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The Best Jo Malone Dupes You can Buy - From Wood Sage & Sea Salt to Myrrh & Tonka

The Best Jo Malone Dupes You can Buy - From Wood Sage & Sea Salt to Myrrh & Tonka

Jo Malone's fragrances are some of the most popular fragrances to be purchased in the UK and internationally, so popular in fact that Jo Malone dupes have taken on a whole new trend of their own. The UK-based brand has released some very prestigious fragrances since their founding in 1991. Famous fragrances such as Jo Malone London Peony, English Pear and Freesia, Orange Blossom, Wild Bluebell and Wild Sage & Sea Salt, became recognisable for the brand and have become some of the signature fragrances for the perfume house ever since.

Finding the perfect Jo Malone fragrances as a Jo Malone dupe has become relatively easy, however, finding quality long lasting Jo Malone dupes is another thing entirely-unless you know where to look of course. 

Jo Malone History

Jo Malone has founded two fragrance brands to date, however began her journey and gained her respect within the perfume industry, with her first brand Jo Malone. Launched in 1991, there was a great buzz and respect for traditional fragrances and their combination, once Jo Malone came into business. Now known as a fragrance scent maverick, it took working in skincare, for her to realise fragrances and scents were her calling. Setting up at home, she motioned scents in her kitchen and realised the demand for her concoctions became too hard to keep up with in London and she would need to expand.

Opening her first boutique in London 1994, it became a flagship and quickly expanded in 1999, when her customers enjoyed the idea of creating custom scents for themselves. Sloane street boutique again was a huge hit, creating a collection of combined customised scents for customers became the next obvious choice. 

Utilising a simple and elegant branding packaging, Jo Malone pushed her fragrances into a new route of identity and luxury. Tasteful perfume selections evolved and became the next best expensive perfumes of the moment. Her fragrance lines developed for various special occasions and everyday wear, that shoppers find it very hard to resist. Jo Malone mastered a need in the consumer market- single and double note scents- which were not found so easily, especially ones that had staying power. 

Jo Malone London became so recognised in the world of fragrance, that in 1999 Estee Lauder acquired the company and kept her on as creative director. However after some time Jo Malone parted ways with Jo Malone and branched into fragrance once more, creating her new brand Jo Loves in 2011. 

While Jo Malone went into a new direction, she left behind phenomenal fragrances that have become cult favourites since her departure from the brand include fragrances such as Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Myrrh & Tonka, English Pear & Freesia, Basil & Neroli, Amber & Lavender, Pomegranate Noir, Wild Bluebell, Sweet Lime & Cedarwood, Amber & Patchouli, Jo Malone London Peony, Vetiver & Golden Vanilla, and much more!

Best Wood Sage & Sea Salt Dupes

Wood Sage & Sea Salt is an aromatic marine and herbal perfume that has hints of musk and citrus. Top notes in this include sea salt, sage, grapefruit, ambrette and seaweed. Due to the simplicity of Jo Malone scents, the scent smells fresh light, with a tinted aroma. One spritz on each pulse point will have your skin smelling like the ocean, and a scent you definitely will always remember. 

Due to the popularity of the fragrance, there are more affordable alternatives now with dupes resembling the same smell and notes that we all love from the original. 

Sauge by Parfumery

Sage by Parfumery, is a dupe fragrance from the inspiration range, that captures the same notes and essence of the Jo Malone Wood Sage & sea Salt fragrance. While the original fragrance has just one level of notes, Sage has top notes of Ambrette seeds, middle notes of sea salt, and base notes of sage. 

Just like the original fragrance from Jo Malone, this dupe has the same longevity of 4-5 hours, and is a calm non invasive fragrance. While you get the same skin soaking scent as the original, you will be able to smell clean, fresh and crisp without the hefty price tag. If you are looking for a similar scent as the Wood Sage and Sea Salt, this is most certainly the top scent and dupe.

Click here to check out the number 1 Wood Sage & Sea Salt dupe, Sage.

Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks

Just like the Jo Malone London inspiration, the scent profile of the Pacific Rock fragrance, is aromatic, citrusy (without any bergamot or mandarin notes!), herbal and earthy. With one level of notes to its scent, there is a mixture of Italian lemon, sage, moss, geranium and Virginia cedar to the note selection, giving an overall floral fresh warm embrace when you spritz the scent on your skin. The fresh and unique use of floral notes in this perfume, make it authentic, unique and certainly a scent that smells like the beach. While the notes are certainly not exact, it's a similar Eau de Parfum perfume, that makes you feel like you are being hit by the rays of summer...

Before the Rainbow by Fine'ry

Another fresh Jo Malone London dupe to add to the list, with only three notes in total, the salt, oakmoss and bergamot make this an earthy perfume and dupe to Wood Sage and Sea Salt. While the bottle and scent profile of the accords is simple, there is a spicy kick to the perfume, and it smells a lot more woodier than it actually should, making it a great dupe and scent to the approaching summer. 

Picture a nice breezy day at the beach, right in the height of summer, and the fresh zest of sea salt in the air, that is sharp but also pleasant... That is exactly what this fragrance feels like. It's clean, natural and a perfect dupe to wear on date nights and everyday. Some would say it is missing a kick of warm neroli to spicen the scent even more, but we will leave that for you to decide.

Top Nectarine Blossom & Honey Clones

Nectarine Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone London is a powdery, fruity and floral combination. The opening notes feature sweet black currant, petit grain and green notes. The heart notes/middle notes include nectarine, and floral notes such as black locust. Finally the base notes are plum, vetiver and peach. This fragrance also comes in as a candle, due to the huge popularity standing behind the fragrance. 

Cherie by Parfumery

Inspired by the loved Nectarine Blossom & Honey Jo Malone London perfume, this dupe will offer the same fresh burst and fruity accords, for a much cheaper price. Balanced with green notes, and sweet honey, the scent was created to be enhanced by the heat of summer, and really up the impression you make, hopping to and from the office and date nights. Despite its relaxed nature, the fragrance wears really well, and you can really get longer wear from it, if you moisturise well and take care of your skin during the summer. The natural oils from skin can really push this fragrance into a heat performer and enhancer, if you let it.

The realistic sweetness of the honey balanced by the juiciness of the nectarine, and blackcurrant, will ensure you grab all the attention and receive compliments, left, right and centre!

If you are wanting to save money on Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Check out Chérie by Parfumery

Nude Silk by KKW

Nude Silk comes from the famous fragrance line of Kim Kardashian. Created to be just above a skin scent, you will find nude silk is very mellow but beautiful for the summer heat. utilising green notes and bergamot for its opening notes, fruity notes like peach, in addition to floral notes such as honeysuckle, rose and peony, the base notes of musk, sandalwood and solar notes really taper off the fruity punch and bring the fragrance back down to earth. 

It is by no means an exact fragrance, but the dry down reminds you massively of the sweet Jo Malone London perfume, and it is a similar scent over all.

The Best Myrrh & Tonka Clones

Here we move into the loved autumn and winter season fragrances from Jo Malone. The Myrrh and Tonka perfume offers amber accords, mixed in with sweet vanilla, spicy almonds and of course a touch of floral notes from the calming lavender. 

The creamy smooth smoky undertones of pink pepper balanced with the musky accords of Tonka Bean and Myrrh offer complete sophistication and an addictive fragrance. There is a reason that this perfume is loved and a cult -worthy perfume, even though it was released in 2016, it still has not and will not be forgotten.

Tonka by Parfumery

Bringing to life the same notes and accords loved by fans of the Myrrh and Tonka fragrance, the Tonka dupe offers complete warmth and comfort-things you want and search for in a winter warmer perfume. The signature performers in this dupe inspiration are the delicate touches of vanilla with Tonka Bean, which are in no way overbearing, but completely in equilibrium with one another. 

