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Poire Inspired By English Pear & Freesia - Intense Concentration


Experience pure nature with Poire, a fragrance that is inspired by Jo Malone's English pear and Freesia. Capturing the floral woody tone of the original and the luxurious delicate rose, juicy pear and elegant freesia.

Immerse yourself and dive into the freesia fragrance universe. Capturing the pure aroma of a British garden. Taking you to the universe of elegance and sophistication. We have crafted one the best Jo Malone English pear and freesia dupes, encapsulating the unique Jo Malone scent in a potent intense concentration.

Our inspiration is the perfect dupe of this floral pear-based fragrance. The luxurious pear notes provides the backbone to the refreshing pear and freesia opening, using stunning accords that add a touch of delicate decorum, suited for any occasion - it really smells great! with its fresh patchouli being the dominant ingredient within this fragrance within the base.

Our ingredients have been crafted using our in-house reverse osmosis technology. Allowing you to receive the same notes and long-lasting scent as the original counterpart. Whether you're attending a unique occasion or simply want to add a warm touch to your day, this fragrance will take you on an adventure like no other.

Let the aroma of aromatic Oakmoss transport you to a field of pure earthy elegance, whilst the perfect balance of English pear and freesia, that allows the scent to stay on your skin longer. A durable freesia cologne that will leave an impression like no other.

The woody notes and floral notes allow this fragrance to excel by providing a delicate balance within each ingredient one of sheer natural freshness with English pear freesia. Creating a subtle and delicate combination that boasts longevity creating an irresistible sillage

Perfume Notes

Top Notes

Pear, Melon

Middle Notes

Freesia, Rose

Base Notes

Musk, Patchouli, Rhubarb, Amber

Longevity & Sillage


Our English pear freesia dupe is incredibly durable, creating a long-lasting aroma. Designed for summer wear, it's just a bit lighter than some of our other inspirations. You can still expect around 4 hours of scent - longer if you also spray your clothes.


The white musk really helps with the silage, creating an aroma that soaks into your skin with minimal effort. You'll be followed around by a beautiful smell and where Poire really shines