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Sartorial Perfume Sample


Are you looking for a classy, timeless scent? Look no further than Penhaligons Sartorial Perfume Sample. This classic designer perfume has been perfected by renowned designer Penhaligon to create an unforgettable aroma that will last throughout the day

The sample of this high-end fragrance consists of an extraordinary blend of three distinct notes - top, heart and base.

The top note is composed of a pleasant combination of cardamom, black pepper and violet leaf, creating a unique and sophisticated smell that sets the tone for the entire fragrance.

The heart note consists primarily of lavender and bees wax, while the base offers a delightful convergence of woody and earthy scents like patchouli and musk

Not only does Penhaligons Sartorial have great longevity and sillage, it also appeals to whatever mood you may be in. Whether you’re feeling energetic or calm, this scent will always be perfect for any occasion.

And with our sample size, it won’t break the bank – allowing you to experience premium scents without breaking your budget! So what are you waiting for? Try out Penhaligons Sartorial today!