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Ambre Inspired By No5 - Intense concentration


Are you after a quality interpretation of possibly the most famous perfume in the world, No5? Then take a look at Ambre by Parfumery. With an unforgettable smell that combines clean notes, fruits, florals, woods, and vanilla, you'll be unforgettable when wearing this luxury fragrance. Best of all - you'll save an absolute bundle! Best of all - it's intense concentration, for incredible performance.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes




Orange blossom



What a start for this iconic fragrance. The first thing you're hit with is the clean aldehydes. Sitting perfectly alongside that comes the fruity notes of bergamot and ripe peach, creating a feminine and clean opening that's bright, airy, and alluring.

The top facets of Ambre settle nicely after a few minutes and the aldehydes stick around, leading into the heart of the scent profile. A great, NO 5 dupe, that is very accurate to the real deal.

Heart notes



Pink pepper


Lily of the Valley

The mid of Ambre is where you'll get the floral notes of the