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M&S Perfume Dupes vs Parfumery: Which Fragrances are Better?

M&S Perfume Dupes vs Parfumery: Which Fragrances are Better?

M&S perfume dupes have been in the industry of fragrances for a while, creating the same designer scents for a fraction of the price. However, despite it being the cheaper alternative, it doesn't take away from its quality. Many M&S scents are sophisticated fragrance choices, and recently they have been in the limelight for great creations of designer fragrances such as Le Labo Santal 33, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Jo Malone's Wood Sage and many, many more. 

Of course, you are wondering how does Marks and Spencer actually compare with Parfumery, when it comes to cult classic perfume dupes, their staying power, quality of the fragrant top notes, heart notes and base note similarities and of course their price? 

We have an in-depth review coming your way, and all will be revealed...

Popular M&S Perfume Dupes list for designer scents

To begin with, it's best if we run through some of the best dupe designer fragrances from Marks and Spencer, so you can have a good idea how extensive the collection actually is.

Soft Iris- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum is a cult classic that often is on our beauty dresser-but we leave it for best and for keepsake moments and special occasions. Well with the Soft Iris dupe from Marks and Spencer, let's just say you can smell the same everyday and not have to worry about finishing up the dupe as you can just pop to the store again and buy one for a tenth of the original price!

Offering similar notes as the Coco Mademoiselle, such as orange blossom Jasmine, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Patchouli and Bergamot, this is a rich amber scent that has warmth and femininity, just like the signature scent from Chanel.

Seasalt and Neroli - Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

The Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne from Jo Malone is another perfume designer favourite, for the fresh citrus notes and aquatic ambience the fragrance brings. While the dupe from Marks and Spencer is an affordable alternative, the notes are note exact and the fragrance has less woody output, due to the musk base, neroli blended and of course the mandarin orange. Nevertheless it does seem familiar to the Jo Malone scent, just perhaps a sibling rather than an identical match.

Fresh Mandarin- Carolina Herrera's Good Girl

Next on the list we have the Fresh Mandarin high street fragrance from Marks and Spencer. This is one of the perfumes that everyone loves for its staying power and similar scent to Carolina Herrera's Good Girl. The original perfume is a blend of white flowers, gourmand vanilla, tonka, cacao, cinnamon, amber, velvet rose and of course citrus notes. The M&S perfume dupe may not be the same size and bottle, however the notes are similar, and the creamy orange flower with the woody notes and creamy vanilla and tonka, give this density and warmth. You can check off long lasting sillage and longevity performance for this one!

Warm Neroli- Paco Rabanne's Lady Million

Remember the time when women and men were wearing Paco Rabanne's Lady Million and 1 Million? It's a classic, and classics always become duped sooner, rather than later... Marks and Spencer created Warm Neroli which, just like designer favourites, offers beautifully blended sweet neroli, a sweet blossom consisting of bold white flowers, in addition to amber musks and white honey. Paco Rabanne wasn't duped as well as the floral M&S Warm Neroli Eau de Parfum rendition.

Red Berries and Rose- Armani Sí

Although Red Berries and Rose is a four-notes eau de Toilette fragrance, the dry down is remarkably similar to the Armani Sí fragrance. The airy soft touch of freesia rose and vanilla, make this a beautiful scent for the darker cosy months. While it has been said the opening scent is more like Armani Sí Intense, it settles away from the fragrant top notes.

Midnight Blossom- YSL's Black Opium

It's rare that you find a pretty scent like this one, where vanilla and liquorice are paired together to create a dark sultry fragrance. The M&S perfume dupes seem to always get the main characteristics and smells of the original fragrances, and despite this scent being somewhat overly sensual at times, the soft florals such as jasmine and orange blossom, bring the Midnight Blossom back to earth. You also get a few hours of wear too, before you have to top up- which is definitely not bad for 7 pounds!

Pink Pepper- La Vie Este Belle

La Vie Este Belle is another fragrance which has become a beloved Eau de Parfum in the beauty industry. Pink Pepper, just like the original fragrance, offers uplifting and spicy accords that make you want more and spray this fragrance as much as possible, until you're surrounded by a peppery, floral cloud of goodness. While this dupe and high street version is by no means the exact same performance wise, the cheaper price will have you spraying away this fragrance, completely care-free.

Velvet Amber - Chanel No.5

Last but not least on our picks for M&S perfume dupes, we have the Velvet Amber, which is a clean, resembling warm fragrance replica of the Chanel No.5. Fans from all over the UK have officially declared this the best dupe on the high street and for very good reason! The sophisticated sweet and spicy accord mix, make it luxurious-without the guilt of the expenses that come with getting this.

M&S Perfume Dupes Pros

Low Priced

Of course, the biggest advantage to the M&S perfume dupes are ridiculously cheap and an affordable alternative which anyone can get their hands on. Hey, you could buy all the dupes you like in a day, and it probably still wouldn't cost the same as a high-end luxury designer scent.

Plenty of Places to get a bottle

Due to the prevalence of the great British stores in the UK, it is pretty easy to find a store and head on down to purchase your favourite scents, and even smell them if you are unsure! So you can really decide whether or not the dupe scents are for you.

M&S Perfume Dupes Cons

Bad longevity

Just like many dupes that circulate through the fragrance industry, you will find that the performance of the M&S perfume dupes perhaps doesn't last as much as you would like it to, but of course as mentioned above, there is a relatively guilt-free reapplication of the perfume dupes, because they are so cheap.

Synthetic smell

Due to the cheaper alternative ingredients that go into making the fragrances, the notes end up being synthetically made, and therefore give off an alcoholic unnatural smell when they are first sprayed. Nevertheless, once the fragrance dries down, you get what you really came for.

Popular Parfumery Fragrances

The Parfumery 'Inspired By' collection, offers almost 30 fragrances from the top names in the industry, including exclusive designer perfume dupes, to niche labels like Byredo, and Le Labo, and of course really old luxury brands like Chanel and Dior. Parfumery collection begins with a strong number of fragrance candidates.

Jasmin Inspired by Princes Kilian 

Jasmin by Parfumery is the dupe for Princes by Kilian. Not only is it amazing that an exact dupe for a fragrance that hits over the 200-pound price mark, has been created, but for a tenth of the price you can get the same performance and the much loved marshmallow sweet notes that this fragrance has made many go crazy over. Just like the original fragrance, you get a zesty opening with the first spritz, that quickly tantalises the senses when it warms down on the skin and becomes a gourmand comfort scent.

Verte Inspired by Aventus for Her

Aventus is yet another high-end fragrance, which has made it into the ranks of dupes for Parfumery. Offering the Aventus for her dupe, Verte offers the same revitalising and energetic notes which give you a long lasting punchy fragrance that is perfect for the warmer months. Being a musky sweet fragrance, buyers of the Parfumery dupe have been raving of the fragrances' perfect balance of accords to ensure sweet- but not overly sweet projection. Many dupes get this balance wrong, and people have had to make do with that sacrifice, until now. 

Charbon Inspired by Black Opium

Charbon has been included in the comparison due to M&S having their own version Midnight Blossom. While the M&S Black Opium dupe is probably one of the most significant and popular dupes for Marks and Spencer, the Charbon brings added sophistication, cosiness and sensuality. What makes the Charbon top-tier, is the longevity which meets the original YSL's Black Opium fragrance. M&S have not been able to match the projection nor the longevity, but Parfumery have.

Parfumery Pros

Cheaper than RRP

Parfumery offers a huge inspiration range with dupes that cash in on average at 23 pounds per bottle of perfume. The perfume dupes from Parfumery contain high-end fragrance notes which smell true to the real luxury perfume, yet still the price is much cheaper than the original fragrances!

Close smell due to reverse osmosis

Due to the reverse osmosis technique, you will see exact if not really similar smelling fragrances which ensure the fragrance can match the original fragrances performance when sprayed. This technique is the best up-market method to ensure great smelling fragrances.

Last longer

As touched upon on the previous point, the fragrances do last longer and meet the performance in terms of sillage and longevity of the original fragrances, due to the reverse osmosis technique. Its a game changer for dupe creations, and ensures fragrances from the perfumery collection do not smell synthetic and alcoholic during the first spritz.

Can add pheromones

The latest addition of pheromones that can be added to the dupes will enhance your personal connections to the dupe fragrances, making them settle better to your body chemistry, and really mould the fragrance to your personality and mood. 

Parfumery Cons

Slightly higher price than dupes 

If there were any cons to the Parfumery collection it would be the higher price point for dupes in comparison to supermarket brands like Marks and Spencer. Their average prices per bottle tend to be around the 10 pound mark. However Parfumery sells on average from 19-23 pounds per bottle which is a little bit more, but you are really getting what you are paying for- a fragrance that smells very, very similar to the designer niche fragrance you are dying for!


The final weigh-in M&S or Parfumery? Of course Parfumery. Whenever someone is looking for a dupe, performance and relative similarity is a must, and while Marks and Spencer does offer similar fragrances for much cheaper, their performance doesn't match the originals, nor does the quality of the ingredients. Furthermore, if you just push your budget by an extra 10 pounds, you can see how your favourite perfume dupes increase in quality significantly and smell very true to the original, from the moment you spray it. Parfumery also takes the initiative to increase their range in the fragrance dupes they offer, including niche and upper-end designer fragrances, which Marks and Spencers does not do.


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Parfumery vs Next Perfume Dupes: Who Wins?

Parfumery vs Next Perfume Dupes: Who Wins?

When it comes to selecting the right perfume dupes and Next aftershave dupes, Parfumery and Next perfume dupes have offered some of the best selections for top designer scents favourites such as Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie, Dior Sauvage, Baccarat Rouge 540 MFK, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry, Jo Malone Nectarine and Sweet Honey, and so many more. 

For the signature dupes, you will find the key notes e.g. floral notes, fruity notes etc., come through very beautifully within the dupes, despite them not being original branded fragrances. Designer fragrances in reality, are collated with notes in the same way any other fragrance is created, it is only the branding that puts them apart from others. That is why dupes are often usually very easy to find for most scent lovers of designer scents. Next perfume dupes and Parfumery dupes have been creating a storm ate the forefront of fragrances, and the best thing about them is of course, is the fact there is no hefty price tag! Interested to no more? Let's dive in deeper...


Popular Next Perfume Dupes list

Popular Next perfume dupes that have really become popular over the past few years since their releases are listed down below.


Next Aura Perfume- Thierry Mugler Alien Dupe

The Next Aura perfume is a dupe and replica of the famous Theirry Mugler's Alien fragrance. Integrating the loved notes of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and cashmere. When placing the fragrances side by side, both fragrances smell very similar to one another, but of course the Next Aura perfume has a smaller price tag then its designer counterparts. 

Alien is a fragrance loved for its white flowers within its top notes, and of course it is known as one of the biggest and most iconic fragrances that has retained popularity over the years, due to the fact it will smell great for long periods of time. The next eau de parfum variation, also projects and lasts just as long as the original, making it possibly one of the best next perfume dupes released to date. Next Aura perfume is a testament to how a perfume dupe can perform and behave. Next crafted a perfect dupe by weaving in accords of opulence and of an alluring nature. However, you can say longevity for this is a one in a million, as Next perfume dupes in general don't actually last that long... 

