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Jasmin Inspired By Princess - Intense Concentration


Sweet just like a marshmallow! Step into the world of sweetness and luxury with the queen of Princess dupes - Jasmin. This scent provides a great alternative at a fraction of the cost. It's an enchanting fragrance will turn your world into a playground with its scent fit for absolute royalty.

Our formula has been engineered using reverse osmosis technology, which allows you to receive the same scent as the original, creating the same scent cloud and aroma. The technology used to create our scents and jasmin is all animal cruelty-free, allowing us to put nature first.

Whether you are attending an event or want to spice up your everyday life, this fragrance will make you feel like a princess. Turn ordinary moments into a magical journey, one that can only be truly unlocked with the power of a Princess.

From the first hour, you will notice the orange blossom and hints of green tea, which help this scent not only be sweet but refreshing. This combination creates an intense and distinctive scent upon each spray - a unique smell that oozes quality creating a dolce vibe.

If you are looking for a perfume that is passionate and contains notes of jasmine and even marshmallows, then this fragrance is certainly one to add to your collection.

Order your Kilian Princess dupe today and experience a composition like no other. Embark on your fairytale adventure whilst smelling like a million pounds!

Perfume Notes

Top Notes


Middle Notes

Green Tea, Ginger, Peach, Hedione, Jasmine, Apple

Base Notes

Marshmallow, Vanilla, Benzoin

Longevity & Sillage


jasmin creates a scent that is that is sweet, strong and fresh, thanks to the pure marshmallow and Gardenia. A very long-lasting scent that is suitable for both night and day, special events or casual.


Upon wearing Jasmin, you will notice how it gets stronger the more you move around. The sillage only gets better the longer you wear it and walk around.