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The Best Aventus Creed Dupes

The Best Aventus Creed Dupes

When men think of high end perfumes, usually one comes to mind straight away - Creed Aventus. Well known for it's unique smell, high quality and prestigious bottle, it costs a pretty penny. You're going to be shelling out around £210 for 50ml and about £300 for 100ml. That isn't cheap for an eau de parfum!

If you want a cheaper way to get a smell of this hit perfume, simply click here to get your hands on our inspiration for this hit fragrance for less than £20!

Hearty Notes

Alternatively, If you're looking to smell like the so called 'king' of mens perfumes but don't want to pay the high price tag, read this post to get your hands on the top Creed fragrance Aventus dupes for a great price that smell similar to the original scent featuring the same heart notes and pineapple note that creed is famous for, and has quickly made it popular one of more popular men's fragrance. Which not many other fragrances can replicate due it is charismatic and unique fruity opening.

Creed Aventus, The King of Mens Eau De Parfum


Aventus is a fragrance produced by the prestigious perfume house Creed, which has been creating luxury fragrances for over 250 years. Aventus was launched in 2010 and quickly became one of the brand's most popular scents. The fragrance is named after the Latin word for "success," and it was inspired by the life and triumphs of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a loyal customer of the Creed family.

Aventus has a unique and complex blend of notes, including bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, pineapple, rose, patchouli, and musk. This combination creates a fresh and masculine scent that is perfect for any occasion. Aventus has become a favourite among celebrities, athletes, and business leaders, and it has been praised for its long-lasting scent and ability to evoke feelings of power and confidence. Hence the reason you can find a great Creed Aventus dupe and fragrances that are heavily inspired by this fragrance.

Since its launch, ir has become a cult classic and has spawned several variations, including Aventus Cologne and Aventus for Her. The fragrance has also been the subject of numerous debates and controversies, with some people claiming that it has been reformulated over the years and is not as good as it used to be. However, despite the criticism, Aventus remains a popular and sought-after fragrance, and it has cemented its place as a modern classic in the world of perfumery and fragrances in regards to a unisex fragrance.

What Does Creed Aventus Smell Like?

Creed Aventus Smell

Creed Aventus is a complex and sophisticated fragrance that is often described as fresh, fruity, and masculine. The scent is composed of several layers of notes, which blend together to create a unique and long-lasting aroma.

The notes of Creed Aventus are:

  • Top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, and pineapple

  • Middle notes: rose, jasmine, patchouli, juniper berry and birch

  • Base notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla

Fruity Notes

The opening of Aventus is dominated by the fruity top notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, and pineapple, which give the fragrance a fresh and zesty quality. As the scent develops, the floral middle notes of rose, jasmine, patchouli, and birch come to the fore, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. Finally, the base notes of musk, oakmoss, ambergris, and vanilla anchor the scent, providing a warm and sensual finish.

Overall, Creed Aventus is a sophisticated and well-balanced fragrance that is perfect for the modern man who wants to make a statement with his scent.

one huge gripe that fans have is the performance of different batches. Changes in law and the company changing hands have caused the new batches of Creed Aventus to be rather lacklustre when it comes to longevity and performance, which has increased the popularity of Creed Aventus clones.

Why is Creed Aventus So Popular?

Creed Aventus is popular for several reasons, including its unique and complex fragrance profile, its association with luxury and exclusivity, and its cult-like following among fragrance enthusiasts.

Firstly, the fragrance profile of Creed Aventus is complex and sophisticated, which sets it apart from other popular fragrances in the market. The combination of fruity and floral notes, along with the musky and woody base notes, creates a scent that is both fresh and masculine, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Luxury Brand

Secondly, Creed is a luxury brand that is known for its high-quality fragrances and exclusivity. The brand has a long history of creating fragrances for royalty and other notable figures, and its commitment to using only the finest ingredients and traditional techniques has earned it a reputation for excellence. The high price point of Creed fragrances also adds to their exclusivity, making them a status symbol for those who can afford them, each Creed Aventus dupe on this list will provide a great alternative.

Cult Following

Lastly, Creed Aventus has developed a cult-like following among fragrance enthusiasts, who rave about it. The fragrance has been compared to a "superhero cape" that gives the wearer an extra boost of confidence and charisma, making it a popular choice for special occasions and important meetings, due to its moroccan jasmine nature.

Best Creed Aventus Clones and Creed Dupe

Citron - Best Dupe



Citron tops our list of Creed Aventus clone perfumes simply because it offers the best of all worlds. It has great longevity - lasting way longer than the original Creed Aventus while being cruelty free - whilst having stellar quality and capturing the notes, making it a great Creed Aventus dupe.

