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Parfumery vs Next Perfume Dupes: Who Wins?

Parfumery vs Next Perfume Dupes: Who Wins?

When it comes to selecting the right perfume dupes and Next aftershave dupes, Parfumery and Next perfume dupes have offered some of the best selections for top designer scents favourites such as Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie, Dior Sauvage, Baccarat Rouge 540 MFK, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry, Jo Malone Nectarine and Sweet Honey, and so many more. 

For the signature dupes, you will find the key notes e.g. floral notes, fruity notes etc., come through very beautifully within the dupes, despite them not being original branded fragrances. Designer fragrances in reality, are collated with notes in the same way any other fragrance is created, it is only the branding that puts them apart from others. That is why dupes are often usually very easy to find for most scent lovers of designer scents. Next perfume dupes and Parfumery dupes have been creating a storm ate the forefront of fragrances, and the best thing about them is of course, is the fact there is no hefty price tag! Interested to no more? Let's dive in deeper...


Popular Next Perfume Dupes list

Popular Next perfume dupes that have really become popular over the past few years since their releases are listed down below.


Next Aura Perfume- Thierry Mugler Alien Dupe

The Next Aura perfume is a dupe and replica of the famous Theirry Mugler's Alien fragrance. Integrating the loved notes of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and cashmere. When placing the fragrances side by side, both fragrances smell very similar to one another, but of course the Next Aura perfume has a smaller price tag then its designer counterparts. 

Alien is a fragrance loved for its white flowers within its top notes, and of course it is known as one of the biggest and most iconic fragrances that has retained popularity over the years, due to the fact it will smell great for long periods of time. The next eau de parfum variation, also projects and lasts just as long as the original, making it possibly one of the best next perfume dupes released to date. Next Aura perfume is a testament to how a perfume dupe can perform and behave. Next crafted a perfect dupe by weaving in accords of opulence and of an alluring nature. However, you can say longevity for this is a one in a million, as Next perfume dupes in general don't actually last that long... 

Next Eau Nude- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Dupe 

The Next Eau Nude is reminiscent to the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Next perfumes received a lot of hype once this dupe was recognised and released, and all for good reason of course, Chanel's price point has always been a high end fragrances price point, making it not attainable for many. This delicate next perfume dupe offers the same nuanced experience, the floaty essence of floral notes wrapped in musky undertones. While the scent is sophisticated, there is a small window of longevity for this eau de toilette, and many opted to use it as a fragrance mist instead. 

Next Flowers- Marc Jacobs Daisy Dupe 

Taking inspiration from the opulent Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and floral scent, the perfume dupe embraces green notes, white floral notes, vanillas and woody musks. Not only does the bottle show resemblance to the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, the dry-down is very similar to the original too, even though the notes are not exact. The vibrancy is really in full blast when after the first spritz for the next's perfume. Suitable for everyday wear, the next fragrance doesn't perform well as a scent throughout the day, and rather than a perfume, this works better as a mist to keep topping up.

Next Summer Sun- Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess dupe

Summer sun is one of next's perfume dupes that remind you of summer, beaches, the tropics and tequilas. Being a sweet gourmand scent, the notes do come out better in the warmth of summer. Due to the nature of the accords, it is a dense sweet perfume, that has better longevity that Next's perfume floral dupes. In the original Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, the projection and sillage is intense, due to the white florals in the fragrance, unfortunately the dupe lacks replication of this, and it falls short performance wise. It still is a great summer fragrance choice, though!

Next Just Pink- Ralph Lauren Romance dupe

Ralph Lauren's Romance is an uplifting floral scent that develops throughout the day on the skin. Made entirely from floral notes, musk and green notes, the Next Just Pink doesn't really do the original justice from its note profile. However, the scent alone is an elegant scent that makes effortless wear, and blends the fruity green and floral notes effortlessly, to give you a lovely perfume and enchanting blend. It is one of the popular scents and Next perfume dupes that will have you walking past and getting a great sillage blast from the strong base notes of this perfume. Similar to the Ralph Lauren Romance? A little, but not a lot.

Next Candied Flowers- La Vie Est Belle Dupe 

Another famous fragrance on the Next perfume dupes list is the La Vie Estée Belle from Lancome. Candied flowers is a lot cheaper than the lancome fragrance that's for sure. But being one of the affordable alternatives for next perfumes, is not only why this one is popular. The blend of this perfume from Next smells extremely close to the original. Capturing the same white florals, orange flower and orange blossom, and then transforming into a rich sweet vanilla scent, makes this an elegant new fragrance you need to try out for yourself. Its the epitome of femininity and they did the Lancome original justice with this one! Even the performance is pretty good and moderate. 

Next Cashmere- Estée Lauder's Sensuous Nude

Last but not least we have the Next Cashmere fragrance, which is a dupe for the Estée Lauder's Sensuous Nude. Offering only three base notes to make up this entire scent, the musk and floral notes make up a powdery finish, similar to the Estee Lauder fragrance. However, this is more of a skin scent and scent enhancer, meaning the projection of this overall is pretty poor. If however you are looking to enhance the natural notes of the Lauder fragrance, this would make a good pair for sure. The Next dupe however, is inoffensive, quiet and pretty boring...


Next Perfume Dupes Pros

Cheap price

Of course, the biggest win for purchasing the next perfume dupes, is the fact the fragrances come with an extremely small price point, making it affordable, and unapologetically sprayed in excess, as you do not need to worry about using it up so quickly.

Plenty of Next stores to get a bottle at

The easy accessibility of the perfume dupe fragrances too, is another reason why many love to buy them. You can just go to your nearest next perfume shop and store, and purchase a bottle, or two, or three.. it is that easy to do so!


