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The Best Kilian Dupes You Can Find in 2024

The Best Kilian Dupes You Can Find in 2024

Kilian perfume is a luxury fragrance brand that offers multiple refreshing scent choices to select from, ranging from evening wear appropriate scents, to everyday sweet scent choices. Due to the great perfume releases from Kilian, there have been great alternative dupes that have cropped up over the years, making it more affordable for people to try the scent and adopt the key notes of the fragrances within their collection.

Kilian Paris fragrances such as Love Don't Be Shy perfume, Kilian Good Girl, Killian Princes and Kilian Angels Share, are some of the most popular smells from the collection. Finding the perfect dupe of these can be difficult, as there are many options out there, however we have done all the hard work of looking, and have some great Killian dupe comparison selections to explore. You won't believe how similar or exact the dupes smell like!

Top Kilian Love Don't be Shy Dupes

Kilian Love Don't Be Shy is a sweet vanilla and floral gourmand fragrance, launched in 2007. Being one of the most iconic fragrances from Kilian perfumes, you have popular celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Mariah Carey being religious followers of the fragrance for years since its release. This brand isn't shy of celebrity endorsement or an occult of followers amongst social media influencers. You may be wondering, what makes this fragrance so special? 

Brought to life by the perfumer Calice Becker, the feminine sensual scent offers excellent projection and longevity, with opening top notes of pink pepper, coriander, bergamot and neroli. The reveal of the scent is a spicy citrusy blast, that very quickly warms up into the middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, iris, rose and honeysuckle. The delicate white floral notes are what make this scent project heavily, creating a stage for you to shine and blast a tantalising scent to all those around you. Of course the gourmand in this scent, really comes from the final base notes of the fragrance, with sugar, vanilla, caramel, musk, civet and labdanum being the main stars of this fragrance, these notes add warmth and density to the body, as well as an animalistic and sweet bite to the overall finish and dry down. Its an exemplary fragrance. 

However, there are alternatives to explore with a much more considerate price for you wallet....

Parfumery - Jaune

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If you are looking for the perfect Kilian dupe to Love Don't Be Shy, then look no further than Jaune. The scent launched from the inspired collection, is cruelty free, and offers the perfect ambience as far as fragrances go, with this amber fragrance. Of course, recreating a popular fragrance such as Love Don't Be Shy isn't easy, but utilising the exact same mix of notes in the dupe gives this fragrance beautiful textures and details that make you feel you are wearing the original loved fragrance.

The dupe boasts the exact same notes in its scent profile, making the Love Don't Be Shy dupe, smell the EXACT same! What is loved by the original fragrance, is the long performance and sillage, and the Jaune dupe doesn't disappoint in this regard, as you get that marshmallow gourmand Drydown for over 8 hours on the skin, and much longer when you spray it on clothing. The Love Don't Be Shy smell for a dupe is pretty spot on.

Velvet Shadow - Zara

When creating fragrances, Zara often totally hits the mark. Of course, after customers get their hands on them, they often report their similarity to famous fragrances that are cult beauty finds and are trending within the social media realm. Zara isn't shy of using popular fragrances as its inspiration, and it would see not only are they able to tick of fragrance dupes from the likes of Baccarat Rouge from MFK, Tom Ford and fragrances like Lost Cherry, but now, they have created a fragrance that smells like Love Don't Be Shy. 

Launched in 2023, Velvet Shadow is relatively new on the scene, offering candy gourmand notes from its marshmallow accords, mandarin and white floral notes jasmine. It is no secret that scents from Zara are created with minimal notes, but this gourmand fragrances evokes the same sensory tease and warmth that Kilian Love Don't Be Shy does. It's a great cheaper alternative to consider as a Kilian Love Don't Be Shy dupe.

Classique Pin Up - jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Pin Up from Jean Paul Gaultier offers the similar nuances as the Kilian perfume, with the use of marshmallow, vanilla, amber and white florals such as orange blossom, you will find yourself sniffing away at your wrist and feeling like you have been there before somehow. 

As a Kilian Don't Be Shy dupe, the opening could be better, the initial spray and pre-dry down isn't the same-it's stronger but once the base notes start to come through, it becomes powdery and less citrus, with sweet warm accords and soapy textures.

Aldi - Lacura Intense Passion

The Aldi Lacura Intense Passion is an Eau de Parfum fragrance that offers a perfect dupe alternative for a really affordable price. For just 6 pounds, you get the same sugary mix, with delicious gourmand vanilla, caramel and white florals. 

