

What Exactly are Perfume Dupes?

It's crucial to understand that Perfume dupes are not the same as counterfeit fragrances. Counterfeits are illegal copies of the perfumes and aftershaves, often replicating the brand name itself. A perfume dupe is a fragrance that will replicate the smell of a high-end perfume smell, they are a lot cheaper than the originals and provide a great alternative to expensive smells and the most popular fragrances, which are often people's favourite perfumes but can often be out of reach for some as they can be very expensive, it is important to note that that we do not sell perfume replicas, only dupes.

Hitting The Right Notes

The great thing about a perfume dupe is that they replicate very well, and the floral notes alongside citrus scents in designer fragrances are very well executed, you will find in every perfume dupe that they are very close, and sometimes even last longer than the original!

Are Perfume Dupes Worth It?

The bragging rights of wearing designer scents from popular household names such as Jo Malone fragrances, Creed, Tom Ford Marc Jacobs and other brands. Luckily with our perfumes and dupes, it has made it easier to wear and style your best perfume for a fraction of the cost and give you ultimate affordability!

Safe & Tested Ingredients

As stated previously all of the ingredients in our clones have been heavily tested and crafted using the best scientific technology which will ensure safety and fluidity in all of our dupes.

People often shop at places such as the Body Shop and purchase cheap perfumes and mists such as the perfume Edit Lime, however, they don't replicate authentic smells from household names. - This is what makes us unique, we have brought you affordability with each clone available.

Best Perfume Dupe Service UK

We help you to secure your ultimate perfume dupe, inspired by fragrances from all around the world.

With an offer of a huge range of perfume clones you can purchase - from big brands and expensive product lines - we have made it budget-friendly to try the scents you have always wanted.

We remove the stress of purchasing expensive fragrances! Your favourite fragrance has never been as accessible as it is right now.

Start your fragrance dupe journey today!