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Tuscan Leather Perfume Sample


About Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Perfume

Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather will solve the dilemma of every modern man-a scent that compliments the essence of masculinity without the brashness and overpowering aggressiveness that most scents offer.

Charged with sophistication, and light fruity notes that sweeten the dark aroma, the raspberry balances the overall leathery finish that this fragrance exudes.

The familiarity of this scent can resemble other darker fragrances from our Tom Ford perfume samples, however the dried out smokiness of the leather is warmed up perfectly with the heart notes of Jasmine, and heavier base notes of Amber and woody aromas.

The power play of sweet fruits, smoky herbs and the finishing touches of leather and warm spices, make this a perfect versatile scent to combine upon occasion, all year round.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes- Raspberry, Saffron, Thyme
Heart Notes- Olibanum, Jasmine
Base Notes- Leather, Suede, Wood sap, Sandalwood, Amber

Longevity & Sillage

This fragrance remains one of the loudest and long lasting scents from Tom Ford’s collection. Offering eternal longevity, for those that combine this scent on the pulse points of the skin and fabric.

The sillage on this scent projects very strongly after the first initial sprays. However, shortly after it will settle and complement the wearer from day-to-night. The formulation of this scent creates a perfect performance for those that wish to remain remembered.