Aldi has become a supermarket brand just like Marks and Spencers to be offering replicas of famous fragrances such as Baccarat Rouge from MFK, Jo Malone fragrances, and much, much more. For the price a bottle sells, it's worth checking it out for curiosity's sake, right?

Best Good Girl Gone Bad Dupes

Another popular Kilian fragrance is Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad. This fragrance is more floral, fruity with a soft animalic spicy twist.

Utilising the notes osmanthus, jasmine and may rose within the top notes, tuberose, narcissus in the middle notes, and amber and cedar, you can see why the Drydown becomes softer and spicier.

Parfumery - Narcisse

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Parfumery as ever have created a replica due to this fragrance. Utilising the same notes and makeup as its mother fragrance Good Girl Gone Bad, you will find there isn't much difference between the two fragrances, and you really will be captured in the same light as the original. The comparison between each show no differences, and of course the performance and quality of the fragrance once you spray it, will leave a lasting impression due to the impressive silage and longevity once the fragrance touches your clothing and skin. 

Maison Al Hambra - Kismet for Women

Kismet has a formula that is almost exact to Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad. In addition to this, the bottle shares an uncanny resemblance to the original which clearly indicates that this fragrance was made due to inspiration from Good Girl Gone Bad. Sharing all the same notes as the Kilian fragrance, the only difference is one singular note of apricot in the opening top notes. However it doesn't make a significant difference to the development of the fragrance, and you probably won't even notice it!

Best Dupes For Princess

Princess is a sweet powdery, green and spicy fragrance. With just three notes in the entire fragrance, a spray of this doesn't take long to develop and warm up into the dry down of the fragrance at all. The Marshmallow, matcha and ginger work together to give you a subtle sweetness under all the greens and earthy vibrance. 

Released in 2022, it did not take long at all for this fragrance to shoot to the top in terms of popularity. 

Parfumery - Jasmin

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Jasmin is inspired by the Princess fragrance from Kilian. Offering the same loved marshmallow notes that are balanced out by white jasmine, green tea and vanilla. There are more notes, yes, than the original, however the same sweet floral cloud that the original fragrance offers is still present. You don't need to search anymore, as this dupe really smells the same but just that much better.

In terms of performance and duration, the sillage is moderate and flows with the body very, very well. You will also find that you can get 7-8 or more hours of wear from this, especially if you apply this fragrance to freshly moisturised skin. 

Great Angels Share Dupes

Angels Share is one of the most tales about fragrances from Kilian. The woody spicy and cinnamon fragrance, is a real head turner, and will have you capturing all the attention in a matter of seconds. There is a reason why stars such as Beyonce and Rihanna love this fragrance- it's a show stopper without even trying. 

The notes in this are boozy, fun and decadent. The scent starts off with cognac, and then subtly moves into cinnamon, tonka bean, oak and the final base notes of praline, vanilla and sandalwood. It is the perfect fragrance for cosy winter seasons, or nighttime date wear.

Maison Al Hambra - Kismet Angel

Maison Al Hambra has a record of creating fragrances inspired by Kilian, in addition to making their bottles look very similar... Using a similar fragrance profile, you will find in this fragrance the cognac is within the middle notes, meaning you get that boozy accord much later after your first spray onto the skin. What comes through the fragrance first is a rich and sweet honey-like amber, that is dense and wraps you up in a blanket of warmth and cosiness. The caramel notes and tonka, alongside the cognac then make the fragrance develop into a powdery sweet and heavy scent that calms you down and really makes you feel touched by luxury.

While this fragrance is a little bit more boozy than the original, this unfortunately does also make the longevity lack in comparison to the original. However with a fraction of the price to worry about, there is no guilt whatsoever in re-spraying!

Zara - Sand Desert At Sunset

To finish the Kilian dupe list, what is more appropriate than Zara? The Sand Desert At Sunset, is a lovely balance between woody accords, spices and citrus. Unlike many other Zara fragrances, there are more than three notes here, meaning the depth that this fragrance goes has greater context, and one for many smells like heaven!

The clever use of incense, and citrus, give character from the moment you spray it, and as the scent sinks, that's when the aromatic spices pull you in, and the scent warms up and becomes cosier. While it isn't an exact match, it's very similar. Many have tried mixing Angels Share with this and really enjoyed what scent development they were able to create. Singularly however, the fragrance doesn't last as long as Angels Share, but for such a small fraction of the price, you can really go wild with how much you spray!


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