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The Noir 29 Perfume Sample


Introducing The Noir 29 – the bestselling fragrance by Le Labo. This rich, luxurious scent contains an alluring blend of unique notes that create a warm and captivating aroma. Never before has a fragrance combined sophistication and modernity so elegantly, making it the perfect complement to any outfit

The top notes include fig, bergamot and baylear, which meld perfectly with its heart notes of cedarwood, vetiver, and musk.

These three scents combine to create a woody base for the embodiment of this beautiful scent.

As the base notes settle in, you will be flooded with tobacco and hay – each light but distinctively noticeable when worn

Those who experience The Noir's exceptional longevity will be pleased to find that its sillage is bold yet not overpowering.

One spray carries its sophisticated base for hours; yet each time it dances around you on your skin the sensation is as vibrant as ever

To make sure that you can experience all that The Noir 29 from Le Labo fragrances has to offer without busting your budget, we’ve created a sample version of this fragrance so you can test it yourself before purchasing the full bottle at a later date.

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