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The Best Tom Ford Dupes You Can Get - Including Lost Cherry, Black Orchid & More.

The Best Tom Ford Dupes You Can Get - Including Lost Cherry, Black Orchid & More.

Tom Ford Dupes have become a buzzword within the world of fragrance. With the success of Tom Ford fragrance releases such as Tom Ford Lost Cherry, many Tom Ford dupes for this unisex fragrance have been released. Everyday is an opportunity to discover dupes beyond the trending cult beauty Tom Ford scent, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry.

Tom Ford perfume dupes have spread far and wide, with many perfumeries opting to integrate the same scent profile and famous notes within their Eau de Parfum releases. If you are on the hunt for Tom Ford dupe selections and new fragrance releases out there, then stay right here, you have found the right place to browse!

The Top Lost Cherry Dupes

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is the perfect fragrance for anyone looking for a flirty and fun fragrance. The cherry notes in Tom Ford Lost Cherry, offer indulgence, exotic and boozy like accords, which really embody unexpected sensuality and glamour that you're missing from your perfume shelves. Released in 2018, this is a relatively new perfume, which quickly became a cult beauty for its unique play on sweet perfume gluttony, in a bottle!

Rouge by Parfumery

First off, we have Tom Ford's Lost Cherry dupe, Rouge by Parfumery. Offering the exact same exact notes as the original Tom Ford Lost Cherry, you will question why you ever paid the luxury price when you get a dupe that smells the exact same and it is one of the best affordable alternatives on our list. You can expect the same lovely notes that are recognisable in the original scent, such as sour cherry, black cherry, bitter almond (and many more). 

With each initial spritz to the credible pulse points, you will be getting the exact same longevity and sillage as the original Tom Ford Lost Cherry. The scent trail from this is pretty amazing, and the sweet combination of accords plays in the same way with your skin and nose, as the dry down settles. If you are looking for the same flirty scent, with beautiful aroma and lasting power, Rouge would be the perfect Tom Ford dupe to go for. 

Zara Cherry Smoothie

Next on the Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe list, we have Zara Cherry Smoothie. This fragrance tops Zara's impressive ability to make their scents with influence from prominent scent releases from perfume houses, like Tom Ford. The irresistible and rich fragrance offers similar note makeup in its scent profile, such as Tonka Bean, vanilla, and cherry. The only difference here is, the fragrance has slightly a little bit more kick to it, with floral sweetness from the heliotrope flower, which is not on the original scent profile of Tom Ford fragrance Lost Cherry.

One thing original Tom Ford Lost Cherry users may miss, is the light touch of jasmine sambac which gives the scent a sweet musky touch after the initial sprays on the skin. Nevertheless, the fragrance is really similar and draws from the original Tom Ford perfumes as inspiration. 

Lovefest Burning Cherry by Kayali

Lovefest is another dupe for Tom Ford Lost Cherry, however it probably will not be classed or considered in the same class as the top two for affordable alternatives on your journey to discover dupes for Lost Cherry. One thing to take note of though, is that this fragrance is still cheaper than Tom Ford, and if you are on the search of saving some money, it can still be a good alternative. 

Lovefest has the same boozy dark notes that many love from Lost Cherry, and perhaps you can consider this more playful than flirty due to the fruitier notes, and very much a fragrance that can be worn during the day as a signature fragrance. It has less punch to it, but in a good way. Call it, more office appropriate, and the cherry notes blend very well with the amber, rose and light woody notes of the fragrance. Lost Cherry goes much heavier with the woody notes, so this can really offer a different retrospect to cherry fragrances for fans of Lost Cherry.

The Best Tobacco Vanille Dupes

Tobacco Vanille is another cult fave within the Tom Ford scent collection, due to the cosy fragrant accords that make this Eau de Parfum. Offering unique dark accords, with woody and spicy notes, Tobacco Vanille is a high quality perfume, which smells unique and is considered the perfect winter fragrance. While the only negative to this niche of perfume, is the price point, we have again, some affordable alternatives below.

