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Replica Beach Walk Perfume Sample


About Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk Perfume

This is one of the Replica perfume samples that offers intricately soft yet romantic warmth and texture from the moment the first spray settles. Beginning as a light and airy fragrance, the warmth and zest of contrasting coconut tantalise the senses to tease the wearer of a time they applied sophisticated luxury sun lotion on hot tropical beaches from a far and exotic island.

As the initial fragrance dries down and becomes denser upon application, you are left with rich milky velvet sweetness, with a hint and kick of pepper to revitalise your nose, every time you take in the smell. Replica Beach walk mimics the fond memories and times spent frolicing around the ocean with a lover, and wanting to return back to that exact lighthearted moment of serene calmness. The sweet bliss moments of doing nothing at all.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes- Bergamot, Lemon, Pink Pepper
Heart Notes- Ylang-Ylang, Coconut Milk, Heliotrope
Base Notes- Musk, Benzoin, Cedar

Longevity & Sillage

This light and airy fragrance from Replica gives moderately long wear, with notes that continue to evolve throughout the day, making it an exceptionally interesting fragrance to accessories with.

The sillage and projection offered from this scent is moderately strong, yet not too overbearing that it conquers surrounding space and atmosphere. Replica Beach Walk offers subtle whispers and romantic touches for a scent trail.