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Matcha 26 Perfume Sample


Le Labo Matcha 26 is an intense and captivating perfumery creation. The unique fusion of natural herbal essences provides a highly distinctive scent that radiates classical elegance.

Whether you want a subtle sweet matcha scent or desire a more powerful woody aroma, this balanced composition of top notes, heart notes, and base notes ensures that you get the perfect balance.

Whether on the beach, in a boardroom, or out for dinner, Le Labo Matcha 26's luxurious fragrance will lighten up any room with its intense power and sophisticated charm.

With an enticing longevity and sillage, your admirers will be captivated for hours with each sprayed application.

Instead of making the investment to acquire a full size bottle of Le Labo Matcha 26 Perfume, our sample version offers an opportunity to try this exquisite scent without committing to an entire volume.

Money-savvy and time-efficient, what better way to experience one of the most beloved fragrances from Le Labo?

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