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Carlisle Perfume Sample


Introducing Parfums De Marly's Carlisle Perfume Sample! If you're looking for a luxurious and distinctive scent, our sample size of this signature perfume is perfect for you.

Created from expert designer Parfums De Marly, Carlisle is a well-rounded composition with complex top, heart and base notes. The heady top notes of nutmeg, and green apple make it instantly recognizable on the wearer's skin.

Its distinctly sensual heart notes consisting of tonka bean and rose a soft bouquet that stays through the dry down. At the base lies warm hints of leather balanced out with patchouli and vanilla.

This combination sets off an enveloping aura that keeps drawing attention without overpowering anyone around you. It has long lasting longevity (up to 8 hours) and strong sillage (up to 6 hours), making it perfect for enduring multiple occasions during the day.

Parfums De Marly are a house that believes everyone should be able to experience luxury scents at an affordable price which is why we offer a sample version of our beloved perenial fragrance Carlisle. Now you can give it a try before deciding if it's right for you while still saving your hard-earned money!

Parfums De Marly