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Oud Ispahan Perfume Sample


Introducing Dior Oud Isapahan EDP, a sophisticated and modern blend perfect for the discerning individual. Created by the esteemed designer Dior, this scent is sure to be your new go-to for any occasion. Now you can experience a sample version at an economical price – but with the same long-lasting longevity and sillage of a full-sized bottle.

The top notes of this perfume offer hints of woody aromas that provide an earthy, masculine hint to balance out its more floral elements.

These are joined at the heart notes by subtle florals like patchouli, jasmine and rose in order to give the fragrance complexity and depth.

Finally, base notes including sandalwood, agar wood and cedar anchor down these tones to create a unique olfactive experience you won’t soon forget.

The longevity and sillage are perfect for those who want an expertly crafted scent they can be confident in wearing throughout any event or outing. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore the captivating world of Dior Oud Isapahan EDP at an unbeatable price – try it today!