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Pheromone Perfume For Men & Women

Pheromone perfumes have been known to boost the body's natural scent and the body's pH, which creates complete irresistibility for men and women. Pheromone fragrance eau de Parfum scents are increasing in demand for the unique fragrance and alluring scent they offer to the opposite sex. View our range below:

Pheromone Perfume For Men & Women

Pheromone perfumes have been known to boost the body's natural scent and the body's pH, which creates complete irresistibility for men and women. Pheromone fragrances in eau de Parfum scents are increasing in demand for the unique fragrance and alluring scent they offer to the opposite sex.

What Are Pheromones?

The potent pheromone formulation of these fragrances has the ability to trigger emotions of pure instinct, lust, and sexual attraction, as well as create long-lasting impressions toward friends and loved ones. While the smell of these is completely unique to each person, this type of fragrance has been ticking all the boxes with many people!

Pheromones are the natural bodily scent and chemical signals secreted from our body's sweat to entice a mate. Just like the animal kingdom has relied on the body's chemistry for creating natural chemicals for mate selection and reproduction, humans detect pheromones too to invoke a connection and help bond. From love-based connections of the opposite sex, right down to birthing and the mother-baby bond, these are all nurtured through the power of smell and pheromones.

Fragrances - including an eau de toilette or an EDP - as a whole do have the power of creating an attachment as well as mood-boosting powers, meaning it makes sense that synthetic versions can be created to invoke a similar attachment and intrigue as the natural scent human pheromones can create.

What are Pheromone Perfumes?

Pheromone perfumes & fragrances are believed to have the ability to replicate and enhance the way the body works, to recreate human-compatible pheromones and the pure instinct that comes from attraction in a bottle. While many believe this, in fact, is a placebo effect and not actually proven from a single first spritz of a pheromone eau de toilette, perfume houses have invested some of the best luxury ingredients with essential oil notes to create a scent that actually can push human behavior- especially the levels of attraction towards other humans.

Pheromone perfumes & fragrance top notes will include synthetic versions of musky seductive aroma mixes, to inspire sexual attention. Other additions in the pheromone perfumes include androstenol and couplins, which are male and female naturally producing scents. Additionally, there are other chemicals that stimulate the vomeronasal system to allow humans to actually detect natural pheromones; which are integrated to heighten natural chemicals produced by the body. Pheromone perfume fragrances are a science and are very much still being experimented and enhanced as we speak.

How we create your Pheromone Perfume

Our process consists of starting with your choice of premium Pheromone perfume oil. We mix 5% of this potent pheromone blend into the 50ml inspiration perfume of your choice - any of our range - creating a unique blend just for you. The end result is the amazing fragrance of your choice with an extra kick!

We also have pure pheromone perfume. Unlike 'budget' pheromone fragrances like Original Scent Venom, Our potent blends contain a massive 20% - or 10ml - pf potent pheromone in it combined with perfumers alcohol. This strength is on par with an Extrait de Parfum and is incredibly strong, but thanks to the pheromone scent being quite weak you can still layer it with other fragrances to boost their performance and add a little something extra.

Pheromone Perfumes for Men

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
The clue is in the name. A fragrance made entirely with vanilla and tonka bean taking center stage, both men and women can wear this and experience a completely different play on their natural scent. The chemistry behind this fragrance is nothing less than alluring. It is a great investment for anyone wanting a great performing pheromone perfume.

Spicebomb Viktor Rolf
There is a reason why this eau de toilette fragrance is a head-turner, and it is all down to the spicy accords of cinnamon and vanilla. Such a combination is perfect for pairing with a man's natural bodily scent, and enhancing it with full seductive projection.

Dylan Blue Versace
Versace brought out a cologne that embodies everything a pheromone cologne could have. The zesty notes of mandarin paired with the essential oils of patchouli and the warm vibrance of musk and tonka bean, make it the perfect male pheromone enhancer.

Halfeti Penhaligons
A strong and mighty scent, Halfeti offers bold and sensual jasmines paired with soft musks, to make it a beautiful scent when it dries down. The use of musks with the natural scent of any man wearing this makes it a complete pheromone winner.

Pheromone Perfumes for Women

Opium By YSL
Utilizing the key pheromone perfume notes such as bitter almond, vanilla, and patchouli, this fragrance will enhance the natural pheromone smell of the feminine wearer. This scent is seductive, sensual and alluring. You are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you decide to wear it.

YSL Libre Intense
Similar to Opium, this fragrance bears a likeness in the use of pheromone notes, however, it possibly tops its performance by using greater note interactions from vanilla, tonic bean, ambergris, and lavender.

Mon Guerlain EDP
Another perfect choice, this perfume was named amongst many perfume reviews on the internet, as a perfume 'the perfect wife' would wear and we can tell you why. The use of seductive subtle notes such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood, and tonka bean, make this an all-around pheromone performer that is not overpowering, but tantalizing and gentle.

Blanche Byredo
Made utilizing essential oils such as Sandalwood and musk, the fragrance is light, appeasing, and harmonious with both men and women. However, there is something about this perfume that makes it utterly perfect as a skin scent on a woman. There is nothing more intimate than smelling fresh as you would between the sheets. It's mysterious and undeniably sexy!

Do pheromone perfumes work?

Very recently such an idea became a viral trend through social media and the internet, where famous TikTok influencers put this idea to the test and experimented on how this affected their interactions with loved ones and the general public through everyday life. The eau de toilette fragrance was put to the test, and the results were quite positive for the unique powers of pheromone oil.