Next Perfume Dupes Cons

Dont last

The biggest issue with Next perfume dupes, is the fact that the eau de parfum scents and next perfumes in general have pretty low performance, meaning you will need to top up often if you are looking to keep the smell, and actually still smell it on yourself too. The projection is poor, so that is something you have to get used to, when buying next perfume dupes. 

Smell synthetic due to cheap ingredients

The cheap ingredients used to make the fragrance dupes from Next, are nowhere near close, when it comes to the designer fragrances and their note profiles. The notes are synthetic, and for that reason, it makes the fragrance smell completely different when you initially spray them, but also they don't last well for this reason too. 


Popular Parfumery Fragrances

Parfumery offers an inspiration range, which has been created entirely inspired by some of the industry's top fragrances at the moment. Popular names such as Baccarat Rouge, Gypsy Water, Santal 33 and No5 Chanel, are just a few of the large selection of dupes Parfumery offers. 

D'or Parfumery- Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe  

The famous cult fragrance hit, Baccarat Rouge is a famous perfume from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Parfumery created their own dupe utilising osmosis techniques, to create an astonishingly exact makeup for the luxury perfume. With the same opening floral notes, white amber and amber heart notes, and woody base notes, D'or is a perfume dupe suitable for both genders. Leaving a long lasting impression and projection for the low price point, the amber woody musk scent lasts for many hours and becomes a heavy fragrant perfume once the notes dry down.

Curious about the D'or Fragrance from our Inspirations range?

Bijou Parfumery- Gypsy Water Dupe

Bijou from Parfumery is a recreation of another cult hit, gypsy water. Emanating the same loved powdery florals and woody notes, this fragrance warms down into something just better than a skin scent. Just like the original, you get a few hours wear, until the scent becomes intimate and close between the sheets. It is elegant, refined and perfect for all year round. The dupe does the original Eau de Parfum perfect justice!

Check out our Gypsy Water that will save you spending big bucks!

Ambre Parfumery- No 5 Chanel Dupe

When has Chanel dupes ever not been in demand. Parfumery this time recreated their dupe from the classical No 5 Chanel, which is loved for its woody, powdery, white floral and musky undertones. Being the timeless scent that Chanel's No5 is, Parfumery do the iconic fragrance justice, and really blend the floral jasmine, rose, iris and citrus openings very well. Once the scent becomes heavier upon the dry down, you have musky warm wood and amber accords wrapping you up in a blanket of fragrant and opulent light spicy textures. This feminine fragrance lasts very long, projects enormously, and will stay on your clothes for days after the initial spritz. Its' a winner of a dupe. 

Ambre takes after a classic fragrance but you can buy it for less than a classic's price-check it out here!

Iris Parfumery- Santal 33 Dupe

Le Labo's Santal 33 is a polarising iris woody fragrance, that is perfect for lounging and everyday wear. The low maintenance scent makes it ideal for casual get togethers, and has become a loved cult fragrance with much hype since the year of its release. Parfumery managed to ignite the same expensive and luxurious notes in the fragrance, such as sandalwood, leather, papyrus, cedar, cardamom, violet, iris and amber, to make an exact dupe just like the one bought in luxury stores. Don't believe it? You just need to spray it once to recognise the same expensive smell-but for a fraction of the price. With the incredible sillage following you wherever you go, the aromatic aroma will stop those who pass by, and create a cloud of smelling goodness for 7 hours or more.

Smell just as good with our Le Labo classic dupe for Santal 33, Iris.

Rouge Parfumery- Lost Cherry Dupe

Tom Ford's creations put the perfumes at the top of luxury fragrance purchases. Often a small bottle of Tom Ford can set you back 200 pounds if not more, depending on the fragrance Line. Parfumery however reacted the exotic boozy cherry fragrance for a tenth of the price, and you still get the same crowd pleasing intoxicating cherry liqueur fun with each spritz. Best thing is, all of Parfumery fragrances are cruelty free, meaning you can enjoy Rouge guilt free, but also share the next best secret for fragrance dupes. Lost cherry, by Tom Ford but for less.

Get the loved cherry boozy fragrance from Tom Ford, but at a more lovable price


Parfumery Pros

Cheaper than RRP

The fragrances from Parfumery smell exactly the same as originals, and come at a fraction of the luxury prices. Making it a win, when you are buying a dupe that smells exactly the same!

Close smell due to reverse osmosis

Due to the reverse osmosis fragrance technique, Parfumery combines all the original notes of the fragrances, to make the dupes have a similar if not an exact smell.

Last longer

The high quality fragrance notes ensure that you are getting a mirrored experience of the original fragrances within the dupes, that last longer than usual dupes on the market.

Can add pheromones

Parfumery also offers the option to add pheromones to the dupe collection, to ensure fragrances warm to your natural scent, and communicate with your natural body chemistry. This is just another way of making the dupe fragrances last much longer, and add ro your fragrance experience. 

Parfumery Cons

Slightly higher price than Next dupes (But better quality)

The prices of Parfumery dupes do come at a higher price point- usually an extra 10 pounds on average. However this covers the costs of the reverse osmosis techniques which ensure longer performance and quality of the dupes. The higher price allows you to get what you are really paying for-which is a worthy replica to the luxury fragrances!


Overall, it is pretty clear that while Next has years of experience within the field of dupe creations, their cheaper use of notes for their creations is what makes the performance and quality of their fragrances suffer. This ultimately explains why they can sell dupes for a cheaper price point than Parfumery. Parfumery however, offers a higher price point, yes, but their creations are very similar if not exact to the luxury original fragrances. You can get a similar experience for wear when taking into account projection, sillage, and longevity. Of course, all of this is achieved even though the selling price is a fraction of the luxury prices! Parfumery is definitely the winner, hands down.


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