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Armani Code for Women EDP

Code for Women perfume by Armani! This luxurious and feminine fragrance offers an intense scent with floral notes of jasmine and vibrant orange blossom, making it perfect for special occasions or day-to-day wear.

Featuring the following delightful features:
Top Notes: Italian Orange, Jasmine, Bitter Orange
Mid Notes: Jasmine, orange Blossom, Ginger
Base Notes: Honey, Vanilla, Sandalwood

This exquisite scent from Giorgio Armani has been created to have aged notes with a refining signature, making this an enjoyable experience at every moment – from first application right through to the dry down! It has moderate sillage which is not too overpowering but still noticeable in a room surrounded by people. Its performance also means it will last you for at least 8 hours!

If you’re looking for an exquisite yet subtle fragrance that will last all day, Code for Women perfume from Armani is just what you need! Try a sample size today – your senses will thank you for it.
About Giorgio Armani

Since it's inception in 1975, Giorgio Armani has become one of the world’s leading luxury fashion and fragrance brands. Founded by the eponymous designer, the brand is renowned for its stylish aesthetic and exquisite range of fragrances - each crafted with over four decades' worth of Italian heritage.

The first scent released by Armani was 'Gio', an uplifting citrus blend designed to evoke a sun-ripened lemon aroma. It was followed by the iconic 'Acqua di Gio', a watery fusion combining woody notes, florals and jasmine for a timeless fragrance.

In recent years, Armani have gone on to produce several signature scents such as Code', 'Prive' and 'Mania'. Each is carefully blended with elements such as spices and ambers to provide something for everyone regardless of taste or budget. Most recently they unveiled their latest addition – 'My Way' –, a modern symphony that combines sicilian mandarin zest with vibrant florals, perfect for independent women everywhere!

Attractively adorned in trademark navy blue tones, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Italy in a single spray. So why not discover your statement fragrance with Armani by checking out our range of Giorgio Armani perfume samples today

Important Information

Important Information

Genuine Byredo Fragrance that has been rebottled by Parfumery LTD. 

All our fragrances are supplied in a glass spray bottle as show in the second image above. We do not supply any products in the original bottle and is for illustration purposes only. is an Independent retailer and is not Affiliated with Byredo.