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Layton Perfume Sample


Layton is a fabulous scent from Parfums De Marly. New and modern, yet timeless, it was created to remind us of the earthly delights that come from scent and the life-enhancing beauty of nature.

In creating this exquisite perfume, top notes of Lavender, apple, bergamot and mandarin orange work to create an energising and aromatic opening; whilst violet, jasmine and geranium present as the heart notes.

The base notes, meanwhile, envelope you in vanilla, sandalwood and cardamom for a luxurious finish

The longevity of Layton is medium-long lasting, giving a blended but distinct presence throughout your day or evening. The sillage (the term used to measure the aura created by a fragrance) has been carefully balanced to create cleverly understated clouds rather than waves. All in all it provides subtle intrigue at every turn!

If you're looking for something elevated and enigmatic but with evidence of refinement rather than ostentation then look no further than Layton by Parfums De Marly fragrances. It steps away from tired fragrances again expressing its individuality with ease; superior yet not pompous or overpowering - don't hesitate to treat yourself! And what better way to do so than buying our sample size. Keeping your pocket as happy as your nostrils!


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