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Lui Pure Pheromone Perfume For Men (20% Pheromone Oil)

Say hello to your new best friend - Lui Pheromone Perfume. With 10ml (20%) of our premium potent pheromone oil per 50ml bottle, you'll have a bubble of pheromone around you the entire day. The 10ml sample contains 2ml (also 20% of total volume) of pheromone, whilst the 100ml contains 20ml or pheromone.

With a mild and slightly musky scent, Lui can be worn on it's own for an understated fragrance or layered with other scents to boost their longevity and add an extra sexy kick. The pheromone inside the bottle reacts with your own natural scent creating a unique smell.

Coming in at almost half the price of the UK's leading premium pheromone (and higher concentration), be sure to get your 50ml bottle today!