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Aftershave Samples for Men

The modern man is expected to be a range of things - strong, sensitive smart, yet willing to not be scared to get his hands dirty if it comes to it. One of the ways a man can convey this is through how he smells - different fragrances and Perfume samples for men can convey different things to people, allowing you to make a statement about yourself and your personality.

At Parfumery, we offer a comprehensive and robust range of different fragrances for men. This selection includes some of the most highly praised and revered scents of all time, meaning you can smell your best in any situation.

You can grab any of these fragrances in a range of sizes, from a 1ml sample to see what the scent smells like, all the way to a 10ml sample that you can wear daily for a few weeks. You'll only ever receive 100% genuine scents which have been lovingly decanted for an official bottle of that scent.

Best Selling Men's Aftershave Samples

Above you'll find the best-selling aftershave samples for men we have in stock. Use this as a launchpad of inspiration if you don't really have a clue as to what you want, or if there's a fragrance you know you want to try, simply click on it to get taken to the fragrance page where you can read more and choose your sample size.

Some of Our Top men's Fragrances

Creed - Aventus

The undisputed king of men's fragrances, Aventus has achieved legendary status since its release first in 2010. Perfect for almost any type of occasion, this fragrance can be perfect when dressed up in a suit for a wedding or party, more casual for date night or even to the office if you want to stand out a bit.

It's not overpowering but leaves an addictive trail - the vanilla and ambergris mix is purely intoxicating. People of fragrantica have commented that this is "a masterpiece", "classy" and "a classic". Check out the Creed Aventus Perfume Sample today..

Tom Ford - Oud Wood

One the darling children of Tom Ford's Private Blend collection, The scent is exactly what it says on the tin - a luxurious blend of wood with a zingy spritz of precious oud. The vanilla rounds off the scent and dulls the sharp edges, leaving a smell that is regal in presentation but still retains a rough and ready edge.

Perfect for the suit and tie occasions, on Fragrantica this sits at a stellar 4.38 out of 5, with comments calling it "dominant and masculine", "unmistakeably Tom Ford" and "the fragrance of the decade". Take a look at Tom ford oud wood sample here

Parfums De Marly - layton

Layton is a scent that has garnered a lot of hype in recent years and for good reason - it smells like nothing else. This is a scent you wear when you want to impress and be the best-smelling man in the room. A fragrance that is heavily vanilla and cardamom leaning, it absolutely shines in the cold weather.

A date night staple, people have called this "100/10. Masterpiece.", "really easy to wear" and "makes people magically swoon and fawn over you".

By Killian - Straight to Heaven

By Killian is known for its incredibly potent creations, and straight to heaven is absolutely no exception there. A strong scent - a few spritzes will last you all day - the name comes from the fact that as soon as you smell this fragrance you'll feel like you've gone straight to heaven.

If you want to be the mysterious and seductive guy everyone has their eye on, this is the fragrance for you, with commentors on Fragrantica saying they get "monster performance", that it's "VERY sexy and masculine" and even that it's masterfully crafted".

Soon To be Stocked Men's Fragrances

We're always expanding the selection of men's fragrances available, so you get the best choice of items possible. Parfumery is going to soon be stocking brands such as Carolina Herrera, Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, Kenzo, Hermès, Dior and classic men's designer scents such as Prada Luna Rossa Ocean.

Keep checking back to see what we have new in stock, or contact us to make a request. if we get enough requests for a certain scent, we'll be sure to get it stocked so you can grab a sample!

Different Strengths of Men's fragrance

One thing that can be confusing is the different names that men's fragrances have in terms of strength - what's the difference between eau de toilette and EDP? What's the strongest type of fragrance out there?

Eau de Fraiche

This is the weakest men's fragrance you can find, with the lowest concentration of perfume oil. Only lasting an hour or two tops, these are designed to be constantly applied.

Eau de cologne

The next step up is a cologne. Lasting a bit longer than an Eau Fraiche, men's colognes usually last around 2-3 hours.

Eau de toilette

EDTs are some of the most common strengths of men's fragrance around and most off-the-shelf men's fragrances from high street shops will come in either EDT or EDP. Eau de toilettes tend to last between 4-6 hours, which makes them perfect to wear during the work day.


One of the stronger formulations of fragrance, Eau de parfum's have around 15-20% perfume oil concentration. They tend to be a bit thicker than an EDT which allows them to stick to the skin and last much longer. You can get anywhere between 8-13 hours with an EDP.


One of the strongest formulations you can find, Parfums last pretty much all day - with many still smellable even after a shower! The perfume oil concentration of parfum strength formulations is generally around 20-40%.

Why Should You Get Men's Perfume Samples from Parfumery?

There's a great range of bonuses for getting your perfume samples from Parfumery, including:

  1. Guaranteed 100% genuine fragrances.

  2. Great selection of well-known and popular men's scents for you to try.

  3. You can save a bundle on buying full bottles.

  4. Speedy and safe shipping.

  5. Get small samples for special occasions, ensuring you smell great throughout the whole occasion.

  6. Perfect for holidays and trips away - why risk losing or breaking your expensive full bottle of aftershave when you can just get a cheap 10ml decant?