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Delina Perfume Sample


Let Delina Perfume by Parfums De Marly add a touch of timeless elegance to your everyday. Experience the best of luxury with this delectable scent that has been crafted to perfection. With an exquisite blend of cascading top notes, heart notes and lingering base notes, this perfume is truly luxurious.

Now you can experience it with our sample size version. Don’t let money be a barrier to your fragrance experience! Our sample size contains all the glamorous notes of Delina in a package that is designed for thrill-seekers on the go. It's perfect for weekends away or for those who like to carry their signature smell wherever they go

The top notes contain bergamot, litchi and rhubarb creating a beautiful mix of fresh floral and citrusy goodness that set the tone for rest of the fragrance journey. Next up are its heart notes consisting of Turkish rose, peony and musk flower which provide an uplifting blend that make you feel elegant and vibrant at the same time.

And finalizing your delightful olfactory experience are its cashmeran, cedar, incense and vetiver base notes leaving behind an incredibly calming woody aroma - simply perfect for the season

In addition to having such sublime scents, Delina offers an impressive longevity (up to 8 hours) as well as an impressive sillage, giving you great value for money out of each application! Enjoy every drop of our Precious liquid by Parfums De Marly and dive into its sweet captivating world now!

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