Ivoire by Parfumery

Ivoire from Parfumery is a unique interpretation of Tobacco. Offering the same strong scent profile as Tom Ford's Eau de Parfum collection, you will find yourself stunned by the similarity in smell from this Ivoire perfume bottle. The inspired by collection from Parfumery often replicates the same notes as the original fragrances, but of course, at a cheaper price point.

Just like the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, the Ivoire Tom Ford dupe provides the recognisable tobacco leaf, tonka bean and of course vanilla. The spicy chocolatey accords make this a delicious fragrance to wear in the evening and winter seasons. You can envision cosying up on the sofa or going out with the cold winter air, projecting this fragrance and the aromatic spices that come with it!

Velvet Teddy by Mac

Another one of the affordable Tom Ford dupes we have selected for you, is the Velvet teddy fragrance from Mac. For the likes of Tom Ford perfume dupes, this is yet another good one to try out, for its deep and rich scent, and good sillage. The performance is impressive, however this isn't as dense and heavy as Tobacco Vanille. It is more airy, and perhaps sweeter due to the honey, musk and vanilla orchid adaptation within the notes. Nevertheless, it is certainly a great sweeter take on Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, so definitely have a sniff and see how you like it?

Zara Warm Black

As we have already raved about Zara Cherry Smoothie, you already know that this next Zara recommendation for Tom Ford Dupes is going to be a good one, right? For notes, as far as this Tom Ford dupe goes, there are only three. So you know it is not an exact replica like Parfumery's, but an ensemble inspired by Tom Ford. The smoky dry down of this, with the hint of vanilla, makes it seem way more expensive than it actually is, which is certainly a good thing. The opening of this bottle, compliments those who like sharp details at the beginning, which comes entirely from the ginger. You need to be patient with this, and really wait for the fragrance to sink into the skin and transform into more smokey and spicy notes.

Of course, the best thing about this is that you have no need to splurge when you purchase this, and as many people say in reviews for this fragrance, it offers an opportunity for anyone to dial into their sensuality from the hints of the woody aromatic notes. 

The Top Neroli Portofino Dupes

Neroli Portifino is a citrusy aromatic Eau de Parfum for both men and women. Offering a beautiful blend of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine samba, amber, Neroli and other aromatic accessories within the fragrance, you will soon find yourself wanting this more than a decade old fragrance in your collection, if you haven't already. Be it a dupe or the original, our review and low down of Tom Ford Dupes, will help you decide.

Orangé by Parfumery

Embodying the exact same refreshing crisp and expensive perfume, the unique blend and creation Orangé from Parfumery, will have you relishing the warm days, for the opportunity of being able to heighten the smell and power of the unique blend of notes.

The orange blossom in this eau de parfum is what really stands out the most. Paring this with a dense amber, and lavender in the early notes, gives a very expensive smelling projection and overall smell. Of course, when taking into account the actual price of the fragrance and Tom Ford dupe, this Orangé fragrance is really good value for money, and considering you get a better performance with this than the original, the decision to purchase this should be a no-brainer!

4711 Cologne

The 4711 Cologne is a really great fragrance to consider if you are looking for a similar smell, and not an exact replica. The accords of the scent profile, give the same citrus vibrancy as the neroli, however there isn't a presence of other white florals in the fragrance, making the neroli a very prominent smell with the orange, lemon and bergamot. The staying power of the citrus does go pretty quickly, and you are then left with a heavy musky notes and cedar, making the overall dry down sweeter and spicer. The Neroli from Tom Ford carries through less sweetness and more floral citrus, meaning this could be a game changer for those expecting the exact same smell as the Tom Ford original. 

The best way to describe this is sunshine in a bottle, and it really will make a great addition to your collection, especially if you love Neroli Portifino by Tom Ford, but are not looking to pay up the luxury price tag. As inspiration goes, they created a scent that offers a similar journey to the Tom Ford brand.

The Best Black Orchid Dupes

When you think of the Tom Ford scent collection, Black Orchid is probably one of the classics that comes to mind. Released in 2006, it has been on the market for almost 2 decades, and remains a strong favourite from all past Ford releases.

