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D'or Inspired By Baccarat Rouge 540 - Intense Concentration


D'or is the perfect fragrance for those looking for the best Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe. This product replicates the unique scent of Rouge 540 whilst improving the performance and reducing the cost - a win/win/win for you!

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a fragrance that is loved around the globe, with many perfume enthusiasts hailing this as quite possibly the best fragrance on the market suitable for all genders. It's won numerous awards and is highly captivating with it's bright saffron and musky ambergris.

If you are going out on a date or just want to use it for everyday wear, D'or will provide you with a great alternative that is simply as good as the real thing - but a fraction of the cost. D'or is certainly a star combining floral notes with sweeter ones, which is probably the main reason why this scent priofile is loved around the globe and constantly growing in popularity.

Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes will make heads turn in the street and will certainly leave a long-lasting impression on the people around you. It's luxurious whilst not being obnoxious and will almost guarantee compliments upon wearing. D'or is a perfume that screams pure elegance and satisfaction in every spritz.

You'll be enraptured in a scent bubble of sweet amber aswell as a musky saffron, all blended to perfection with a soft jasmine. The most iconic fragrance for those looking to impress their peers whilst saving money on the original Baccarat.

The main 'wow' factor of this fragrance is its incredible sweet vanilla that simply smells edible. The dry down is just as extraordinary creating a stunning musky, woody amber smell that generates a a seducing aroma that is incredibly durable. Expect many compliments while wearing this divine Baccarat rouge 540 dupe.

What is even greater is that this amber and jasmine-based formula is identical to the original that you can find in the high end fragrance stores. We have used reverse osmosis technology that is animal cruelty-free to bring you the best dupe, all the while putting nature and the environment at the forefront. Simply put - you won't find a better Baccarat rouge 540 dupe that's for sure!

This Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe is simply one of a kind. It's the perfect way to express yourself, due to the promotion of divine elegance and opulence it portrays. It is a subtle yet powerful scent that creates a unique amber and saffron sensation, simply built to last and more importantly great for all occasions.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes

Saffron, Jasmine

Heart Notes

Amberwood, Ambergris

Base Notes

Fir Resin, Cedar

Longevity & Sillage


Being an intense Inspiration, D'Or is a floral scent that smells of pure luxury. It has great longevity that will last all-day - from morning to night. A perfect scent that can always be smelt in the air when wearing.


The sillage is just as good as the original Baccarat Rouge, creating a long-lasting scent that soaks in the skin with minimal effort. A scent that will follow you throughout the day, creating a presence simply like no other.