Next Eau Nude- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Dupe 

The Next Eau Nude is reminiscent to the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Next perfumes received a lot of hype once this dupe was recognised and released, and all for good reason of course, Chanel's price point has always been a high end fragrances price point, making it not attainable for many. This delicate next perfume dupe offers the same nuanced experience, the floaty essence of floral notes wrapped in musky undertones. While the scent is sophisticated, there is a small window of longevity for this eau de toilette, and many opted to use it as a fragrance mist instead. 

Next Flowers- Marc Jacobs Daisy Dupe 

Taking inspiration from the opulent Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and floral scent, the perfume dupe embraces green notes, white floral notes, vanillas and woody musks. Not only does the bottle show resemblance to the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, the dry-down is very similar to the original too, even though the notes are not exact. The vibrancy is really in full blast when after the first spritz for the next's perfume. Suitable for everyday wear, the next fragrance doesn't perform well as a scent throughout the day, and rather than a perfume, this works better as a mist to keep topping up.

Next Summer Sun- Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess dupe

Summer sun is one of next's perfume dupes that remind you of summer, beaches, the tropics and tequilas. Being a sweet gourmand scent, the notes do come out better in the warmth of summer. Due to the nature of the accords, it is a dense sweet perfume, that has better longevity that Next's perfume floral dupes. In the original Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, the projection and sillage is intense, due to the white florals in the fragrance, unfortunately the dupe lacks replication of this, and it falls short performance wise. It still is a great summer fragrance choice, though!

Next Just Pink- Ralph Lauren Romance dupe

Ralph Lauren's Romance is an uplifting floral scent that develops throughout the day on the skin. Made entirely from floral notes, musk and green notes, the Next Just Pink doesn't really do the original justice from its note profile. However, the scent alone is an elegant scent that makes effortless wear, and blends the fruity green and floral notes effortlessly, to give you a lovely perfume and enchanting blend. It is one of the popular scents and Next perfume dupes that will have you walking past and getting a great sillage blast from the strong base notes of this perfume. Similar to the Ralph Lauren Romance? A little, but not a lot.

Next Candied Flowers- La Vie Est Belle Dupe 

Another famous fragrance on the Next perfume dupes list is the La Vie Estée Belle from Lancome. Candied flowers is a lot cheaper than the lancome fragrance that's for sure. But being one of the affordable alternatives for next perfumes, is not only why this one is popular. The blend of this perfume from Next smells extremely close to the original. Capturing the same white florals, orange flower and orange blossom, and then transforming into a rich sweet vanilla scent, makes this an elegant new fragrance you need to try out for yourself. Its the epitome of femininity and they did the Lancome original justice with this one! Even the performance is pretty good and moderate. 

Next Cashmere- Estée Lauder's Sensuous Nude

Last but not least we have the Next Cashmere fragrance, which is a dupe for the Estée Lauder's Sensuous Nude. Offering only three base notes to make up this entire scent, the musk and floral notes make up a powdery finish, similar to the Estee Lauder fragrance. However, this is more of a skin scent and scent enhancer, meaning the projection of this overall is pretty poor. If however you are looking to enhance the natural notes of the Lauder fragrance, this would make a good pair for sure. The Next dupe however, is inoffensive, quiet and pretty boring...


Next Perfume Dupes Pros

Cheap price

Of course, the biggest win for purchasing the next perfume dupes, is the fact the fragrances come with an extremely small price point, making it affordable, and unapologetically sprayed in excess, as you do not need to worry about using it up so quickly.

Plenty of Next stores to get a bottle at

The easy accessibility of the perfume dupe fragrances too, is another reason why many love to buy them. You can just go to your nearest next perfume shop and store, and purchase a bottle, or two, or three.. it is that easy to do so!


Next Perfume Dupes Cons

Dont last

The biggest issue with Next perfume dupes, is the fact that the eau de parfum scents and next perfumes in general have pretty low performance, meaning you will need to top up often if you are looking to keep the smell, and actually still smell it on yourself too. The projection is poor, so that is something you have to get used to, when buying next perfume dupes. 

Smell synthetic due to cheap ingredients

The cheap ingredients used to make the fragrance dupes from Next, are nowhere near close, when it comes to the designer fragrances and their note profiles. The notes are synthetic, and for that reason, it makes the fragrance smell completely different when you initially spray them, but also they don't last well for this reason too. 


Popular Parfumery Fragrances

Parfumery offers an inspiration range, which has been created entirely inspired by some of the industry's top fragrances at the moment. Popular names such as Baccarat Rouge, Gypsy Water, Santal 33 and No5 Chanel, are just a few of the large selection of dupes Parfumery offers. 

D'or Parfumery- Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe  

The famous cult fragrance hit, Baccarat Rouge is a famous perfume from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Parfumery created their own dupe utilising osmosis techniques, to create an astonishingly exact makeup for the luxury perfume. With the same opening floral notes, white amber and amber heart notes, and woody base notes, D'or is a perfume dupe suitable for both genders. Leaving a long lasting impression and projection for the low price point, the amber woody musk scent lasts for many hours and becomes a heavy fragrant perfume once the notes dry down.

Curious about the D'or Fragrance from our Inspirations range?

Bijou Parfumery- Gypsy Water Dupe

Bijou from Parfumery is a recreation of another cult hit, gypsy water. Emanating the same loved powdery florals and woody notes, this fragrance warms down into something just better than a skin scent. Just like the original, you get a few hours wear, until the scent becomes intimate and close between the sheets. It is elegant, refined and perfect for all year round. The dupe does the original Eau de Parfum perfect justice!

Check out our Gypsy Water that will save you spending big bucks!

Ambre Parfumery- No 5 Chanel Dupe

When has Chanel dupes ever not been in demand. Parfumery this time recreated their dupe from the classical No 5 Chanel, which is loved for its woody, powdery, white floral and musky undertones. Being the timeless scent that Chanel's No5 is, Parfumery do the iconic fragrance justice, and really blend the floral jasmine, rose, iris and citrus openings very well. Once the scent becomes heavier upon the dry down, you have musky warm wood and amber accords wrapping you up in a blanket of fragrant and opulent light spicy textures. This feminine fragrance lasts very long, projects enormously, and will stay on your clothes for days after the initial spritz. Its' a winner of a dupe. 

Ambre takes after a classic fragrance but you can buy it for less than a classic's price-check it out here!

Iris Parfumery- Santal 33 Dupe

Le Labo's Santal 33 is a polarising iris woody fragrance, that is perfect for lounging and everyday wear. The low maintenance scent makes it ideal for casual get togethers, and has become a loved cult fragrance with much hype since the year of its release. Parfumery managed to ignite the same expensive and luxurious notes in the fragrance, such as sandalwood, leather, papyrus, cedar, cardamom, violet, iris and amber, to make an exact dupe just like the one bought in luxury stores. Don't believe it? You just need to spray it once to recognise the same expensive smell-but for a fraction of the price. With the incredible sillage following you wherever you go, the aromatic aroma will stop those who pass by, and create a cloud of smelling goodness for 7 hours or more.

Smell just as good with our Le Labo classic dupe for Santal 33, Iris.

Rouge Parfumery- Lost Cherry Dupe

Tom Ford's creations put the perfumes at the top of luxury fragrance purchases. Often a small bottle of Tom Ford can set you back 200 pounds if not more, depending on the fragrance Line. Parfumery however reacted the exotic boozy cherry fragrance for a tenth of the price, and you still get the same crowd pleasing intoxicating cherry liqueur fun with each spritz. Best thing is, all of Parfumery fragrances are cruelty free, meaning you can enjoy Rouge guilt free, but also share the next best secret for fragrance dupes. Lost cherry, by Tom Ford but for less.

Get the loved cherry boozy fragrance from Tom Ford, but at a more lovable price


Parfumery Pros

Cheaper than RRP

The fragrances from Parfumery smell exactly the same as originals, and come at a fraction of the luxury prices. Making it a win, when you are buying a dupe that smells exactly the same!

Close smell due to reverse osmosis

Due to the reverse osmosis fragrance technique, Parfumery combines all the original notes of the fragrances, to make the dupes have a similar if not an exact smell.

Last longer

The high quality fragrance notes ensure that you are getting a mirrored experience of the original fragrances within the dupes, that last longer than usual dupes on the market.

Can add pheromones

Parfumery also offers the option to add pheromones to the dupe collection, to ensure fragrances warm to your natural scent, and communicate with your natural body chemistry. This is just another way of making the dupe fragrances last much longer, and add ro your fragrance experience. 

Parfumery Cons

Slightly higher price than Next dupes (But better quality)

The prices of Parfumery dupes do come at a higher price point- usually an extra 10 pounds on average. However this covers the costs of the reverse osmosis techniques which ensure longer performance and quality of the dupes. The higher price allows you to get what you are really paying for-which is a worthy replica to the luxury fragrances!


Overall, it is pretty clear that while Next has years of experience within the field of dupe creations, their cheaper use of notes for their creations is what makes the performance and quality of their fragrances suffer. This ultimately explains why they can sell dupes for a cheaper price point than Parfumery. Parfumery however, offers a higher price point, yes, but their creations are very similar if not exact to the luxury original fragrances. You can get a similar experience for wear when taking into account projection, sillage, and longevity. Of course, all of this is achieved even though the selling price is a fraction of the luxury prices! Parfumery is definitely the winner, hands down.


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The Top Le Labo Dupes - From Santal 33 to Bergamote 22

The Top Le Labo Dupes - From Santal 33 to Bergamote 22

Le Labo dupes Have become a unreckoned momentum within the fragrance community. Known for its genderless fragrances, Le Labo Eau de Parfum has become a respected name amongst perfume noses. Of course, due to this recognition and hype for their recognisable fresh notes, fruity notes, woody scents, and spicy scent selections, Le Labo dupes have become a trending search and must in fragrances. 

Due to the higher price ranges of famous fragrances like Le Labo's Santal 33, Le Labo Santal 33 dupe scents have hit the market too, amongst other popular fragrances such as Bergamote 22. Many fans have recognised the similar dry downs and overall scent performances of these, and we thought we would share the latest deets, and get you in on the secret! Why should you spend so much, when you can get the same scent for less?

The House of Le Labo

Founded in 2006, the popular fragrance house Le Labo that we know today have debuted 60 fragrances thus far. Each fragrance that debuted the market, utilised the prominent fragrance note within the perfume as its signature name, which is a large reason as to why fans of Le Labo followed the perfume house in the course of its development. From a marketing and target consumer point of view, Le Labo created a brand that was very difficult not to love. 

From 2006 the fragrance house continued to integrate famous noses into their perfume development, and have since then integrated collaborations with famous noses such as Michel Almairac, Nathalie Lorson, Yann Vasnier and many, many more. 

Adopting fragrances and perfume oils, the fragrance was eventually bought out by the original founders Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot in 2014, by Estee Lauder. Despite the buyout, Le Labo continues to progress in developing its brand manifesto, crafting fragrances 'in the lab' as well as personalised perfumes, candles, shampoos and lotions. 

Best le Labo Santal 33 Dupes

Starting with probably the most sought after cult fragrance from Le Labo, Santal 33. Offering base notes consisting of leather notes, floral notes such as Iris and Violet, and woody notes from the sandalwood and Virginia cedar wood, this fragrance is considered an amber fragrance, and is certainly a unique scent that is also a unisex scent. The nostalgic aroma from this fragrance puts it at the top of our list of Le Labo fragrances, and for that reason, we do indeed have our own dupe within our inspiration range, to tease you with. Read below for more information on the le labo's Santal 33 dupe choices. 