The aspect that really propels Citron above the other perfumes is the opening. This is one of the hardest aspects for an Aventus clone to capture. The juiciness of the black currant, bergamot and pineapple is very hard to copy, but Citron does so incredibly well. Not to mention it's great if you're on a budget! It's thanks to all these factors that it tops the list of best Creed Aventus clones and the best Creed aventus dupe around.

Mont Blanc Explorer

Mont Blanc Explorer

Next up is a perfume from Mont Blanc that's been out for a few years - Explorer. This is slightly different to Aventus so if you're after a complete 1 to 1 comparison to the original, you may find this a bit lacking. It is still a great fragrance in its own right.

Explorer opens up without the juiciness of Creed, using just bergamot as the opening fruit. It has an Aventus backbone but throws in far more musk, making it a bit gruffer. Mont Blanc has also switched out the ambergris for ambroxan, which gives Explorer decent longevity.

If you want to smell great and want the Aventus vibe without the budget, Explorer could be a good shout. It's a great option to wear every day and can be found incredibly easily - you can often find it on offer at numerous online retailers and makes it one of the best clone.

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense

De Nuit Intense

Probably the most well-known Aventus Creed clone is Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf. This is dirty cheap and you can find it for around £21, making it a fraction of the price of the original Creed Aventus (less than 1/10th of a 100ml bottle!).

The scent profile of the original Creed is definitely there, but the opening is god-awful. You have to sit through the opening to really enjoy this. The middle of the perfume and the dry down is much better and are very close to the original Aventus but be prepared for the synthetic-smelling opening. Longevity and performance are really, really good with this dupe as well.

There are multiple versions of Club de Nuit Intense. If you're after quality, stick to the higher-priced Parfum or special edition. If you aren't too bothered by the harsh opening, you can go for the EDT.

Zara Vibrant Leather

Zara Vibrant Leather

Another budget option is Vibrant Leather by Zara. This is a dirty cheap Aventus dupe coming in at £15 or under for 100ml. Of course, for this price, you're going to have a huge compromise on quality, but for the price it is still a great Creed Aventus dupe.

The ingredients are all synthetic in Vibrant Leather so you're missing out on the little nuances and natural feeling that makes Creed shine. The opening is similar to Creed Aventus but because the performance is severely lacking, you only get the opening. After a few minutes, the scent practically disappears which is a massive shame, since it had potential.

Afnan Supremacy Silver

Supremacy Silver

Another huge Aventus clone is from the middle eastern dupe house of Afnan. Supremacy Silver is their Creed Aventus Clone and whilst it's not the best Creed Aventus Clone, it has its strong points.

Supremacy Silver gets the mid of Aventus almost spot on. The opening is missing the fruity notes and is just a tad too musky to be the best Aventus dupe. The dry down is also a disappointment, missing the subtle sweetness. It gets top marks for trying to go up against the king though and certainly one to add to your impressive collection with its beautiful bottle design.

Parfums Vintage Emperor Extrait

Emperor Extrait

An expensive Aventus clone comes from Parfums Vintage - Emperor Extrait. You can expect to dish out over £100 for 100ml but you're getting an almost perfect Creed copy. It's shocking how close they've got to the original composition. It's only really the price that lets this down.

The subtle touches are almost all here in this clone from Parfums Vintage. You've got the juicy pineapple. The earthy patchouli. The clean jasmine. And the dry-down is shockingly close. The performance is better than the original Aventus but not mind-blowing and it has great projection. All in all, if you have some extra money to splash out, it's worth a look.

Mercedes Benz Select


You may be surprised that a luxury car manufacturer would venture into the fragrance space, but Mercedes Benz has released a pretty decent Aventus dupe. It's not a direct copy, rather they've taken the original winning DNA and added a few twists. The most prominent of these twists is the fact Select is far more fruity than the original, adding apple and a refreshing mint into the mix for a Creed Aventus dupe with beautiful woody notes with a black currant twist.

Price-wise, you can get your hands on Select for around £20, making it a great budget buy. Performance and longevity aren't incredible, but for a cheap and easy pick-me-up perfume, it's a solid choice.

Nishane Hacivat


We can't finish an article on Aventus clones without mentioning the fragrance that is scarily close to knocking Aventus off of its pedestal. That fragrance is Hacivat by Nishane.

Now this is actually more expensive than Aventus, so if you're balling on a budget you definitely want to give it a miss. But it smells absolutely incredible. Just imagine you took Aventus and made it 10x stronger, juicier & fresher. Then you've got Hacivat. It's fast becoming people's go-to special fragrance and as soon as you smell it you'll know why it is a great Creed Aventus dupe with its black pepper aroma.


Aventus is the single most duped and copied fragrance on the planet, so there are plenty more clones you can find at a great price. These include offerings from popular clone copies including Perfume Parlour. But the ones we've listed above are the cream of the crop and if you're a huge fan of the original from Creed, you should definitely check them out!

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