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The Top Le Labo Dupes - From Santal 33 to Bergamote 22

The Top Le Labo Dupes - From Santal 33 to Bergamote 22

Le Labo dupes Have become a unreckoned momentum within the fragrance community. Known for its genderless fragrances, Le Labo Eau de Parfum has become a respected name amongst perfume noses. Of course, due to this recognition and hype for their recognisable fresh notes, fruity notes, woody scents, and spicy scent selections, Le Labo dupes have become a trending search and must in fragrances. 

Due to the higher price ranges of famous fragrances like Le Labo's Santal 33, Le Labo Santal 33 dupe scents have hit the market too, amongst other popular fragrances such as Bergamote 22. Many fans have recognised the similar dry downs and overall scent performances of these, and we thought we would share the latest deets, and get you in on the secret! Why should you spend so much, when you can get the same scent for less?

The House of Le Labo

Founded in 2006, the popular fragrance house Le Labo that we know today have debuted 60 fragrances thus far. Each fragrance that debuted the market, utilised the prominent fragrance note within the perfume as its signature name, which is a large reason as to why fans of Le Labo followed the perfume house in the course of its development. From a marketing and target consumer point of view, Le Labo created a brand that was very difficult not to love. 

From 2006 the fragrance house continued to integrate famous noses into their perfume development, and have since then integrated collaborations with famous noses such as Michel Almairac, Nathalie Lorson, Yann Vasnier and many, many more. 

Adopting fragrances and perfume oils, the fragrance was eventually bought out by the original founders Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot in 2014, by Estee Lauder. Despite the buyout, Le Labo continues to progress in developing its brand manifesto, crafting fragrances 'in the lab' as well as personalised perfumes, candles, shampoos and lotions. 

Best le Labo Santal 33 Dupes

Starting with probably the most sought after cult fragrance from Le Labo, Santal 33. Offering base notes consisting of leather notes, floral notes such as Iris and Violet, and woody notes from the sandalwood and Virginia cedar wood, this fragrance is considered an amber fragrance, and is certainly a unique scent that is also a unisex scent. The nostalgic aroma from this fragrance puts it at the top of our list of Le Labo fragrances, and for that reason, we do indeed have our own dupe within our inspiration range, to tease you with. Read below for more information on the le labo's Santal 33 dupe choices. 

Iris by Parfumery

Iris by Parfumery, adopts the exact same base notes as the original Santal 33 fragrance. This fragrance doesn't have any top notes, just like the fragrance's inspiration, making it very similar to the original. The cruelty free perfume has a warmer feel to it, just like Le Labo's. 

The woody notes of the fragrance, make Iris have a long-lasting smell, both on the skin and sillage. The aroma has a subtle floral touch to it from the iris and violet, but it is quite a vintage feel, and the cardamom offers a fresh spicy kick to the leather notes of the fragrance. Amber smells dense by nature, and when added to the scent, it makes the scent warm, dense and like the real thing. It most definitely is worth adding that those that took the step in purchasing this, won't stop raving about this one of a kind perfume. The biggest win to this of course, is the money you will be saving!

Want to achieve the same cosy scent as Santal 33? Check out our famous dupe Iris, for less!

No.04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie

The Maison Louis Marie No.04 fragrance has been raved about online, for its closeness to the real thing. The cedarwood, sandalwood, woody notes and amber notes, offer a warmth and dry down like the original Le Labo Santal 33. This Santal 33 dupe however, has been told to have a lighter finish and performance than the original however, so be ready to carry this in your purse, to top up as you go about your day-especially if you want to be smelled and do not like it when fragrances are not overpowering. Nevertheless the note scent profile of this bottle is definitely similar, as is the smell, and for an eighth of the price, the same warm musk like hint to Le Labo, why would you ever not go for this?

Scent 1 by Zara

If you have stuck around for our perfume reviews previously, you will know that Zara always comes through when it comes to their ability to create a scent that adopts cult fragrance scent profiles. Scent 1 by Zara is exactly that, when compared to Le Labo's Santal 33.

The floral animalic powdery fragrance, has base notes of violet, cardamom and leather, which is of course 3 of the main base fragrance notes from Santal 33. While you will probably need to check really well around your local Zara for this, due to popular demand, the fragrance is unfortunately out of stock pretty much all the time. But one thing is for sure here, this bottle of perfume has been approved and receives plenty of compliments from fans who put Santal 33 as their top doted fragrance within their collection. Its polarising, fresh and projects very, very well. You get your money's worth for this one!

Warmth by Marks and Spencer

Not only does the bottle from Marks and Spencer offer a similar vibe to Le Labo, the aromatic note makeup of this perfume is almost identical to Santal 33. Coming from their wellness collection, the fragrance was created as a comforting scent that evokes cosiness and relief to the wearer. 

Infused with an oil base, you can really see how this warmer feeling perfume will become sooner rather than later a top scent that you prefer to wear on repeat.

Top Bergamote 22 Dupes

Bergamote 22 is a woody aromatic unisex fragrance that was launched in the earlier days of the brand's conception. The most desirable features of this perfume is of course the Bergamot main note, alongside grapefruit, vanilla, musk, amber, vetiver, petit grain, orange blossom and cedarwood. 

Known for its natural, clean, fresh notes and citrus opening and appeal, it became a quick purchasing option and blind buy for many who wanted to try out the famous Le Labo perfume house. 

Vetiver by Parfumery

Inspired by the Bergamote 22 scent from Le Labo, Vetiver is a woody concoction that adopts the exact same rich potency that many dote on when using the original scent. The zesty notes integrated alongside the creamy amber, musk and vanilla, will have you ready for the warmer months, as we now come out of winter.

While wearing this you must prepare yourself for the compliments you are about to receive, alongside the warm and revitalising woody dense aromatic amber florals.

Check out the latest catch, the Bergamote 22 dupe Vetiver from Parfumery!

Moss by Commodity

Moss by Commodity follows pursuit in creating perfumes that are very much similar to the real thing. Utilising the same notes just like Parfumery here, Commodity did also add a little bit extra, to make the perfume just that little bit more unique. The addition of Oakmoss, eucalyptus and cashmere wood, heighten the key appealing notes of Bergamote 22. The fragrance is that much more revitalising and fresh, however there is a greater hint of sweetness here, which many people believe compliments the must and woody aromas perfectly. 

Another 13 Clones

Another 13 is one of Le Labo's most bought scents due to the safety net offered by the scent profile of this fragrance. Many opt for this as their starter fragrance to the world of Le Labo, and for good reason. The use of the main notes Jasmine, pear, apple, fresh notes consisting of citrus, ambrette and moss, give an overall musky animalic, powdery perfume.

You by Glossier

You by Glossier is a famous fragrance in its own right, however in recent times, many have picked up and noticed how this musky, powdery fragrance mimics similarity to the Another 13 Le Labo scent. While the fragrance only has ambrette within its scent profile that is similar to Another 13's makeup, the dry down of this mimics the musky skin scent that made Another 13 go viral. Being a skin scent with a woody kick, you will definitely sniff this on your skin and wonder if you smelled this before-especially if you are an Another 13 fan. It is similar, but not identical.

Not A Perfume by Juliette has a Gun

Another skin scent that offers minimalist ingredients, Not A Perfume has been spotted by Another 13 fans, to offer a different dimension to Another 13. While many have layered these two together, as a singular scent, Not A Perfume is like a baby powdered cloud musk, which can be worn on every occasion, and offers the clean girl or boy aesthetic. While again it isn't an exact replica, it offers the same inspiration and vibrance as Another 13.


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