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Charbon Inspired By Black Opium - Intense Concentration


Charbon Inspired By Black Opium

Are you after premium Black Opium dupes? Then look no further. Here at Parfumery, we've used state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis techniques to create a fragrance that will have you smelling just like the original Black Opium - but at a fraction of the cost. We've done away with the expensive packaging and brand names, passing on all the savings to you. Best of all we've created this inspiration at Intense concentration, ensuring great performance.

The original YSL black opium perfume is an incredibly popular fragrance, with women all over loving the slightly sweet, slightly floral combination of notes. Our inspiration features accords similar, with a warm gourmand scent that envelopes your skin.

Notes For Charbon (Inspired by Black Opium)

Top Notes


Pink pepper

Orange Blossom

Charbon opens up with a juicy, bright pear. The slightly floral scent of orange blossom and white flowers adds a clean touch whilst the pink pepper adds a bit of bite and texture.

Middle Notes

Black Coffee


Bitter Almond


After a few minutes, Charbon evolves, with the titular star of the perfume making an appearance - Black coffee. The sweetness of the black coffee is offset with the clean jasmine to create a captivating and alluring perfume trail, with a smooth almond in the mix to add a creamy touch. Finally, the zing of spicy licorice rounds out the jasmine & coffee combination nicely.

Base Notes



Cashmere Wood


After an hour or two, the base of Charbon kicks in. The base smells almost identical to the Black opium perfume, with a luscious vanilla and patchouli combo that is to die for. Some wood facets help to make Charbon not too sweet whilst adding a backbone to the fragrance.

Performance of Charbon


Whilst some perfume dupes can be lacking in performance, Charbon definitely isn't. Depending on how it works with your skin, you'll get 6 or more hours of longevity, with the last few hours enveloping you in a wonderful sweet vanilla coffee smell.


People will be able to smell your fragrance trail behind you wherever you go. Whilst it won't fill up the room or be too invasive, people will definitely notice you. Don't forget to spray your clothes for an even more intense sillage!


For the first hour or two, Charbon offers great projection just like the original YSL Black Opium. The fragrance then simmers down and gets closer to the skin, settling in a wonderful personal fragrance bubble that will be warm and inviting to anyone who enters it.

Why Choose Charbon?

*We've cut costs of packaging and branding so it smells incredibly similar to the original Black Opium whilst only being a fraction of the cost. Save money whilst smelling great!

*State-of-the-art reverse osmosis to get the closest smell. Gone are the days of having to buy an overly synthetic, cheap-smelling inspiration of Black Opium.

*We only use cruelty-free ingredients that are compliant with all IFRA regulations.

*fast shipping with Royal Mail so you get your fragrance ASAP!