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Beau Inspired By Bleu - Intense Concentration


Try out our top-of-the-range intense alternative to one of the most - if not the most iconic fragrance for men, Bleu. Beau is our fragrance experience which matches the scent profile of the original perfume. Using the latest reverse osmosis technology, Beau smells exactly like the original - with even better performance. You can use this versatile scent for whatever occasion - daytime, nighttime, office, or even just a trip to the local supermarket!

Beau Fragrance Notes

Top Notes




Pink Pepper




The citrus opening of Beau is an absolute joy to behold. Punchy, bright, and uplifting, you're hit with the full range of citrus fruits - lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. The mint, pepper, and coriander add some spiciness to create some intrigue for the nose and then clean aldehydes add that fresh touch. The opening lasts a few minutes before Beau progresses onto the middle notes.

Heart Notes





More spiciness awaits you in the middle of Beau, with a kick from some ginger and nutmeg. These spices are sitting on top of clean jasmine, which is supported by yet more fruit in the form of melon. Whilst this doesn't sound like the meatiest of heart notes for a man's fragrance, it has to be experienced to truly witness the incredible combination!

Base Notes









The mid of Beau doesn't last long before the base starts to kick in. Inspired by the original, you'll find plenty of wood-based notes such as sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and amberwood. you'll also find smoky incense, which has a musk-like quality. A clean labdanum keeps things from going too dark and to top it all off, you have some slight sweetness from an earthy amber and patchouli combo. Beau really has it all!

Beau Performance


Improving on the original eau de parfum, Beau has better longevity. You'll find you can get a good few hours out of this intoxicating scent - around 5-7 before it starts to settle down. Even then, you'll still be able to smell the base as a skin scent, keeping you in a warm and inviting scent bubble. For even more longevity, simply spray a few sprays onto your clothes before you head out for the day.


The projection of Beau is moderate. this makes it the perfect everyday scent - not too subtle that no one will notice you, but not too overpowering that you can offend anyone. It sits at around arm's length in terms of projection, with a bit more in the heat and a bit less in the cold. As with all fragrances, this projection will slowly work its way closer to you as time goes on until you're left with a more personal projection. One of the best No 5 dupes around that's for sure.


The trail from Beau is the show-stopper. It's one of those scents that follows you around for ages, leaving an irresistible smell wherever you go. You'll get this for a long time - even after you think Beau has disappeared. If you really want to turn some heads, wear this on a slightly hot day when there's a breeze around!

Why Try Beau?

*Great price alternative that's a fraction of the cost of the original.

*Latest reverse osmosis technology to ensure you get as close to the inspired fragrance as possible.

*Ultra-fast Royal Mail shipping so you can get your hands on your bottle as soon as possible.