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Citron Inspired By Aventus - Intense Concentration


Citron is our inspiration for one of the most popular men's fragrance selections in history - Creed Aventus. Loved by many, Citron takes all the best elements of the original Creed Aventus - the fruity opening, woody notes, and incredible musky and sweet dry down. When you try out Citron, you'll quickly come to realize why many of our customers view it as the best Aventus dupes out there!

Citron (Inspired by Creed Aventus) Notes

Top Notes



Black currant


The Legendary opening is here in full effect. You have the iconic black currant and pineapple blast right up at the top, with a supporting citrus hit from the zingy bergamot. A juicy and sweet apple is also detectable, resulting in a fresh and vibrant opening that will uplift you.

Heart Notes



Moroccan jasmine


The heart of Citron is where the fragrance goes bright, clean, and sophisticated. As soon as those fruity, zesty opening notes start to calm down, you'll be enraptured by a clean and gentlemanly scent. This is thanks to the jasmine and rose, which add a touch of luxurious elegance. To keep things manly there's an earthy patchouli and the woody scent profile from the birch.

Base Notes


Oak Moss



The base of Citron comes in quickly, but it sticks around! And what a smell it is. You go from the fruity opening to the gentlemanly scent in the heart, all the way to a musky, slightly sweet dry down.

The base is the head turner for Citron. A light and airy musk starts to kick in from the Ambergris note combined with musk, whilst an oak moss note supports to add an earthy feel. The base notes are rounded out with just a hint of vanille to add an irresistible sweetness.

Citron Performance


With the modern batches of Creed well known for their lackluster performance, Citron steps up and takes the reins. Coming in at intense concentration, the sillage of Citron is much better than the current Aventus, giving you a good arm's length of sillage behind you for most of its life. In the heat, you'll get even more than this with the fruity notes more prominent. The cold will bring the fragrance closer to you and emphasize the sweet vanille in the base.


Again, the longevity of Citron is much better than the original. You'll get a good 4-6 solid hours of the ing off of you, with a few more hours of a skin scent. If you want even more longevity, simply give your clothes a few sprays before you head out. With the great price you can grab Citron at, a few more sprays won't leave a dent in your bank account unlike the original.


Citron offers above-average projection, with a bubble of aroma that reachers around an arm's length. This slowly fades down after a few hours until you're left with a sweet skin aroma that sits close to you.

Why Try Citron?

*State-of-the-art reverse osmosis is used to create the best clone possible.

*Incredible price compared to the original - less than a 10th of the price of the original fragrance.

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