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Black Saffron Perfume Sample


Black Saffron Perfume Sample is an exquisite addition to your selection of fine fragrances. With its innovative design, this scent was created by the renowned designer Byredo perfumes. Unlike other perfumes on the market.

Black Saffron contains a unique combination of top notes that consist of Saffron, Juniper Berries and Chinese Grapefruit, heart notes of Leather and Black Violet, along with distinctive base notes featuring Raspberry, Cashmeran and Vetiver.

This remarkable perfume has a long-lasting effect with considerable sillage that will linger long after it has been applied. Choose from our sample size version, which enables you to try before committing to purchasing a full bottle at a discounted price

The rare blend of ingredients used in the creation of this scent ensures that you’ll exude opulence wherever you go – without spending an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for luxury in both smell and affordability, our Black Saffron Perfume Sample is just what you need!

About Byredo

Byredo is a Swedish perfume house founded by former basketballer Ben Gorham. The main focus behind the brand is the quality of their fragrances, with all bottles being made in Gorham's hometown of  Stockholm, Sweden.

All of the Byredo fragrances are based on things and feelings remembered from certain places around the planet - from the memories of Paris evoked by ‘Bal d’Afrique’ to the feelings of Palermo, Sicily in the fragrance ‘Palermo’.

Important Information

Important Information

Genuine Byredo Fragrance that has been rebottled by Parfumery LTD. 

All our fragrances are supplied in a glass spray bottle as show in the second image above. We do not supply any products in the original bottle and is for illustration purposes only. is an Independent retailer and is not Affiliated with Byredo.