Iris by Parfumery

Iris by Parfumery, adopts the exact same base notes as the original Santal 33 fragrance. This fragrance doesn't have any top notes, just like the fragrance's inspiration, making it very similar to the original. The cruelty free perfume has a warmer feel to it, just like Le Labo's. 

The woody notes of the fragrance, make Iris have a long-lasting smell, both on the skin and sillage. The aroma has a subtle floral touch to it from the iris and violet, but it is quite a vintage feel, and the cardamom offers a fresh spicy kick to the leather notes of the fragrance. Amber smells dense by nature, and when added to the scent, it makes the scent warm, dense and like the real thing. It most definitely is worth adding that those that took the step in purchasing this, won't stop raving about this one of a kind perfume. The biggest win to this of course, is the money you will be saving!

Want to achieve the same cosy scent as Santal 33? Check out our famous dupe Iris, for less!

No.04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie

The Maison Louis Marie No.04 fragrance has been raved about online, for its closeness to the real thing. The cedarwood, sandalwood, woody notes and amber notes, offer a warmth and dry down like the original Le Labo Santal 33. This Santal 33 dupe however, has been told to have a lighter finish and performance than the original however, so be ready to carry this in your purse, to top up as you go about your day-especially if you want to be smelled and do not like it when fragrances are not overpowering. Nevertheless the note scent profile of this bottle is definitely similar, as is the smell, and for an eighth of the price, the same warm musk like hint to Le Labo, why would you ever not go for this?

Scent 1 by Zara

If you have stuck around for our perfume reviews previously, you will know that Zara always comes through when it comes to their ability to create a scent that adopts cult fragrance scent profiles. Scent 1 by Zara is exactly that, when compared to Le Labo's Santal 33.

The floral animalic powdery fragrance, has base notes of violet, cardamom and leather, which is of course 3 of the main base fragrance notes from Santal 33. While you will probably need to check really well around your local Zara for this, due to popular demand, the fragrance is unfortunately out of stock pretty much all the time. But one thing is for sure here, this bottle of perfume has been approved and receives plenty of compliments from fans who put Santal 33 as their top doted fragrance within their collection. Its polarising, fresh and projects very, very well. You get your money's worth for this one!

Warmth by Marks and Spencer

Not only does the bottle from Marks and Spencer offer a similar vibe to Le Labo, the aromatic note makeup of this perfume is almost identical to Santal 33. Coming from their wellness collection, the fragrance was created as a comforting scent that evokes cosiness and relief to the wearer. 

Infused with an oil base, you can really see how this warmer feeling perfume will become sooner rather than later a top scent that you prefer to wear on repeat.

Top Bergamote 22 Dupes

Bergamote 22 is a woody aromatic unisex fragrance that was launched in the earlier days of the brand's conception. The most desirable features of this perfume is of course the Bergamot main note, alongside grapefruit, vanilla, musk, amber, vetiver, petit grain, orange blossom and cedarwood. 

Known for its natural, clean, fresh notes and citrus opening and appeal, it became a quick purchasing option and blind buy for many who wanted to try out the famous Le Labo perfume house. 

Vetiver by Parfumery

Inspired by the Bergamote 22 scent from Le Labo, Vetiver is a woody concoction that adopts the exact same rich potency that many dote on when using the original scent. The zesty notes integrated alongside the creamy amber, musk and vanilla, will have you ready for the warmer months, as we now come out of winter.

While wearing this you must prepare yourself for the compliments you are about to receive, alongside the warm and revitalising woody dense aromatic amber florals.

Check out the latest catch, the Bergamote 22 dupe Vetiver from Parfumery!

Moss by Commodity

Moss by Commodity follows pursuit in creating perfumes that are very much similar to the real thing. Utilising the same notes just like Parfumery here, Commodity did also add a little bit extra, to make the perfume just that little bit more unique. The addition of Oakmoss, eucalyptus and cashmere wood, heighten the key appealing notes of Bergamote 22. The fragrance is that much more revitalising and fresh, however there is a greater hint of sweetness here, which many people believe compliments the must and woody aromas perfectly. 

Another 13 Clones

Another 13 is one of Le Labo's most bought scents due to the safety net offered by the scent profile of this fragrance. Many opt for this as their starter fragrance to the world of Le Labo, and for good reason. The use of the main notes Jasmine, pear, apple, fresh notes consisting of citrus, ambrette and moss, give an overall musky animalic, powdery perfume.

You by Glossier

You by Glossier is a famous fragrance in its own right, however in recent times, many have picked up and noticed how this musky, powdery fragrance mimics similarity to the Another 13 Le Labo scent. While the fragrance only has ambrette within its scent profile that is similar to Another 13's makeup, the dry down of this mimics the musky skin scent that made Another 13 go viral. Being a skin scent with a woody kick, you will definitely sniff this on your skin and wonder if you smelled this before-especially if you are an Another 13 fan. It is similar, but not identical.

Not A Perfume by Juliette has a Gun

Another skin scent that offers minimalist ingredients, Not A Perfume has been spotted by Another 13 fans, to offer a different dimension to Another 13. While many have layered these two together, as a singular scent, Not A Perfume is like a baby powdered cloud musk, which can be worn on every occasion, and offers the clean girl or boy aesthetic. While again it isn't an exact replica, it offers the same inspiration and vibrance as Another 13.


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The Best Kilian Dupes You Can Find in 2024

The Best Kilian Dupes You Can Find in 2024

Kilian perfume is a luxury fragrance brand that offers multiple refreshing scent choices to select from, ranging from evening wear appropriate scents, to everyday sweet scent choices. Due to the great perfume releases from Kilian, there have been great alternative dupes that have cropped up over the years, making it more affordable for people to try the scent and adopt the key notes of the fragrances within their collection.

Kilian Paris fragrances such as Love Don't Be Shy perfume, Kilian Good Girl, Killian Princes and Kilian Angels Share, are some of the most popular smells from the collection. Finding the perfect dupe of these can be difficult, as there are many options out there, however we have done all the hard work of looking, and have some great Killian dupe comparison selections to explore. You won't believe how similar or exact the dupes smell like!

Top Kilian Love Don't be Shy Dupes

Kilian Love Don't Be Shy is a sweet vanilla and floral gourmand fragrance, launched in 2007. Being one of the most iconic fragrances from Kilian perfumes, you have popular celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Mariah Carey being religious followers of the fragrance for years since its release. This brand isn't shy of celebrity endorsement or an occult of followers amongst social media influencers. You may be wondering, what makes this fragrance so special? 

Brought to life by the perfumer Calice Becker, the feminine sensual scent offers excellent projection and longevity, with opening top notes of pink pepper, coriander, bergamot and neroli. The reveal of the scent is a spicy citrusy blast, that very quickly warms up into the middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, iris, rose and honeysuckle. The delicate white floral notes are what make this scent project heavily, creating a stage for you to shine and blast a tantalising scent to all those around you. Of course the gourmand in this scent, really comes from the final base notes of the fragrance, with sugar, vanilla, caramel, musk, civet and labdanum being the main stars of this fragrance, these notes add warmth and density to the body, as well as an animalistic and sweet bite to the overall finish and dry down. Its an exemplary fragrance. 

However, there are alternatives to explore with a much more considerate price for you wallet....

Parfumery - Jaune

Click here to get your hands on Jaune, the best selling Love don't be shy dupe

If you are looking for the perfect Kilian dupe to Love Don't Be Shy, then look no further than Jaune. The scent launched from the inspired collection, is cruelty free, and offers the perfect ambience as far as fragrances go, with this amber fragrance. Of course, recreating a popular fragrance such as Love Don't Be Shy isn't easy, but utilising the exact same mix of notes in the dupe gives this fragrance beautiful textures and details that make you feel you are wearing the original loved fragrance.

The dupe boasts the exact same notes in its scent profile, making the Love Don't Be Shy dupe, smell the EXACT same! What is loved by the original fragrance, is the long performance and sillage, and the Jaune dupe doesn't disappoint in this regard, as you get that marshmallow gourmand Drydown for over 8 hours on the skin, and much longer when you spray it on clothing. The Love Don't Be Shy smell for a dupe is pretty spot on.

Velvet Shadow - Zara

When creating fragrances, Zara often totally hits the mark. Of course, after customers get their hands on them, they often report their similarity to famous fragrances that are cult beauty finds and are trending within the social media realm. Zara isn't shy of using popular fragrances as its inspiration, and it would see not only are they able to tick of fragrance dupes from the likes of Baccarat Rouge from MFK, Tom Ford and fragrances like Lost Cherry, but now, they have created a fragrance that smells like Love Don't Be Shy. 

Launched in 2023, Velvet Shadow is relatively new on the scene, offering candy gourmand notes from its marshmallow accords, mandarin and white floral notes jasmine. It is no secret that scents from Zara are created with minimal notes, but this gourmand fragrances evokes the same sensory tease and warmth that Kilian Love Don't Be Shy does. It's a great cheaper alternative to consider as a Kilian Love Don't Be Shy dupe.

Classique Pin Up - jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Pin Up from Jean Paul Gaultier offers the similar nuances as the Kilian perfume, with the use of marshmallow, vanilla, amber and white florals such as orange blossom, you will find yourself sniffing away at your wrist and feeling like you have been there before somehow. 

As a Kilian Don't Be Shy dupe, the opening could be better, the initial spray and pre-dry down isn't the same-it's stronger but once the base notes start to come through, it becomes powdery and less citrus, with sweet warm accords and soapy textures.

Aldi - Lacura Intense Passion

The Aldi Lacura Intense Passion is an Eau de Parfum fragrance that offers a perfect dupe alternative for a really affordable price. For just 6 pounds, you get the same sugary mix, with delicious gourmand vanilla, caramel and white florals. 

Aldi has become a supermarket brand just like Marks and Spencers to be offering replicas of famous fragrances such as Baccarat Rouge from MFK, Jo Malone fragrances, and much, much more. For the price a bottle sells, it's worth checking it out for curiosity's sake, right?

Best Good Girl Gone Bad Dupes

Another popular Kilian fragrance is Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad. This fragrance is more floral, fruity with a soft animalic spicy twist.

Utilising the notes osmanthus, jasmine and may rose within the top notes, tuberose, narcissus in the middle notes, and amber and cedar, you can see why the Drydown becomes softer and spicier.

Parfumery - Narcisse

After an affordable alternative to Good Girl Gone Bad? Simply click here to get the best one - Narcisse

Parfumery as ever have created a replica due to this fragrance. Utilising the same notes and makeup as its mother fragrance Good Girl Gone Bad, you will find there isn't much difference between the two fragrances, and you really will be captured in the same light as the original. The comparison between each show no differences, and of course the performance and quality of the fragrance once you spray it, will leave a lasting impression due to the impressive silage and longevity once the fragrance touches your clothing and skin. 

Maison Al Hambra - Kismet for Women

Kismet has a formula that is almost exact to Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad. In addition to this, the bottle shares an uncanny resemblance to the original which clearly indicates that this fragrance was made due to inspiration from Good Girl Gone Bad. Sharing all the same notes as the Kilian fragrance, the only difference is one singular note of apricot in the opening top notes. However it doesn't make a significant difference to the development of the fragrance, and you probably won't even notice it!

Best Dupes For Princess

Princess is a sweet powdery, green and spicy fragrance. With just three notes in the entire fragrance, a spray of this doesn't take long to develop and warm up into the dry down of the fragrance at all. The Marshmallow, matcha and ginger work together to give you a subtle sweetness under all the greens and earthy vibrance. 

