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Rose Inspired By Chloe - Intense Concentration


Rose is a brand new Chloe EDP dupe, taking inspiration from the hit perfume. If you want the same smell as the original fresh floral fragrance whilst also having a bumped up intense concentration, then look no further. Coming in at a fifth of the price, be sure to buy Rose today and experience one of tthe hit perfumes that's loved by women all over.

Rose Notes

Top Notes




Rose opens with a bright floral scent that you're going to love. Fresh peony, delicate freesia, and juicy litchi spring straight from the get-go, wrapping you in an alluring and bright cloud of fragrance. This floral opening continues into the heart, where the fruitiness dies down a little, and clean florals emerge.

Mid Notes


Lily of the Valley


The middle of the perfume is all about a fresh floral smell. you have a rose, a slightly fizzy lil of the valley, and a gorgeous magnolia that all come out to play. The rose is blended beautifully with the other florals - probably one of the reasons why this perfume is so loved!

Base Notes

Virginia Cedar


The base of the perfume adds some woodiness and a sweet amber. the floral notes will have died down a bit but still be detectible, whilst the other facets keep a strong backbone that helps to add longevity. This is one of those scents that you keep getting whiffs of throughout the day!

Rose Performance


Rose has above-average longevity. You can expect around 6 hours of scent when you wear this, with even more if you spritz your clothes a few times.


The sillage starts off moderate and subtly moves closer in toward you over time. You'll be left with a wonderful warming and clean scent bubble that you can't get enough of.