The pheromone perfume oil fragrance roll-on was applied to the pulse points of the body, where blood flow and the warmth of the skin can emit the perfume scent and fragrance the strongest. Of course, loved ones and close friends were not informed of the decision to try out and experiment with pheromone perfume oils, and just like that-especially with the influencer's boyfriend, it certainly reeled in attention from the influencer's partner. Even though he was not aware that his partner changed her scent, he was very attracted to her and it obviously enhanced her sex appeal.

Additionally, many others who wear pheromone perfume to work, within the sales industry, have even stated that wearing their pheromone oil-based eau de Parfum scents, has helped them gain more tips and if anything engages more attention and interaction from customers.

Does science support the claims?

Some small studies have come to discover that women were more attracted to partners when androstadienone pheromone oil was added to their own lips. In comparison to the women who didn't apply the chemical hormone, they were less likely to find men attractive and therefore less likely compatible or satisfied with partner selection within the dating experiment. The pheromone actually affected their opinion and motivation towards potential partners for the wearer of the pheromone, rather than aiding in the force of attracting partners. This therefore opens up new foundations of the various roles of reactions women and men have, when it comes to attraction and mate selection. Perhaps pheromones act differently when the opposite sexes are concerned?

Additionally, many researchers in the process of pheromone science believe that the formulation of pheromones actually isn't just the only reason why humans are attracted to one another. In fact, it comes down to simple factors such as the preferences of visual attraction, or existing attraction to a person and lover.

How are Pheromone Perfumes made?

Pheromone perfumes are made using animal or plant pheromones. Unfortunately, human pheromones are still not approved to be included in fragrances and are of course very difficult to extract. This is another reason why human-based pheromone fragrances are yet to be proven effective.

Pheromone-infused scents

Pheromone-infused scents utilize synthetic versions of chemicals that stimulate the nose in a supposed similar fashion to natural pheromones but also amplify our natural pheromone release too. These artificially infused scents will often contain musk from certain animals.

Sensual notes

Pheromone fragrances will utilize sensual-smelling top notes, heart notes, and base notes to heighten the natural pheromone release of our own bodies. Perfumeries have come to understand that these key sensual elements can synthetically play a similar role to actual pheromone perfume chemistry, and that is why they are known to have alluring, warm, and intoxicating projections overall. Below is a list of the key sensual notes within pheromone perfumes.

Sweet honey
A sweet note that is not overpowering, but very light and harmonious on the skin when combined with other sweet notes like musks and vanilla. When pheromone oil perfumes use notes like sweet honey, you can guarantee that the dry down is a beautiful intimate and light scent that can be detected for hours on end.

Bitter almond
Almond-based scents offer a sweet alternative to traditional scents like vanilla and musk. However, combine them all together and you have a cozy and warm mix that advocates and enhances the natural pheromone smells of the human body.

Musk is a key ingredient for synthetic pheromones. Not only is its natural projection very powerful and can be smelled from afar, but musks are the most potent pheromones within animals and humans. Adding this to your fragrance will heighten your natural smell and favorite perfume or cologne.

Tonka bean
Tonka bean is a naturally nutty fragrance similar to cinnamon and offers light subtle spicy nuance to fragrances. The warmth it adds when paired with partners like vanilla and musk is seductive, sensual, and not at all overbearing.

Leafy greens
The natural oils within leafy greens and another ingredient, hyaluronic acid, act as a source of Androstenone, which is a natural pheromone specifically effective in enhancing female pheromone perfumes.

Sandalwood, Lavender, Jasmine, Patchouli
It is reported that this group of essential oils within fragrances or a pheromone cologne mimics the same pheromone reaction within male sweat.

Similar to musk, vanilla is naturally sweet and creates a long-lasting impression for those who wear it or select beauty products with it as a key ingredient. With time the oil softens and blends into skin scents, heightening the powers of the pheromone perfumes' performance.

What's the best Pheromone perfume?

Finding the best pheromone perfumes will, of course, all depend on the budget of what you are willing to spend. However, our very own Parfumery Pheromone Enhancer, in Eau de Parfum and even Eau de Extrait strength, has been quite the champion for enhancing any existing fragrance you have when paired with it. Infused with natural pheromones based on your specific tastes and choice, such as sweet honey, cinnamon, mandarin, musks, and vanilla, it's a gentle oil that would mix perfectly with all the pheromone perfumes listed above and really helps to exceed their performance!

You have the choice of either combining these potent pheromones with other fragrances in our Inspired range, adding a nice bit of punch to these scents. We have a range for men and women so no one is left out. From bright orange blossom and neroli based scents to darker smells with spicy notes, simply pick which fragrance you want and we'll add 5% of our pheromone into the blend.

You can also get your hands on pure pheromone perfume - Lui for him and Elle for her. We use a high amount of pheromone (20%) combined with premium perfumers alcohol to make sure you get the best blend possible. The best thing about these pure pheromones is the fact you can wear them on their own for an understated fragrance that combines with your natural scent... Or you can layer them up with your favourite fragrances! When you layer them up, you;re going to get increased performance as the blend helps other fragrances 'stick' to the skin.

Get your Pheromone Perfume today at Parfumery! Simply choose which one of the blends you want - combined with another one of our range or the pure oil - and follow the simple instructions to check out. We'll get your order out to you ASAP.

Create your own pheromone perfume

Make sure to check out our own Parfumery pheromone range when purchasing your fragrances. It is guaranteed to heighten your perfumes and colognes and make them an even better-performing pheromone perfume.