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Dior Homme Intense Perfume Sample

Dior Homme Intense is truly a masculine fragrance that stands out. It’s designed to showcase the deep, spicy aroma and warmth of a man with sophistication. With its luxurious blend of timeless notes, it's a must-have in any modern cologne collection.

It opens with powerful top note of lavender giving a deep herbal scent that cannot be forgotten. This is followed by refined mid notes of  ambrette, pear and iris absolute that are earthy and sweet. Finally, the bottom notes explore darker side —combining nutmeg, star anise, pepper and lavender for an olfactory experience that will linger all day long.

The sillage and performance on Dior Homme Intense is exceptional; its unique combination of ingredients ensures that it remains frank without being overwhelming or too strong. The fragrance also lasts for hours after application so you can feel confident in your scent throughout the day.  Plus, why not sample it first? Get your samples from Dior so you can find out what all the fuss is about and make sure this cologne suits you before buying the full-sized bottle!