The prominent notes in this fragrance include spices, orchid, gardenia, jasmine sambac, lotus, white florals, amber, musk, patchouli and amber. Of course, there are other notes that play a part in the overall scent profile, however, these really do shine through when the scent dries down on the skin. 

Noire by Parfumery

The Noire fragrance offers the exact same chemistry between the notes as the original, with the equilibrium of chocolatey base notes, alongside the vanilla, woody accords, musk and fruity floral additions of the earlier notes, Noire takes you on a journey from the initial spritz, right through the hours of its development as a scent.

It is a very dark scent, once it settles on the skin, but of course each skin chemistry of those who wear it, will allow the fragrance to develop differently and in a very unique way. While this scent follows the lead of Black Orchid, it may not be everyone-just like Black Orchid, as it heavily follows the lead of the original. Therefore, do not expect that the fragrance will offer a different overall scent. It is mysterious, sensual, and an ensemble of luxury in a bottle.

Oud 24 hours by Ard al Zaafaran

Oud 24 hours has been worn and reviewed online by perfume enthusiasts, as a fragrance which makes you remember and think of Black Orchid. While the scent profile of this moves more towards an overall oud dry down, there really is a similarity in the body of the fragrance towards Black Orchid.

The patchouli is reminiscent of the original Tom Ford fragrance, however the Oud 24 hours as a Tom Ford dupe has a sweeter overall profile, with more smokiness to it, rather than the earthy density of Black Orchid. Also, the spraying power of this lasts much more than Black Orchid, and only requires 3 to 4 sprays on the pulse points to perform through the daily activities. After 8-9 hours it becomes more of an intimate scent, and can be worn across the seasons. 

Bitter Peach Clones

Last but not least, we have Bitter Peach, a fragrance released in 2020, that quickly rose to fame and popularity. Do not be fooled by the name, while you may think it offers an overall fruity body, this unique blend has a great balance between sweet accords and woody warmth. Many refer to this as a true peach fragrance, and is certainly a great option for those that enjoy peachy inspired notes as the main star of their fragrances. 

Peche by Parfumery

Peche from Parfumery magnifies the foundations of a peach based fragrance. As Tom Ford dupes go, this certainly gives you a lot for the price point. Mixed with blood orange, jasmine, tonka, vanilla, sandalwood, and other notes just like the original, there is warmth, spice, fruitiness and a powdery dry down. It really does the original Tom Ford scent justice and is a great dupe to add to your collection. While the fragrance is described as sweet and woody, there is a sensual element to this Eau de Parfum, and it can really be established as a day and night fragrance. The versatility of Peche, puts it at the top, for Tom Ford dupes in our eyes. 

Apricot Prive by Phlur

Phlur is probably one of the newest fragrance houses on the market. However, you should not underestimate this perfume for a Tom Ford dupe to Bitter Peach. Apricot Prive is a modern take on fruity fragrances, pushing through warm and juicy accords, to make the overall ensemble, intoxicating, elegant and extremely luxury-smelling. Of course, as with all fragrances, this one isn't the cheapest option for Tom Ford dupes. Phlur is considered on the higher price range within the market, meaning should you be on a tighter budget and really want a cheaper alternative, you may struggle parting with your cash due to the price-point of Phlur. 

Despite its reminiscent scent to Bitter Peach the top notes of the fragrance surprisingly do not use peach but rather apricots. In addition to this, there is an overall more sweeter projection, where many say it reminds them of a pistachio gelato, with a fruity kick. Where some would find this gourmand and powdery on the skin, some can find the sweetness with the woody base notes, overpowering and not true to the original Bitter Peach fragrance. It also must be said that the overall longevity of this does not match Bitter Peach just as much unfortunately, which can be a little disappointing, especially for the price tag. However, Apricot Price certainly offers a similar Eau de Parfum scent as the Bitter Peach, for just a little bit cheaper, so if you are willing to experiment and try it out for yourself, why not?

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