Released in 2022, it did not take long at all for this fragrance to shoot to the top in terms of popularity. 

Parfumery - Jasmin

Try out Jasmin by clicking HERE

Jasmin is inspired by the Princess fragrance from Kilian. Offering the same loved marshmallow notes that are balanced out by white jasmine, green tea and vanilla. There are more notes, yes, than the original, however the same sweet floral cloud that the original fragrance offers is still present. You don't need to search anymore, as this dupe really smells the same but just that much better.

In terms of performance and duration, the sillage is moderate and flows with the body very, very well. You will also find that you can get 7-8 or more hours of wear from this, especially if you apply this fragrance to freshly moisturised skin. 

Great Angels Share Dupes

Angels Share is one of the most tales about fragrances from Kilian. The woody spicy and cinnamon fragrance, is a real head turner, and will have you capturing all the attention in a matter of seconds. There is a reason why stars such as Beyonce and Rihanna love this fragrance- it's a show stopper without even trying. 

The notes in this are boozy, fun and decadent. The scent starts off with cognac, and then subtly moves into cinnamon, tonka bean, oak and the final base notes of praline, vanilla and sandalwood. It is the perfect fragrance for cosy winter seasons, or nighttime date wear.

Maison Al Hambra - Kismet Angel

Maison Al Hambra has a record of creating fragrances inspired by Kilian, in addition to making their bottles look very similar... Using a similar fragrance profile, you will find in this fragrance the cognac is within the middle notes, meaning you get that boozy accord much later after your first spray onto the skin. What comes through the fragrance first is a rich and sweet honey-like amber, that is dense and wraps you up in a blanket of warmth and cosiness. The caramel notes and tonka, alongside the cognac then make the fragrance develop into a powdery sweet and heavy scent that calms you down and really makes you feel touched by luxury.

While this fragrance is a little bit more boozy than the original, this unfortunately does also make the longevity lack in comparison to the original. However with a fraction of the price to worry about, there is no guilt whatsoever in re-spraying!

Zara - Sand Desert At Sunset

To finish the Kilian dupe list, what is more appropriate than Zara? The Sand Desert At Sunset, is a lovely balance between woody accords, spices and citrus. Unlike many other Zara fragrances, there are more than three notes here, meaning the depth that this fragrance goes has greater context, and one for many smells like heaven!

The clever use of incense, and citrus, give character from the moment you spray it, and as the scent sinks, that's when the aromatic spices pull you in, and the scent warms up and becomes cosier. While it isn't an exact match, it's very similar. Many have tried mixing Angels Share with this and really enjoyed what scent development they were able to create. Singularly however, the fragrance doesn't last as long as Angels Share, but for such a small fraction of the price, you can really go wild with how much you spray!


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The Best Jo Malone Dupes You can Buy - From Wood Sage & Sea Salt to Myrrh & Tonka

The Best Jo Malone Dupes You can Buy - From Wood Sage & Sea Salt to Myrrh & Tonka

Jo Malone's fragrances are some of the most popular fragrances to be purchased in the UK and internationally, so popular in fact that Jo Malone dupes have taken on a whole new trend of their own. The UK-based brand has released some very prestigious fragrances since their founding in 1991. Famous fragrances such as Jo Malone London Peony, English Pear and Freesia, Orange Blossom, Wild Bluebell and Wild Sage & Sea Salt, became recognisable for the brand and have become some of the signature fragrances for the perfume house ever since.

Finding the perfect Jo Malone fragrances as a Jo Malone dupe has become relatively easy, however, finding quality long lasting Jo Malone dupes is another thing entirely-unless you know where to look of course. 

Jo Malone History

Jo Malone has founded two fragrance brands to date, however began her journey and gained her respect within the perfume industry, with her first brand Jo Malone. Launched in 1991, there was a great buzz and respect for traditional fragrances and their combination, once Jo Malone came into business. Now known as a fragrance scent maverick, it took working in skincare, for her to realise fragrances and scents were her calling. Setting up at home, she motioned scents in her kitchen and realised the demand for her concoctions became too hard to keep up with in London and she would need to expand.

Opening her first boutique in London 1994, it became a flagship and quickly expanded in 1999, when her customers enjoyed the idea of creating custom scents for themselves. Sloane street boutique again was a huge hit, creating a collection of combined customised scents for customers became the next obvious choice. 

Utilising a simple and elegant branding packaging, Jo Malone pushed her fragrances into a new route of identity and luxury. Tasteful perfume selections evolved and became the next best expensive perfumes of the moment. Her fragrance lines developed for various special occasions and everyday wear, that shoppers find it very hard to resist. Jo Malone mastered a need in the consumer market- single and double note scents- which were not found so easily, especially ones that had staying power. 

Jo Malone London became so recognised in the world of fragrance, that in 1999 Estee Lauder acquired the company and kept her on as creative director. However after some time Jo Malone parted ways with Jo Malone and branched into fragrance once more, creating her new brand Jo Loves in 2011. 

While Jo Malone went into a new direction, she left behind phenomenal fragrances that have become cult favourites since her departure from the brand include fragrances such as Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Myrrh & Tonka, English Pear & Freesia, Basil & Neroli, Amber & Lavender, Pomegranate Noir, Wild Bluebell, Sweet Lime & Cedarwood, Amber & Patchouli, Jo Malone London Peony, Vetiver & Golden Vanilla, and much more!

Best Wood Sage & Sea Salt Dupes

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is an aromatic marine and herbal perfume that has hints of musk and citrus. Top notes in this include sea salt, sage, grapefruit, ambrette and seaweed. Due to the simplicity of Jo Malone scents, the scent smells fresh light, with a tinted aroma. One spritz on each pulse point will have your skin smelling like the ocean, and a scent you definitely will always remember. 

Due to the popularity of the fragrance, there are more affordable alternatives now with dupes resembling the same smell and notes that we all love from the original. 

Sauge by Parfumery

Sage by Parfumery, is a dupe fragrance from the inspiration range, that captures the same notes and essence of the Jo Malone Wood Sage & sea Salt fragrance. While the original fragrance has just one level of notes, Sage has top notes of Ambrette seeds, middle notes of sea salt, and base notes of sage. 

Just like the original fragrance from Jo Malone, this dupe has the same longevity of 4-5 hours, and is a calm non invasive fragrance. While you get the same skin soaking scent as the original, you will be able to smell clean, fresh and crisp without the hefty price tag. If you are looking for a similar scent as the Wood Sage and Sea Salt, this is most certainly the top scent and dupe.

Click here to check out the number 1 Wood Sage & Sea Salt dupe, Sage.

Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks

Just like the Jo Malone London inspiration, the scent profile of the Pacific Rock fragrance, is aromatic, citrusy (without any bergamot or mandarin notes!), herbal and earthy. With one level of notes to its scent, there is a mixture of Italian lemon, sage, moss, geranium and Virginia cedar to the note selection, giving an overall floral fresh warm embrace when you spritz the scent on your skin. The fresh and unique use of floral notes in this perfume, make it authentic, unique and certainly a scent that smells like the beach. While the notes are certainly not exact, it's a similar Eau de Parfum perfume, that makes you feel like you are being hit by the rays of summer...

Before the Rainbow by Fine'ry

Another fresh Jo Malone London dupe to add to the list, with only three notes in total, the salt, oakmoss and bergamot make this an earthy perfume and dupe to Wood Sage and Sea Salt. While the bottle and scent profile of the accords is simple, there is a spicy kick to the perfume, and it smells a lot more woodier than it actually should, making it a great dupe and scent to the approaching summer. 

Picture a nice breezy day at the beach, right in the height of summer, and the fresh zest of sea salt in the air, that is sharp but also pleasant... That is exactly what this fragrance feels like. It's clean, natural and a perfect dupe to wear on date nights and everyday. Some would say it is missing a kick of warm neroli to spicen the scent even more, but we will leave that for you to decide.

Top Nectarine Blossom & Honey Clones

Nectarine Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone London is a powdery, fruity and floral combination. The opening notes feature sweet black currant, petit grain and green notes. The heart notes/middle notes include nectarine, and floral notes such as black locust. Finally the base notes are plum, vetiver and peach. This fragrance also comes in as a candle, due to the huge popularity standing behind the fragrance. 

Cherie by Parfumery

Inspired by the loved Nectarine Blossom & Honey Jo Malone London perfume, this dupe will offer the same fresh burst and fruity accords, for a much cheaper price. Balanced with green notes, and sweet honey, the scent was created to be enhanced by the heat of summer, and really up the impression you make, hopping to and from the office and date nights. Despite its relaxed nature, the fragrance wears really well, and you can really get longer wear from it, if you moisturise well and take care of your skin during the summer. The natural oils from skin can really push this fragrance into a heat performer and enhancer, if you let it.

The realistic sweetness of the honey balanced by the juiciness of the nectarine, and blackcurrant, will ensure you grab all the attention and receive compliments, left, right and centre!

If you are wanting to save money on Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Check out Chérie by Parfumery

Nude Silk by KKW

Nude Silk comes from the famous fragrance line of Kim Kardashian. Created to be just above a skin scent, you will find nude silk is very mellow but beautiful for the summer heat. utilising green notes and bergamot for its opening notes, fruity notes like peach, in addition to floral notes such as honeysuckle, rose and peony, the base notes of musk, sandalwood and solar notes really taper off the fruity punch and bring the fragrance back down to earth. 

It is by no means an exact fragrance, but the dry down reminds you massively of the sweet Jo Malone London perfume, and it is a similar scent over all.

The Best Myrrh & Tonka Clones

Here we move into the loved autumn and winter season fragrances from Jo Malone. The Myrrh and Tonka perfume offers amber accords, mixed in with sweet vanilla, spicy almonds and of course a touch of floral notes from the calming lavender. 

The creamy smooth smoky undertones of pink pepper balanced with the musky accords of Tonka Bean and Myrrh offer complete sophistication and an addictive fragrance. There is a reason that this perfume is loved and a cult -worthy perfume, even though it was released in 2016, it still has not and will not be forgotten.

Tonka by Parfumery

Bringing to life the same notes and accords loved by fans of the Myrrh and Tonka fragrance, the Tonka dupe offers complete warmth and comfort-things you want and search for in a winter warmer perfume. The signature performers in this dupe inspiration are the delicate touches of vanilla with Tonka Bean, which are in no way overbearing, but completely in equilibrium with one another. 

This fragrance is forgiving and will allow you to let go of any thoughts of reapplication for the whole day, as its staying power is exceptional and will seriously have you leaving a scent trail wherever you go- so be prepared for many compliments coming your way!

Want to know the best kept secret dupe for Myrrh and Tonka? Check it out here!

Starlight vanilla by Zara

And yet another Zara dupe sees the light of day and becomes a hit. Zara has always nailed fragrances for their ability to utilise similar notes that take inspiration from major luxury fragrances that come at higher prices. While this fragrance doesn't have any white florals in it, the staying power of the lavender projects like any strong floral such as jasmine or rose. It is quite impressive for lavender. Paired with the vanilla, almond milk, amber and silk, and you have a fragrant and captivating Eau de Parfum that can be worn from day to night. 

The fragrance overall has a similar hint to the Myrrh and Tonka, but it isn't an exact replica, and perhaps denser and sticker for a fragrance. The bottles of both fragrance however, do share a resemblance and remind you of one another.

