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Black Phantom Perfume Sample


Kilian's scent experts have done it again with the sublime Black Phantom Perfume Sample.

Offering an expertly crafted blend of notes, this timeless scent is sure to tantalize the senses and capture hearts.

This sample version of the well-known designer fragrance offers a unique summary of the original full-sized bottle – for a fraction of the price.

The top notes consist of dark chocolate, rum and caramel offering a depth of scents, while the heart notes contain coffee and sugar cane.

Lastly, the base notes bring sandalwood, almond, and Heliotrope together to create a boldly beautiful finish.

Not only does this intoxicating aroma intrigue the senses with its individual fragrances and layers, but its longevity truly showcases Killian by Kilian's talent for great scents: when applied correctly Black Phantom can last up to eight hours on skin with an impressively strong sillage.

Get your hands on this unforgettable perfume masterpiece now with our cost effective sample size!