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Verte Inspired By Aventus For Her - Intense Concentration


Are you after a Creed Aventus for her dupe that smells amazing? Then look no further - Verte is here. Our intensely concentrated inspiration for the smash hit perfume is designed for powerful women who want to feel confident - just like the original.

With similar notes to the seminal original fragrance, Verte will take you on a journey

Verte Notes

Top Notes

Green apple




Pink pepper


The top notes of Verte is a bouquet of fruits supported by a subtle violet note, some spicy pink pepper, and an slightly sweet patchouli. The citruses - bergamot and lemon bring a bright punch and the green apple adds a juicines. The patchouli isn't heavy and instead gives Verte some earthiness in the opening. Everything is wrapped up nicely with the pink pepper which keeps things interesting.

Middle Notes





After a few minutes, the middle notes of Verte start to drift in and you're going to be hit with a clean yet noticeable musk. The musk is cleaned up by the bright rose and sandalwood combination. The rose is slightly feminine but not over the top. Finally, the Styrax adds a bit of a woody nuance to Verte.

Base Notes

Black Currant





The middle notes of Verte last quite a while before the fruity-floral base kicks in. In the dry down you'll find a smooth black currant and peach combo that is irresistible. A sweet and earthy amber adds sweetness whilst florals like lilac keep things fresh.

Verte Performance


Longevity is certainly not a problem with Verte. Depending on how it works with your skin type, you'll get a solid 5-7 hours of scent. if you need more longevity, give your clothes a few quick sprays and you're good to go. Great longevity in comparison to other Aventus For Her dupes that are on the market.


Verte is an attention grabber, so expect a decent projection for the first few hours of application. Slowly this projection will work its way closer to you until you're left with a more personal scent bubble.


Again, Verte is no slacker in the Sillage department. You'll be leaving a slightly fruity scent with a musky floral trail wherever you walk whilst Verte is in it's main stages. This will also slowly come closer to you as time goes on and the scent begins to wear off.

Why Try Verte

*We've used the latest reverse osmosis tech to get the closest profile to the original as possible.

*Save yourself a bundle - up to 90% off of the original.

*Super fast postage, so you can smell good as soon as possible.