Top English Pear & Freesia Dupes

Last fragrance we will be reviewing from a perspective of dupe selections is the English Pear & Freesia perfume from Jo Malone London. This floral, fruity aquatic fragrance, is a fresh, powdery mood lifter in a bottle. Not only have there been candles made from this fragrance, due to popularity, but the fragrance also has various body lotions and care products made to accompany the scent too. Created to be worn all year round, many believe this perfume changes up throughout the year, depending on season, so you can really see how different this performs across the year and enjoy the experience all at the same time. Throughout the day the fragrance softens and becomes a skin scent, which you can enjoy or reapply all over again to relive the experience.

For some it may be too sweet a scent, others find this part of its appeal. Nevertheless, it is a favourite, and one that has the greatest lasting power in the entire Jo Malone collection. The notes in the fragrance include English pear, melon, freesia and rose for the heart notes, and musk, patchouli, rhubarb and amber for the base and finishing notes. 

Poire by Parfumery

Poire is an inspiration and reminisce of british gardens and of course the unique fragrance from Jo Malone. The sweetness from the pear and melon, balanced with the refreshing floral notes of freesia and rose, become heightened by the musk, patchouli, amber and bitterness of rhubarb. 

The musk and pear make the silage of this fragrance huge and will intercept everyone in the room. While it is bold and performs well for around 4-5 hours of strong projection, some people really enjoy how this scent tapers off at the end of the day and becomes more skin-intimate, which is perfect for creating a warm aroma that you can enjoy on clothes and yourself. Whichever way you prefer to wear it, the fragrance is beautiful, elegant and occasionally flexible-just like Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia.

Check out Britain's most loved summer fragrance and dupe Poire

Aldi no.4 - Freesia & Pear

Aldi's no.4 fragrance made Jo Malone lovers go wild. When it first was released, it took a few reviews across social media, to make this dupe sell out pretty instantly. At just £5.99 in price, it comes in at just a miniscule fraction of the original perfumes cost. Even the packaging and boxing used by Aldi, shows huge resemblance to Jo Malone's signature look and marketing tactics of the brand. 

Putting both fragrances side by side however, there is a more artificial smell with the dupe, which most definitely does not work for everyone, but they definitely do resemble one another and last around the same time, in terms of performance. However, if you are wanting something more true to the English Pear & Freesia fragrance, definitely stick to the Poire dupe which is very true to the Jo Malone perfume.

Royal Mystery by Swiss Arabian

Created with the exact notes as the English Pear & Freesia, the blend of this fragrance isn't as smooth as the Jo Malone creation. As a dupe, it has the same notes, yes, but the Royal Mystery is far sweeter, sugary, and has higher concentrations of florals and fruits in its opening and heart notes, making it a stronger scent overall. While the longevity of this is far greater, there is a hint and similarity in their character, and you probably need to wear this for the whole day, to have it tapering out to the gentle characteristics as Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia. Nevertheless, it is a striking scent and dupe-but don't expect an exact scent and performance with this one.



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The Top Byredo Dupes for 2024 - Inc. Gypsy Water, Blanche and More

The Top Byredo Dupes for 2024 - Inc. Gypsy Water, Blanche and More

Byredo Eau de Parfum fragrances hit up a storm within the fragrance world from their conception upon launch in 2006. Niche fragrances outside of the typical luxury designer perfumes, have great respect for their quality focus on the notes and accords that create customised scents to life-Byredo is no different and is the epitome of such mastery.

Founded by Ben Gorham in Stockholm Sweden, Each fragrance within the collection is a recollection of stories, experiences and memories which have contributed to the fragrant creations. Byredo Gypsy Water, a woody aromatic fragrance, was the first to debut, and became a social media hit, for the delicate notes and alchemy the scent brings to fragrances. There isn't an influencer or celebrity that doesn't boast at least one of the fragrances from Byredo, but it is very likely the Byredo Gypsy Water perfume being the one many have in their collection.

Today we recollect the greatest scents from Byredo signature scent debuts, as well as their famous dupes which you can have for less, for the same staying power, scent notes and of course overall performance. Don't worry, there will be more than one Byredo Gypsy Water dupe for you to consider here!

Best Gypsy Water Dupe Fragrances

Gypsy water is a woody scent with top notes consisting of lemon, bergamot, pepper and juniper berries. The middle notes are made up of pine needles, incense and orris root. The main base notes are what can mostly be picked up when the fragrance drys down after the initial sweet spray of the fragrance- these are vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

Bijou by Parfumery

The first of the Byredo's Gypsy Water dupes we have on the list, is Bijou inspired by Gypsy Water, from Parfumery. This fragrance is probably the most accurate and a great Gypsy Water Dupe to consider. Why? Well, the fragrance top notes, middle notes and base notes are exactly the same to the original, making the scent pretty much a replica, for much less. Despite the pepper being in the top notes, the warmth and spice of this scent really pulls through the fragrance, making it as if there are pepper middle notes too. Don't be deceived, the alchemy of this Byredo Gypsy Water dupe is really original and a great creation for any perfume lover to have in their collection.

Click here to check out the number 1 Gypsy Water dupe, Bijou.

Gold by Commodity

Gold from Commodity is another lovely fragrance that has a similar style and notes to the Byredo Gypsy Water. The 100ml bottle of this however comes costing a fraction of the hefty price tag of Byredo's Gypsy Water 100ml bottle, which many wanting to invest in a fragrance like Gypsy Water, really appreciate.

If you were to summarise this perfume by three characteristics, you would get a scent profile of sweet, woody aromatic fragrance and vanilla. The opening spritz of Gold welcomes fruity Juniper berries and musk, which is bright and splashy (like Gypsy Water), and then the Gypsy Water dupe scent really sinks into a denseness when the woody amber and vanilla notes take hold. The scent really is the perfect fragrance for creating an abundance of decadent cosy sophistication, which after 8 hours of strong projection and sillage, it then develops into a skin scent that captures attention within intimate proximity. Many prefer the performance of this over Gypsy Water as the original Byredo scent unfortunately, doesn't have the same lasting power as Gold.

Lost Cause by Phlur

Lost Cause by Phlur was launched recently in 2022, with top notes such as Bergamot, Rhubarb and lush greenery. The middle notes bring into the fragrance, more floral notes and fruity fresh hints that lingers just for a bit, until the base notes of ambergris and vanilla orchid come through.

While you wouldn't expect this mix to smell anything like Byredo's Gypsy Water, there is a resemblance, with many saying this is simply a more earthy and floral fragrance version of the Gypsy Water. So, if you found that Gypsy Water is possibly missing a hint of floral notes for a greater feminine twist, maybe this fragrance could be the one for you?

Top Mojave Ghost Dupes

Mojave Ghost is a later release from Byredo, and is considered an Amber floral fragrance, due to the top notes of Sapodilla, Ambrette, Musk, the middle notes/heart notes of magnolia, violet, sandalwood and the base notes of ambergris and cedar. The drydown of the Mojave Ghost is quite powdery and musky, making it a great layering fragrance to consider, if you are wanting to really get the best of its spraying power, especially on clothes.

The nostalgic and diaphanous sense created from this fragrance is the reason Byredo has become a master perfume house within the industry now, but within the recent years, dupes of Mojave Ghost have popped up...

Sable by Parfumery

Utilising reverse osmosis techniques, Parfumery have created a notable Mojave Ghost dupe, that vibrates with the same loved violet feminine musks, as well as the Sadopilla florals and the woody scent notes such as cedar and sandalwood. The amber in the Sable inspired by Mojave Ghost, really gives the perfume texture and an earthy foundation for the rest of the fragrance.

After hours of wear you are left with a transformed smell, a musk like incense that is comforting, fresh and lingers for days on your clothes.

If you're after Mojave Ghost but want to save some money, then view Sable now.

Santal Glow by Zara

Santal Glow is an Eau de Toilette fragrance from Zara, that has sparked an interest for its resemblance to the popular in demand Byredo fragrance Mojave Ghost. Utilising just three notes in its entire fragrance, its the heart notes of Jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, that bring it very close to the fragrance, with even greater longevity and duration on the skin when worn. While it has been discontinued, there are some traces of this fragrance within stores. This calls for a pending shopping spree at Zara..Who's with us?

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

Okay, so any Chanel fragrance isn't considered as affordable, in terms of price range however, when you compare the price to Mojave Ghost, it still comes down at a fraction of the price in comparison to a 100ml bottle of the Byredo creation.

When we break down the fragrance notes profile, there are some differences of course. Chance Eau Tendre has a zesty opening due to the citrus notes of grapefruit and Quince. It is only when the middle notes of the fragrance begin to come through, that the floral powdery-ness hint creeps in, with the white floral jasmine accords and the eventual iris, musk, amber and cedar of the base notes. If you want a similar feel to Mojave, you have to be patient and let the Chanel fragrance develop on your skin, for the base notes to really shine.

The Greatest Blanche Dupes

Blanche is a typical skin scent that rose to fame, for its simplistic and effective formula, that offers hints of clean sheets, musk and soapy white florals. The gentle formula offers an easy going perfume that is suitable for everyday use with minimalism and grace. Blanche is probably one of the most popular fragrances for all-seasons, as the floral, peppery, musk and woody mix, alters and heightens depending on the weather. In warm seasons the spicy textures come out more, where in colder climates the cosy musks really shine in abundance.

Violet by Parfumery

To kick-start the Blanche Byredo fragrance dupes, we have Violet from the inspired range at Parfumery. Violet offers the same note profile as Blanche- with stronger projection and performance. The fragrance has higher concentrated oils, making Violet smell exactly the same but better. Just like the original Blanche, once the scent emulsifies down, it becomes a skin scent that works beautifully for intimate situations. The fresh clean sillage will follow you around, and have you smelling like skin- but better all day long.

Simply click here to get your bottle of Violet today.

Toy 2 by Moschino

Toy 2 by Moschino isn't an exact replica to Blanche, and is very much an inspired fragrance that resembles Byredo's works. However the top peppery notes, mixed with florals and woody accords in the heart and base notes, really get you wondering if you have smelled this before...

Toy 2 does have a stronger and smokier overall output in terms of the fragrance projection once the scent dries down, meaning it is in no way as soft or as subtle as the Blanche; which can be an 'almost' tease as a fragrance, as you have to get in close enough to catch a whiff. Therefore, those that love Blanche for the subtle airy characteristics, may possibly find the loudness of Toy 2 quite off-putting and brash. Worth getting a sample and checking it out for yourself though, right?

Above the Clouds by H&M

Above the Clouds is a bespoke fragrance from the popular high-street fashion brand H&M. Just like Blanche, the scent is the definition of a fresh laundry-like scent. Amplified for its qualities in the warmer months, you will really enjoy the longer duration and performance this fragrance offers. The spicy kick from the pepper middle notes integrated with the amber musks, have you quite literally lingering above the clouds...


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The Best Tom Ford Dupes You Can Get - Including Lost Cherry, Black Orchid & More.

The Best Tom Ford Dupes You Can Get - Including Lost Cherry, Black Orchid & More.

Tom Ford Dupes have become a buzzword within the world of fragrance. With the success of Tom Ford fragrance releases such as Tom Ford Lost Cherry, many Tom Ford dupes for this unisex fragrance have been released. Everyday is an opportunity to discover dupes beyond the trending cult beauty Tom Ford scent, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry.

