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Legacy of Petra Perfume Sample

Introducing Legacy of Petra: a modern yet timeless scent by Penhaligons that captures the luxurious feeling of Petra. Rich, warm, and exotic; this beautiful fragrance has something for everyone. It opens with top notes of green tea, fennel and bergamot that zing with freshness. This is followed by heart notes of licorice, myrrh, olibanum that give warmth and depth to the fragrance. Finally a base of benzoin, woody notes and vanilla creates a lasting and powerful scent trail.

Legacy of Petra offers an excellent sillage - think smouldering embers rather than full flames - while the projection reaches out beyond the wearer in a delightful way. This perfume sample should last throughout the day so you can keep turning heads wherever you go! Spritz some on today for your own indulgent escape into a world built on ancient secrets.