Pulp Perfume Sample


For those who appreciate exquisite scents, Pulp Perfume Sample from Byredo is here to elevate your senses. The sample version of this clever and captivating fragrance is a great way for you to explore all that the expertly-created scent has to offer without spending too much money

The top notes of Pulp Perfume Sample include a fresh, invigorating zest of bergamot, with a gentle hint of cardamom and black currant .

This is complemented by an enchanting heart featuring precious tiare flower, fig and apple, which combines voluptuousness with grace and strength.

These components are balanced out by the strong base notes of cedar, praline and peach blossom.

This unique composition offers surprising longevity that stands up to any occasion so you can enjoy a fragrant presence all day long without having to re-apply.

It also provides an elegant sillage so its fragrance drifts beautifully in the area around you throughout the day – or even beyond!

Discover the powerful power of Pulp Perfume Sample from Byredo today and treat yourself like royalty among finicky connoisseurs of fine perfume–guaranteed!

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About Byredo

Byredo is a Swedish perfume house founded by former basketballer Ben Gorham. The main focus behind the brand is the quality of their fragrances, with all bottles being made in Gorham's hometown of  Stockholm, Sweden.

All of the Byredo fragrances are based on things and feelings remembered from certain places around the planet - from the memories of Paris evoked by ‘Bal d’Afrique’ to the feelings of Palermo, Sicily in the fragrance ‘Palermo’.

Important Information

Important Information

Genuine Byredo Fragrance that has been rebottled by Parfumery LTD. 

All our fragrances are supplied in a glass spray bottle as show in the second image above. We do not supply any products in the original bottle and is for illustration purposes only. is an Independent retailer and is not Affiliated with Byredo.