Tom Ford perfume dupes have spread far and wide, with many perfumeries opting to integrate the same scent profile and famous notes within their Eau de Parfum releases. If you are on the hunt for Tom Ford dupe selections and new fragrance releases out there, then stay right here, you have found the right place to browse!

The Top Lost Cherry Dupes

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is the perfect fragrance for anyone looking for a flirty and fun fragrance. The cherry notes in Tom Ford Lost Cherry, offer indulgence, exotic and boozy like accords, which really embody unexpected sensuality and glamour that you're missing from your perfume shelves. Released in 2018, this is a relatively new perfume, which quickly became a cult beauty for its unique play on sweet perfume gluttony, in a bottle!

Rouge by Parfumery

First off, we have Tom Ford's Lost Cherry dupe, Rouge by Parfumery. Offering the exact same exact notes as the original Tom Ford Lost Cherry, you will question why you ever paid the luxury price when you get a dupe that smells the exact same and it is one of the best affordable alternatives on our list. You can expect the same lovely notes that are recognisable in the original scent, such as sour cherry, black cherry, bitter almond (and many more). 

With each initial spritz to the credible pulse points, you will be getting the exact same longevity and sillage as the original Tom Ford Lost Cherry. The scent trail from this is pretty amazing, and the sweet combination of accords plays in the same way with your skin and nose, as the dry down settles. If you are looking for the same flirty scent, with beautiful aroma and lasting power, Rouge would be the perfect Tom Ford dupe to go for. 

Zara Cherry Smoothie

Next on the Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe list, we have Zara Cherry Smoothie. This fragrance tops Zara's impressive ability to make their scents with influence from prominent scent releases from perfume houses, like Tom Ford. The irresistible and rich fragrance offers similar note makeup in its scent profile, such as Tonka Bean, vanilla, and cherry. The only difference here is, the fragrance has slightly a little bit more kick to it, with floral sweetness from the heliotrope flower, which is not on the original scent profile of Tom Ford fragrance Lost Cherry.

One thing original Tom Ford Lost Cherry users may miss, is the light touch of jasmine sambac which gives the scent a sweet musky touch after the initial sprays on the skin. Nevertheless, the fragrance is really similar and draws from the original Tom Ford perfumes as inspiration. 

Lovefest Burning Cherry by Kayali

Lovefest is another dupe for Tom Ford Lost Cherry, however it probably will not be classed or considered in the same class as the top two for affordable alternatives on your journey to discover dupes for Lost Cherry. One thing to take note of though, is that this fragrance is still cheaper than Tom Ford, and if you are on the search of saving some money, it can still be a good alternative. 

Lovefest has the same boozy dark notes that many love from Lost Cherry, and perhaps you can consider this more playful than flirty due to the fruitier notes, and very much a fragrance that can be worn during the day as a signature fragrance. It has less punch to it, but in a good way. Call it, more office appropriate, and the cherry notes blend very well with the amber, rose and light woody notes of the fragrance. Lost Cherry goes much heavier with the woody notes, so this can really offer a different retrospect to cherry fragrances for fans of Lost Cherry.

The Best Tobacco Vanille Dupes

Tobacco Vanille is another cult fave within the Tom Ford scent collection, due to the cosy fragrant accords that make this Eau de Parfum. Offering unique dark accords, with woody and spicy notes, Tobacco Vanille is a high quality perfume, which smells unique and is considered the perfect winter fragrance. While the only negative to this niche of perfume, is the price point, we have again, some affordable alternatives below.

Ivoire by Parfumery

Ivoire from Parfumery is a unique interpretation of Tobacco. Offering the same strong scent profile as Tom Ford's Eau de Parfum collection, you will find yourself stunned by the similarity in smell from this Ivoire perfume bottle. The inspired by collection from Parfumery often replicates the same notes as the original fragrances, but of course, at a cheaper price point.

Just like the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, the Ivoire Tom Ford dupe provides the recognisable tobacco leaf, tonka bean and of course vanilla. The spicy chocolatey accords make this a delicious fragrance to wear in the evening and winter seasons. You can envision cosying up on the sofa or going out with the cold winter air, projecting this fragrance and the aromatic spices that come with it!

Velvet Teddy by Mac

Another one of the affordable Tom Ford dupes we have selected for you, is the Velvet teddy fragrance from Mac. For the likes of Tom Ford perfume dupes, this is yet another good one to try out, for its deep and rich scent, and good sillage. The performance is impressive, however this isn't as dense and heavy as Tobacco Vanille. It is more airy, and perhaps sweeter due to the honey, musk and vanilla orchid adaptation within the notes. Nevertheless, it is certainly a great sweeter take on Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, so definitely have a sniff and see how you like it?

Zara Warm Black

As we have already raved about Zara Cherry Smoothie, you already know that this next Zara recommendation for Tom Ford Dupes is going to be a good one, right? For notes, as far as this Tom Ford dupe goes, there are only three. So you know it is not an exact replica like Parfumery's, but an ensemble inspired by Tom Ford. The smoky dry down of this, with the hint of vanilla, makes it seem way more expensive than it actually is, which is certainly a good thing. The opening of this bottle, compliments those who like sharp details at the beginning, which comes entirely from the ginger. You need to be patient with this, and really wait for the fragrance to sink into the skin and transform into more smokey and spicy notes.

Of course, the best thing about this is that you have no need to splurge when you purchase this, and as many people say in reviews for this fragrance, it offers an opportunity for anyone to dial into their sensuality from the hints of the woody aromatic notes. 

The Top Neroli Portofino Dupes

Neroli Portifino is a citrusy aromatic Eau de Parfum for both men and women. Offering a beautiful blend of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine samba, amber, Neroli and other aromatic accessories within the fragrance, you will soon find yourself wanting this more than a decade old fragrance in your collection, if you haven't already. Be it a dupe or the original, our review and low down of Tom Ford Dupes, will help you decide.

Orangé by Parfumery

Embodying the exact same refreshing crisp and expensive perfume, the unique blend and creation Orangé from Parfumery, will have you relishing the warm days, for the opportunity of being able to heighten the smell and power of the unique blend of notes.

The orange blossom in this eau de parfum is what really stands out the most. Paring this with a dense amber, and lavender in the early notes, gives a very expensive smelling projection and overall smell. Of course, when taking into account the actual price of the fragrance and Tom Ford dupe, this Orangé fragrance is really good value for money, and considering you get a better performance with this than the original, the decision to purchase this should be a no-brainer!

4711 Cologne

The 4711 Cologne is a really great fragrance to consider if you are looking for a similar smell, and not an exact replica. The accords of the scent profile, give the same citrus vibrancy as the neroli, however there isn't a presence of other white florals in the fragrance, making the neroli a very prominent smell with the orange, lemon and bergamot. The staying power of the citrus does go pretty quickly, and you are then left with a heavy musky notes and cedar, making the overall dry down sweeter and spicer. The Neroli from Tom Ford carries through less sweetness and more floral citrus, meaning this could be a game changer for those expecting the exact same smell as the Tom Ford original. 

The best way to describe this is sunshine in a bottle, and it really will make a great addition to your collection, especially if you love Neroli Portifino by Tom Ford, but are not looking to pay up the luxury price tag. As inspiration goes, they created a scent that offers a similar journey to the Tom Ford brand.

The Best Black Orchid Dupes

When you think of the Tom Ford scent collection, Black Orchid is probably one of the classics that comes to mind. Released in 2006, it has been on the market for almost 2 decades, and remains a strong favourite from all past Ford releases.

The prominent notes in this fragrance include spices, orchid, gardenia, jasmine sambac, lotus, white florals, amber, musk, patchouli and amber. Of course, there are other notes that play a part in the overall scent profile, however, these really do shine through when the scent dries down on the skin. 

Noire by Parfumery

The Noire fragrance offers the exact same chemistry between the notes as the original, with the equilibrium of chocolatey base notes, alongside the vanilla, woody accords, musk and fruity floral additions of the earlier notes, Noire takes you on a journey from the initial spritz, right through the hours of its development as a scent.

It is a very dark scent, once it settles on the skin, but of course each skin chemistry of those who wear it, will allow the fragrance to develop differently and in a very unique way. While this scent follows the lead of Black Orchid, it may not be everyone-just like Black Orchid, as it heavily follows the lead of the original. Therefore, do not expect that the fragrance will offer a different overall scent. It is mysterious, sensual, and an ensemble of luxury in a bottle.

Oud 24 hours by Ard al Zaafaran

Oud 24 hours has been worn and reviewed online by perfume enthusiasts, as a fragrance which makes you remember and think of Black Orchid. While the scent profile of this moves more towards an overall oud dry down, there really is a similarity in the body of the fragrance towards Black Orchid.

The patchouli is reminiscent of the original Tom Ford fragrance, however the Oud 24 hours as a Tom Ford dupe has a sweeter overall profile, with more smokiness to it, rather than the earthy density of Black Orchid. Also, the spraying power of this lasts much more than Black Orchid, and only requires 3 to 4 sprays on the pulse points to perform through the daily activities. After 8-9 hours it becomes more of an intimate scent, and can be worn across the seasons. 

Bitter Peach Clones

Last but not least, we have Bitter Peach, a fragrance released in 2020, that quickly rose to fame and popularity. Do not be fooled by the name, while you may think it offers an overall fruity body, this unique blend has a great balance between sweet accords and woody warmth. Many refer to this as a true peach fragrance, and is certainly a great option for those that enjoy peachy inspired notes as the main star of their fragrances. 

Peche by Parfumery

Peche from Parfumery magnifies the foundations of a peach based fragrance. As Tom Ford dupes go, this certainly gives you a lot for the price point. Mixed with blood orange, jasmine, tonka, vanilla, sandalwood, and other notes just like the original, there is warmth, spice, fruitiness and a powdery dry down. It really does the original Tom Ford scent justice and is a great dupe to add to your collection. While the fragrance is described as sweet and woody, there is a sensual element to this Eau de Parfum, and it can really be established as a day and night fragrance. The versatility of Peche, puts it at the top, for Tom Ford dupes in our eyes. 

Apricot Prive by Phlur

Phlur is probably one of the newest fragrance houses on the market. However, you should not underestimate this perfume for a Tom Ford dupe to Bitter Peach. Apricot Prive is a modern take on fruity fragrances, pushing through warm and juicy accords, to make the overall ensemble, intoxicating, elegant and extremely luxury-smelling. Of course, as with all fragrances, this one isn't the cheapest option for Tom Ford dupes. Phlur is considered on the higher price range within the market, meaning should you be on a tighter budget and really want a cheaper alternative, you may struggle parting with your cash due to the price-point of Phlur. 

Despite its reminiscent scent to Bitter Peach the top notes of the fragrance surprisingly do not use peach but rather apricots. In addition to this, there is an overall more sweeter projection, where many say it reminds them of a pistachio gelato, with a fruity kick. Where some would find this gourmand and powdery on the skin, some can find the sweetness with the woody base notes, overpowering and not true to the original Bitter Peach fragrance. It also must be said that the overall longevity of this does not match Bitter Peach just as much unfortunately, which can be a little disappointing, especially for the price tag. However, Apricot Price certainly offers a similar Eau de Parfum scent as the Bitter Peach, for just a little bit cheaper, so if you are willing to experiment and try it out for yourself, why not?

