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Oud Wood Perfume Sample


About Tom Ford Oud Wood Perfume

The first impressions for those that purchase this perfume sample from Tom Ford are the extremely fragrant soft entrances of rose and nutty top notes of cardamom. The velvety allure and hints of vanilla will appear shortly after, fresh and prominent, as if just cut from the Madagascar bean itself. Such a combination of notes provoke a sense of mystery, importance, and a comforting credibility.

The subtle support from the peppery acute spicy oud permeates dark and sultry luxury, heightening both the masculine and feminine provocative powers. This woody fragrance will accommodate the most charismatic of persons, offering calm sophistication. The perfect scent that will accompany any business man or woman, looking to finish off their expensive tailoring with a loud impression.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes- Pepper, Cardamom seed, Rose-bay

Heart Notes- Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oud

Base Notes- Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber

Longevity & Sillage

Following the footsteps of other Eau de Parfum within Tom Ford’s collection, the cologne offers moderately long-lasting wear with intimate projection from the skin. To obtain the strongest scents ensure to spray on the neck, insides of your wrists and behind the ears.

The fragrance has a very intimate sillage, as the oud elements do not overpower the base notes of the scent. The balance between the notes becomes an equilibrium of warm, and subtle long lasting scent combinations.