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Ivoire Inspired By Tobacco Vanille - Intense Concentration


Introducing our iinterpretation of Tobacco Vanille. COming in at Intense concentration, Our Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille dupe will transport you to the realm of seduction and sweetness, replicating the aroma with minimal cost for you, Ivoire is an affordable alternative that replicates the natural ingredients from the original. This is a tobacco Vanille dupe like no other. The top notes and middle notes are spot on, creating the blend of this popular fragrance.

Ivoire introduces you to the mix of a tobacco leaf, tonka bean and a hint of sweet vanilla. The tobacco leaf is the most prominent ingredient in this fragrance, sweet, dry and smoky, it creates a smoky and woody aroma that is incredibly earthy.

The tonka bean creates a subtle sweetness, and the vanilla ties it all down, making it the scent of what we know today. When you wear Noire, you'll be wrapped in a warm and indulgent scent, sending you to an aromatic dimension simply like no other.

Tobacco Vanille dupes certainly knows how to create a statement. It has incredible staying power due to its unique notes that are portrayed throughout. Ideal for those who want a dominant scent that is earthy and spicy, from just a few spritzes you'll see why this scent is loved throughout the fragrance world. Perfect for those who are looking for a fragrance for special occasions and those who in particular love woody notes and aromatic spices combined with a sweet, seductive base.

As with all our dupes here at Parfumery, Ivoire has been manufactured using reverse osmosis technology, which will allow you to receive the same rich, sweet and spicy notes as the original. What is great is that our ingredients and technology are all animal cruelty-free, ensuring a fragrance that puts nature over the scent, just like its original counterpart.

This tobacco blossom based fragrance will leave you with the lingering scent of dried fruits, along with an illustrious woody scent. Combine this with a sweet, fruity and spicy aroma and you've got a long-lasting scent - just like the real thing.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes

Tobacco Leaf, Spicy Notes

Heart Notes

Vanilla, cacao, Tonka Bean, Tobacco Blossom

Base Notes

Dried Fruits, Woody Notes

Longevity & Sillage


Due to its thick and sweet base notes, Ivoire sticks to the wearer with minimal effort - you'll be catching a whiff all day long. The scent is incredibly dominant, due to the woody notes and vanillic backbone.


Thanks to the natural ingredients, Ivoire emits an earthy woody trail with a vanilla base that projects fwherever you go. If you're looking for silage within a fragrance then this Ivoire will certainly not disappoint.