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The Top Maison Francis Kurkdjian Dupes - Including Baccarat Rouge 540 & Grand Soir

The Top Maison Francis Kurkdjian Dupes - Including Baccarat Rouge 540 & Grand Soir

Baccarat Rouge eau de parfum has become a legend within the perfumery industry. While it is usual for fragrances to become passing trends through the fragrance world and the industry of social media, it isn't frequent for a fragrance to still be omnipresent and have a continuous momentum like Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum.

Known for its alluring and projecting floral dense scent, TikTok was the social media platform that made this fragrance rise from the countless saturation of fragrances. It was a practical overnight hit, with 330 million hashtags being shared to date, within posts and video content. 

However, there is a big BUT to this fragrance. It doesn't come cheap. Francis Kurkdjian is a master perfumer and nose for versatile scent creations, and his unique gourmand notes are the reason this perfume is sold within luxury department stores all across the world. 

The Best Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe Perfumes

Since its release in 2015, this iconic fragrance is one that everyone wanted to try. Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes slowly started to trickle through the fragrance industry, but there are a particular few that are indeed worth the hype and will certainly have you saving your bank account from a pending shock. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, here is an overview of the original Baccarat Rouge 540, and its scent profile.

The main projecting accords of this fragrance once it settles down, are woody, spicy-sweet amber notes, which dry down very densely, giving you a memorable scent that offers a great fragrance statement for those looking for a long-lasting scent. While the price point may be pushing it for many, the perfume oils of this fragrance are of a high concentration guaranteeing great projection and silage, which is all due to the following notes.

Top Notes 

Saffron and Jasmine 

Heart Notes

Amberwood and Ambergris

Base Notes

Cedar and Fir Resin

What makes Baccarat Rouge 540 so popular?

For those that have this fragrance, you will know that it guarantees so many compliments due to the alchemy and genius nose creation of Baccarat Rouge 540. The masterpiece and combination of the accords guarantee a sweet feminine scent or masculine scent to those who spray this. Despite the perfume notes not having multiple elements in it, many say that the dry down of the perfume heightens depending on the season. There is a hint of musky notes in the dry down, in addition to woody and floral notes which make the fragrance so interchangeable through the seasons. The warmth and metallic harshness offer the perfect balance to the gourmand notes.

Below, we start the top list and pick the best Baccarat Rouge 540 dupes. While there are many baccarat Rouge 540 dupe options, we made sure to shortlist only the truly worthy.

D'or by Parfumery

Get your hands on D'or by Parfumery here

The first fragrance to hit off the MFK Baccarat Rouge dupes and popular fragrances is the D'or from Parfumery. This fragrance replicates the poetic alchemy and the keynotes from everyone's favourite perfume. Many who have purchased this, absolutely love the identical replication of the strong scent. Parfumery is a fragrance specialist that creates perfumes utilizing animal cruelty-free techniques that appeal to fragrance enthusiasts and their love for this fragrance. 

The balance between the woody and musky notes that come from the jasmine ambergris and Brazilian jasmine, ensures that the initial spritz of this perfume dries down into an impeccable opulent fragrance-just like Baccarat Rouge 540. This Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe, has an enormous sillage, mimicking the original Baccarat Rouge, and it takes about an hour for you to truly settle into the dense warm accords that this fragrance settles into. D'or takes you on the same journey of accords as the masterpiece from Francis Kurkdjian. 

You may have once decided to keep your Baccarat Rouge 540, purely as a fragrance for special occasions, but now with the D'or dupe, it makes sense to smell this fragrance and use it every day without the guilt of it running out!

Zara Red Temptation

Zara Red Temptation became Zara's most popular house fragrance, and we can understand why of course. This choice of the Baccarat Rouge 540 dupe is an affordable one, but it will smell good in a long-lasting scent - even better than the original Baccarat Rouge! This is a big surprise, especially due to the price point of this Eau de Parfum dupe.

While currently, you probably will find that it most likely has sold out everywhere, due to its demand and popularity, Zara always keeps stocking this one back in. Therefore you have to be on the lookout for this fragrance inspired by Baccarat Rouge!

A little bit more detail regarding the notes of the fragrance, this scent is not for sensitive noses. With gourmand notes consisting of floral lavender, blossom, saffron, orange blossom, jasmine, praline accord, bitter orange, amber and white musk florals. This fragrance screams feminine energy.

Ariana Grande cloud

Next on our list, we have a celebrity fragrance, which you perhaps may find shocking. But really, Ariana Grande Cloud perfume actually is pretty similar to Baccarat Rouge. More people have probably purchased this fragrance because it is a Baccarat Rouge dupe than because of the fragrance. That is why social media can truly be a gem when it comes to finding hit fragrances and their alternative dupes if people are conscious of the price point. Nevertheless, more on what the fragrance Cloud Eau de Parfum smells like down below...

With top notes including juicy pear, bitter orange, bergamot, and lavender blossom, you know already that the fragrance's whole profile is sweet, laconic, and musky. With the heart notes taking this further, praline, coconut, vanilla orchid, and whipped cream, add a creamy sweet girl texture to this eau de parfum. The final pull-through of the woody notes and musky notes, make this perfume dry down similar to the Baccarat Rouge. 

One thing many pick up from this perfume however is that it is more like a fragrance mist than a perfume. The dry down of the perfume is a few hours at best, making it more of a body mist consistency than anything else. But hey, this perfume saves you the pennies, so topping up this perfume will not leave you feeling as guilty.

Top MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold Dupes

Gentle Fluidity from Maison Francis Kurkdjian is another fragrance that has become very popular for its powdery amber gourmand accords. The composition of this fragrance brings a new light and journey to fragrances, but also more subtle and softer, in comparison to the masterpiece Baccarat Rouge. Nevertheless, here are our shortlisted champions that meet a budget and will not have you spending as much money as the original MFK fragrances!

Intense Cafe by Montale

Intense Cafe by Montale is a floral, sweet fragrance that offers powdery and musky dry-down notes. While this perfume may not be an exact match to the MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold in terms of scent profile, the dry down of the fragrance shows a very similar smell due to the pink rose, vanilla, amber, and white musk in the base notes. 

Fans of the fragrance have noticed the similarity, however many say that the balance is not exactly right when you consider the first part of the initial spritz and slow dry down of the fragrance. The beginning of the journey is not identical. However, the fragrance is beautiful all the same, and certainly cheaper than the original scent. If you are here for the dry down and sillage of the MFK Gentle Fluidity, this certainly is not a bad choice at all!

Roses Vanille by Mancera

This creamy vanilla soft rosy musk fragrance is romantic, unique, and a very good candidate for anyone looking to nab their hands on another MFK Gentle Fluidity dupe. Due to the high concentration of oils within this fragrance, you are really getting the same longevity and sillage as the luxury original, but again for much less. While this fragrance is not exactly a steal, it still comes in cheaper for almost identical notes. 

One thing however that you should look out for, is a slightly citrus opening which should pass rather quickly as the scent dries down on the skin. The use of Italian lemon gives this fragrance a bigger kick at the beginning but mellows down to an almost identical dry down to MFK's Gentle Fluidity. 

Rose Gourmand by Zara

Next, we have the Rose Gourmand from Zara. Zara has always been able to offer fragrances with amazing sillage and longevity, regardless of their cheaper price point, which many would expect they would probably have to sacrifice when buying. But with Zara, this has almost always been significantly untrue. Rose Gourmand is a high-quality fragrance that is indulgent, creamy, and flowery. Utilising 3 simple notes of amber, rose, and vanilla, the Eau de Parfum shines through, especially in its dry down, with a very similar smell to the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Gold dupe. 

The only critique of this dupe, however, is that the scent actually offers less powdery warm spicy aromatic accords due to the lack of woody notes and musks within the scent profile. Should these notes have been integrated into the Zara fragrance, it would be very likely that the dry down would mirror Maison Francis Kurkdjian's creation. Regardless of this, it is a very good perfume that would totally work for those looking for a similar vibe to Gentle Fluidity Gold. You may find that this hasn't hit the crowds yet for a dupe, so make sure to rush down to your closest Zara to buy one, before they run out!

MFK Grand Soir Dupes

Maison Francis Kurkdjian's release of Grand Soir was in 2016, carrying the very essence of glamour and luxury. 'Grand Soir' translated from French means 'big evening', and wearing this fragrance, you can guarantee that is exactly what will happen! You can try out a sample here.

This scent is a deep and warm amber fragrance, offering a deep embrace from the vanilla accords and tonka bean. The added touches of lavender and floral Spanish Labdanum, make this airy, calm, and attractive. It is the perfect fragrance to wear all day, but of course, particularly in the evening!

If you are looking for the best dupe of this fragrance, that embodies the same longevity and performance, below will say it all.

Eternal oud by Lattafa

Just like the Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the Eternal Oud by Lattafa, is the perfect amber fragrance that is missing from your collection. The fragrance itself is smooth, long-lasting, dense, and very very similar to the Grand Soir-and many people have picked up on it!

Lasting on the skin for more than 7 hours, the dry down is almost identical to the Grand Soir, and there is a reason for that. The notes from the scent profile are almost identical, making the fragrance warm and perform the same way the Grand Soir would. While the opening of the initial spritz may not be identical, due to the fruity, floral, and citrus notes, they pass very quickly and really open the scent up to the scent density, which falls into the skin and captures cozy warm vibes that everyone adores and associates with ambers and vanillas.

The projection of this scent is one that can be smelled even from feet away. While it is not an overwhelming fragrance, it's inviting, warm, and calming, all at the same time. The scent trail you will leave behind will fill the room, and should you spray your clothing, expect it to stay on your clothes days after you sprayed it. It's the perfect fragrance for date nights, and always a versatile choice for every day exclusively.

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The Best Creed Clones

The Best Creed Clones

Top Creed Aventus Clones

Before we can dive into the Creed Aventus clone dupes, it's important to delve deeper into Creed Aventus and its history. Creed Aventus is a fragrance with a mixture of both fruity notes and woody notes. The fruity opening comes directly from the use of top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, apple and lemon. The woody dry down of the Creed Aventus eau de parfum fragrance, comes from the oak moss, cedarwood and woody dry birch base notes. There is also a natural smelling hint of the floral heart notes Moroccan Jasmine and Patchouli, however they come through as rather fresh smell, that is a great calming addition to the spicy kick the black pepper gives to the fragrance's profile. You can try out a sample of Aventus by clicking here.

This original Creed Aventus mens fragrance comes with intention and inspiration from the historical past. Inspired by the success and life of Emperor Napoleon, the perfume bottle itself showcases the impressive silver emblem of a warrior, which Napoleon certainly was. This heroic scent is ready to be mounted by any man who is wishing to add to their impressive collection of fragrances. Creed Aventus is an impressive fragrance with a beautiful fragrance profile.

Why is Creed Aventus so popular?

Creed Aventus offers a beautiful selection of notes for its fragrance scent profile that are harmonious and embody the luxury perfumery house that is Creed. While other fragrances smell similar and offer similar notes, the fruity sweet citrus and woody profile of this fragrance is certainly unique and none have been able to match it, until now.

Aventus clone perfumes have made it on the market, and have actually been able to embody similar if not exact top notes, heart notes and base notes of the Creed Aventus perfume. However, due to the need and want from fragrance enthusiasts now on the market, it does not mean that every Creed Aventus dupe is worth spending money on and purchasing.

So, below is a summary of the best Aventus clone eau de parfum options right now, which are more affordable than the luxury price tag, and still smell similar. Perfumes can still smell similar without the hefty price tag!