This fragrance is forgiving and will allow you to let go of any thoughts of reapplication for the whole day, as its staying power is exceptional and will seriously have you leaving a scent trail wherever you go- so be prepared for many compliments coming your way!

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Starlight vanilla by Zara

And yet another Zara dupe sees the light of day and becomes a hit. Zara has always nailed fragrances for their ability to utilise similar notes that take inspiration from major luxury fragrances that come at higher prices. While this fragrance doesn't have any white florals in it, the staying power of the lavender projects like any strong floral such as jasmine or rose. It is quite impressive for lavender. Paired with the vanilla, almond milk, amber and silk, and you have a fragrant and captivating Eau de Parfum that can be worn from day to night. 

The fragrance overall has a similar hint to the Myrrh and Tonka, but it isn't an exact replica, and perhaps denser and sticker for a fragrance. The bottles of both fragrance however, do share a resemblance and remind you of one another.

Top English Pear & Freesia Dupes

Last fragrance we will be reviewing from a perspective of dupe selections is the English Pear & Freesia perfume from Jo Malone London. This floral, fruity aquatic fragrance, is a fresh, powdery mood lifter in a bottle. Not only have there been candles made from this fragrance, due to popularity, but the fragrance also has various body lotions and care products made to accompany the scent too. Created to be worn all year round, many believe this perfume changes up throughout the year, depending on season, so you can really see how different this performs across the year and enjoy the experience all at the same time. Throughout the day the fragrance softens and becomes a skin scent, which you can enjoy or reapply all over again to relive the experience.

For some it may be too sweet a scent, others find this part of its appeal. Nevertheless, it is a favourite, and one that has the greatest lasting power in the entire Jo Malone collection. The notes in the fragrance include English pear, melon, freesia and rose for the heart notes, and musk, patchouli, rhubarb and amber for the base and finishing notes. 

Poire by Parfumery

Poire is an inspiration and reminisce of british gardens and of course the unique fragrance from Jo Malone. The sweetness from the pear and melon, balanced with the refreshing floral notes of freesia and rose, become heightened by the musk, patchouli, amber and bitterness of rhubarb. 

The musk and pear make the silage of this fragrance huge and will intercept everyone in the room. While it is bold and performs well for around 4-5 hours of strong projection, some people really enjoy how this scent tapers off at the end of the day and becomes more skin-intimate, which is perfect for creating a warm aroma that you can enjoy on clothes and yourself. Whichever way you prefer to wear it, the fragrance is beautiful, elegant and occasionally flexible-just like Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia.

Check out Britain's most loved summer fragrance and dupe Poire

Aldi no.4 - Freesia & Pear

Aldi's no.4 fragrance made Jo Malone lovers go wild. When it first was released, it took a few reviews across social media, to make this dupe sell out pretty instantly. At just £5.99 in price, it comes in at just a miniscule fraction of the original perfumes cost. Even the packaging and boxing used by Aldi, shows huge resemblance to Jo Malone's signature look and marketing tactics of the brand. 

Putting both fragrances side by side however, there is a more artificial smell with the dupe, which most definitely does not work for everyone, but they definitely do resemble one another and last around the same time, in terms of performance. However, if you are wanting something more true to the English Pear & Freesia fragrance, definitely stick to the Poire dupe which is very true to the Jo Malone perfume.

Royal Mystery by Swiss Arabian

Created with the exact notes as the English Pear & Freesia, the blend of this fragrance isn't as smooth as the Jo Malone creation. As a dupe, it has the same notes, yes, but the Royal Mystery is far sweeter, sugary, and has higher concentrations of florals and fruits in its opening and heart notes, making it a stronger scent overall. While the longevity of this is far greater, there is a hint and similarity in their character, and you probably need to wear this for the whole day, to have it tapering out to the gentle characteristics as Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia. Nevertheless, it is a striking scent and dupe-but don't expect an exact scent and performance with this one.



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