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Ambre Inspired By No5 - Intense concentration


Are you after a quality interpretation of possibly the most famous perfume in the world, No5? Then take a look at Ambre by Parfumery. With an unforgettable smell that combines clean notes, fruits, florals, woods, and vanilla, you'll be unforgettable when wearing this luxury fragrance. Best of all - you'll save an absolute bundle! Best of all - it's intense concentration, for incredible performance.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes




Orange blossom



What a start for this iconic fragrance. The first thing you're hit with is the clean aldehydes. Sitting perfectly alongside that comes the fruity notes of bergamot and ripe peach, creating a feminine and clean opening that's bright, airy, and alluring.

The top facets of Ambre settle nicely after a few minutes and the aldehydes stick around, leading into the heart of the scent profile. A great, NO 5 dupe, that is very accurate to the real deal.

Heart notes



Pink pepper


Lily of the Valley

The mid of Ambre is where you'll get the floral notes of the classic scent. The white flowers like jasmine blend perfectly with luscious rose and just a hint of pink pepper, helping create one of the most iconic fragrances of all time.

After a few hours, the heart of Ambre will calm down and settle into the base of the fragrance.

Base Notes







Finally, after a few hours, you'll get through to the base. You'll experience the slightly heavier facets in this stage, including the woody tones. These are created by light, spicy sandalwood, and an airy vetiver. The oakmoss and patchouli help to add a slight earthiness - there mainly for texture. Finally, the sweet vanilla and amber keep things bright and feminine.

Ambre Performance


With Ambre, you'll get around 4-8 hours of longevity depending on how it works with your skin. The good thing about Ambre is that it's not too strong or too weak - it can be worn on any occasion - day, night, casual, or dressed up. As always, you can increase the longevity of Ambre (or any fragrance - by applying a few sprays to your clothes before you head out.


A wonderful clean, floral, and slightly sweet scent bubble will follow you around for the majority of the fragrance. In the end stages of Ambre, the sweeter facets dominate and hold closer to the skin, keeping things a bit more personal


You can expect around an arm's length of projection and even more in the heat. The cold will bring out the vanilla a bit more whilst also drawing the projection a bit closer to you.

Why Try Ambre by Parfumery?

*Top-of-the-line reverse osmosis to ensure the closest smell.

*Save up to 90% on what you would pay on the high street.

*Super fast Royal Mail delivery so you can be smell great as soon as possible.