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Vetiver Inspired By Bergamote 22 - Intense Concentration


Vetiver is a fragrance that is based on Bergamote 22 from Le Labo. It includes extravagant zesty and uplifting tones. The ingredients within this beautiful scent are extremely fresh and can be felt from the first spray, creating a natural scent cloud that is based on uplifting citrus. Vetiver is arguably the best Bergamote 22 dupes in the market!

Vetiver provides incredible woody and bergamot concoction, sitting close to the skin whilst having great longevity thats to it's increased intense concentration. Due to the cedar wood and other heart notes, it 's one of those scents thats perfect for all occasions but really comes into it's own during the summer.

It includes fresh citrus, bergamot and grapefruit top notes. There are also orange blossom base notes, creating a fragrance suitable for both men and women. Once sprayed, we recommend letting this fragrance settle as the dry-down is simply gorgeous. If you are looking for a Le Labo Bergamote 22 dupes, then look no further!

Prepare to delve into a sweet adventure with each spray. It is incredibly long-lasting - just like the original perfume. People often comment on how this rich fragrance smells exactly like the real thing. While wearing this, you will certainly get compliments, as the florals are picture perfect and create a neroli aroma that is hard not to like. Simply put, this is a bright, zesty gem within the fragrance world - a delicious scent that will make you feel alive, with a light and lovely aroma.

As always, we have used reverse osmosis technology, which allows you to experience this refreshing and citrusy cologne for a fraction of the cost. Our techniques and technology are also cruelty-free, ensuring that animal safety and nature are prioritised in each dupe we create and sell on our site.

Perfume Notes

Bergamot, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Petitgrain, Musk, Cedar, Vanilla and Amber

Longevity & Sillage


The longevity with our Bergamote 22 dupe is very good - the same as the original. Perfect for those who like a soft yet bright fragrance that will last all day.


This is a fragrance that sticks with you for hours. It sticks to the skin perfectly and is a real head turner when you wear it in the heat.