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Bijou Inspired By Gypsy Water - Intense Concentration


Say hello to Bijou by Parfumery. This is more than a Byredo Gypsy Water dupe - it's your new signature scent.  Coming in at Intense perfume concentration, Bijou is A luxurious woody aromatic fragrance with a lasting scent and addictive fragrance trail.

Byredo gypsy Water itself is an incredibly popular fragrance for many people, with the perfume holding a special place in many people's hearts. What doesn't hold that special place is the price tag - a hefty £200+! Save money and smell great with Bijou, inspired by Gypsy Water. 

Bijou Notes

Let's take a closer look at some of the notes you'll find:

Top Notes





Bright, fresh, and uplifting. That's what you'll get from the opening of Bijou. You're immediately hit with the fresh citruses of Lemon and bergamot. This juicy opening is supplemented with a touch of juniper to add some greenness and some pepper to add a touch of spiciness, one of the ultimate Gypsy Water dupes.

Middle Notes

Pine Needles


Orris Root

After a few minutes, the brightness dies down a little and you're introduced to the heart notes of Bijou. The wonderful soft scent of pine needles creeps in, supported by a slightly smoky incense and musky orris root. The juiciness of the opening citrus facets is still there in the background to make sure things don't go too dark! The heart notes of this fragrance last quite a while - you'll be able to detect them for at least a good few hours.

Base Notes




After a few hours, you'll be left with the base of this lovely fragrance emanating from your skin. A soft, almost edible vanilla adds a touch of sweetness to Bijou, and along with this vanilla, a sweet amber adds a bit of earthiness. Finally, the sandalwood picks up the backbone along with the amber to leave a mesmerising soft and sweet perfume trail.

Performance of Bijou


Bijou is a powerhouse in the longevity department. As we mentioned before, this isn't just another Gypsy Water dupe - it lasts longer than the original! You'll get a solid 3-4 hours of good projection, with the fragrance then settling into a warm and cozy skin scent for a few more hours.


Like all fragrances, Bijou will have great to moderate projection depending on whether you dry or sensitive skin, In general though, you can expect solid projection for at least an hour or two before it starts to project closer to your skin. You can always boost the performance of Bijou by adding a few sprays to your clothes before you head out.


Expect a wonderful scent trail to follow you around wherever you go. You'll be smelling fresh, clean, and chirpy thanks to the bright and uplifting aspects of Bijou, whilst the green and earthy elements add a nice twist.

Why Choose Bijou?

*Same great smell as the inspiration - whilst saving you 90% on the RRP (we don't splurge out on packaging or branding to pass the savings on to you!)

*The latest reverse-osmosis technology has been used to ensure the highest quality.

*Speedy delivery with Royal Mail