Citron by Parfumery

Inspired by the mighty Creed Aventus, this Aventus clone brings the exact same notes and finest ingredients from the fragrance, with a sweeter kick to work harmoniously with the base notes of the perfume. The original DNA of the fragrance is heightened in its opening with deep oil based contents, and makes the dry down of the fragrance even more potent and long-lasting.

Citron really takes the power over the original scent, with its powerful sillage. By choosing to wear Citron, you are knowingly accepting the scent trail you will leave behind. Wear this all year round, but with the warmer months in mind, this scent will become even more powerful, and heighten the fruity notes, and make that fruity opening project and move past the initial 15-20 minutes of introduction. Longevity of this Creed Aventus clone is almost 7 hours of strong detection. After that, the scent warms down and becomes an intimate skin scent, which could be reapplied if you much preferred to take the limelight once again.

The great price of this fragrance makes it a steal and gives you more reason to pick this over the Original Aventus if you are conscious of the high-end price point. Don't forget to pay attention to the zesty and tropical kick of the middle notes if you do!

Get your hand on either a 5ml sample or 50ml full bottle of Citron today.

Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf

Another very inexpensive option, the Club de Nuit intense Creed Aventus clone became a hit once discovered by the fragrance mainstream crowd who could not bear to part with the price point of the original Aventus. While this dupe comes with good longevity, in addition to sillage, the biggest con for this fragrance is the sharp and strong opening that many have had to manage to tolerate, for the dry down which is very similar to Aventus.

While many Creed Aventus dupe fragrances hit the market since its release in 2015, this was one of the first ever Aventus clones, which earned it instant popularity. Now however, there are many dupes like the Citron for example, that do not share the issue of a strong and intolerable opening and offer a similar scent, if not exact performance from the moment you first spray, until the skin becomes a lovely skin scent. Nevertheless, being that this was the first ever released, and very close to the original scent's dry down, this should definitely be listed as an option.

Parfums Vintage Emperor Extrait

This Creed Aventus dupe has a longer performance than the previous Club de Nuit intense variant. While the initial spritz gives off a very fruity opening, from the black currant and pineapple note, there is a smokey dry down that resembles woody birch, musks, ambergris and patchouli. The smokey base of this fragrance makes it a little heavier than the original Aventus, but one thing many users of the original scent wish for, is a longer performance and longevity. So maybe this is your answer?

Therefore, it is important to take note that while the Parfums Vintage Emperor Extrait Eau de Parfum smell similar, it isn't an exact match and many can call it rather, an inspiration of the Creed Aventus but with a twist. One thing is for sure however, the opening of this scent is not unpleasant and you do not need to wait for it to pass like the Club de Nuit Intense for example.

Afnan Supremacy Silver

Next on our list for Creed Aventus clones is the Afnan Supremacy Silver. This fragrance offers those interested in Creed, a budget friendly option, that smells very, very similar to the original Aventus. Supremacy Silver has very similar woody notes with earthy textures, in addition to the fruity notes Aventus fans will crave. It is just as refreshing, and uses the same loved notes: Moroccan jasmine, pineapple notes and patchouli. 

You are also looking at a very similar performance from a sillage and longevity perspective too, and at a quarter of the Aventus price, you can't really complain, can you?

Mercedes Benz Select

This may possibly come as a shock that a world renowned car retailer has delved into the world of fragrances, but it is completely true!

Mercedes Benz created their select fragrance at a cheaper price than Aventus, but many could still call it a luxury price for an Aventus dupe. All the reviews online say that this fragrance is very similar to the scent profile of Aventus, despite combining new fragrance notes into the mix. New notes you would expect include Cedar, Lavender and Sandalwood, which make Mercedes Benz Select similar but not an EXACT match. So do keep that in mind.

Best Creed Aventus For Her Clones

Verte by Parfumery

Next, we move on to the female dupes for Aventus for Her, and we start with one of the most similar scents out there for this, from Parfumery. The Verte from Parfumery, offers the same revitalising citruses, calming violet, and peppery kick. Opting for the same opening of this fragrance, give you the exact performance you would expect from the first initial spray. As you sink into the middle notes of the fragrance, the fragrance warms up and becomes a more floral-woody and airy mix from the clean musks combined with rose florals. Nevertheless, there is a woody nuance added too, which mimics the Aventus For Her fragrance.

Once the perfume begins to dry, the fragrance becomes denser and settles on your skin, and that is when the ambers and fruit notes really blend in with the fragrance. It may surprise you that a fragrance that is significantly cheaper, will hold such similarity to the original scent, and even perform the same. That's right, this perfume also performs in a similar manner, with a 5-7 hours longevity depending on your skin of course, and the projection surpasses 4-5 ft away, until the perfume becomes a skin scent hours later, or a residue on your clothes. 

Click here to view Verte and get your hands on a bottle

L'Aventure Femme by Al haramain perfumes

L'Aventure Femme is another dupe alternative for those wanting Aventus For Her, but are on a budget. Offering the same fruity and woody textures Aventus Her offers, the scent profile is not exact to Aventus For Her, but it's near enough. Unlike Verte and Aventus For Her, this scent is heavier on the rose florals, which as you know, the original scent uses an airier mix, as does Verte. So this may be too rose heavy for some, once the scent begins to dry down. In addition to this the fruity black currant notes linger on just a little, passing the initial spritz, which may not be liked by some. 

However, one great aspect about this fragrance, which surpasses Creed Aventus For Her, is the Sillage and longevity. This scent performs longer than 9 hours, and the scent trail continues for the same amount of time, making this a better option for those that dislike Aventus For Her performance in the long run, especially for the price you pay. You get the luxury scent performance with this one, but for a great price.

Best Creed Virgin Island Water Dupes

Noix by Parfumery

Noix is the sister fragrance to Island Water from Creed. Those who have the original Aventus Island Water, will like it for the tropical performance and its great performance during the warmer months. Noix offers just that too. 

With the same zesty bite from that first initial spray, Noix's use of coconut mimics Island Waters' softer touch to the citrus notes lime, bergamot and mandarin. Just like the original fragrance, the dry down of this pushes this fragrance into a musk-like sugary and creamy finish, and yet, it has a spicy kick from the White Rum. If you spritz this and the original, you would be surprised at the similarity, as you will most definitely not be able to tell them apart. Noix is the best clone, hands down!

St Barts Men by Tommy Bahama

St Barts Men is another favourite for Island Water Creed dupes. While it isn't a perfect match like the Noix, you will find that the musks at the base notes, as well as the vanilla, work in a similar way to the creamy love and finish given to wearers of Island water. This dupe is much more aquatic which makes it an island vacation in a bottle too-but maybe just not the exact same island as Island Water from Creed. It's definitely a neighbour and a close match though. With impressive longevity, as well as the same boozy touches, you will definitely still be fond of this within your collection, and if you spray it alongside the original Island Water or Noix dupe, you could create the perfect summer scent of your own!

Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff has been compared for many years as a replica and dupe to Irish Tweed, for the aquatic fresh opening that the fragrance offers. While the notes are not the exact same as Irish Tweed you can see the similarities between the two and immediately make the resemblance. Both Cool Water and Irish Tweed, use leafy green notes added within the middle and top notes, which give that freshness to the scents opening. In addition to this, the dry down of both fragrances offers woody and smoky textures as both fragrances use Ambergris with variations of Cedar and Sandalwood. However it is worth noting that, due to the variation of the heart notes, you will find the journey of the two fragrances similar, but not the same. Cool water is a little bit more floral, due to the jasmine and Neroli.

Nevertheless, Cool Water really was and still is a game changer for aquatic fresh scents for men, and puts it alongside Irish Tweed, but at a fraction of the price!

Tres Nuit by Armaf

Last but not least, we have the Tres Nuit from Armaf. This fragrance smells floral, fresh and citrus like, and utilises similar notes to the Irish Tweed. The opening of this fragrance with the first spritz is pretty much exact, however the addition of the lemon, which is unlike the Irish Tweed, makes this even more fresh and aquatic you could say. 

The journey of the fragrance takes you on a similar walk as the Irish tweed, due to the violet and lavender notes, however it has that little bit more of a spicier kick to the fragrance, due to spicy heart notes within the fragrance. For that reason, this cologne offers a denser dry down, that makes the fragrance project a bit more than the Aventus Irish Tweed. Nevertheless, it's possibly the closest dupe out there for Irish Tweed and is perfect for the warmer months.

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The Best Le Labo Santal 33 Dupes & Alternatives For 2024

The Best Le Labo Santal 33 Dupes & Alternatives For 2024

Le Labo Santal 33 is a very popular fragrance but one that comes with an expensive price. In this article, we have found the best fragrance dupes and alternatives that will save you a pretty penny. Allowing you to find that replicated scent, or be it something very evidently similar to the original. 

1) Iris - Best Santal 33 Dupe

Santal 33 dupe

If you are looking for a perfect dupe for Santal 33, then look no further than Iris. This dupe is just like the original recreating that famous scent that you get with the original. It replicates the base notes and uses animal cruelty-free ingredients, allowing you to use the unique scent for cheaper. It's incredibly long-lasting and has a spicy scent.

The way this scent is so accurate is due to the reverse osmosis technology that is used, allowing the ingredients and florals to be nearly identical to the original. Offering about 7 hours of sillage which is simply incredible! It's a great budget alternative.

Arguably the best Santal 33 dupe that you can get your hands on, with this fragrance you will certainly save yourself a pretty penny, especially when comparing it to the original.

2) Maison Louis Marie - Bois De Balincourt

The first Santal 33 alternative on our list is Bois De Balincourt. It is a fragrance that is certainly worth adding to your collection. It has beautiful woody scents that contain the likes of Australian sandalwood, vetiver and Amber keynotes. A long lasting but subtle scent that is not too overpowering and not too expensive. Coming in at around £25-£30.

3) Zara - Vetiver Pample Mouse

Take a look at Zara's most popular fragrance. It has that fresh amber blend that comes with a great price. The florals in this fragrance are strong but not too overpowering. People can't stop raving over this popular fragrance on social platforms such as TikTok and Facebook. Zara fragrances are widely loved, so you can be in comfort knowing that you are shopping at a reputable brand.

4) Warmth - M&S

Another great Le Labo Santal 33 dupe from Marks and Spencer, smells almost identical to the original, it has the right keynotes of spicy cardamom and is one of the best woody perfumes on this list. They both have very similar bottles, however, the price difference is about £150!

It must be said that this Santal 33 dupe from M&S does not last as long as the original, however for the price of this Eau de Parfum you can't complain, as the fresh notes are quite simply incredible for the price!

5) Touch - Burberry

Another Santal 33 dupe from a popular brand. However, it must be stated that this fragrance is more of a Santal 33 alternative than a dupe, giving off the same kind of vibe instead of being a 1 to 1 clone. However, Touch from Burberry still shares incredible woody scent characteristics. It contains the likes of Cedarwood, violet, pepper, thyme and geranium.

6) Palo Santo - Cremo

Palo Santo by Cremo is a great alternative, it includes a beautiful blend of spicy cardamom and dry papyrus! It's incredibly cheap on Amazon it currently retails at £30. Perfect if you love woody scents and even better if you are on a budget. You can get the keynotes just like the original. Also available in a body wash form if thats what your looking for!


If you are looking for the best dupes and alternatives for Le Labo's Santal 33, you can't go wrong with any of these choices, as they all provide a great alternative at a cheaper cost than the original fragrance.

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