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The Top Byredo Dupes for 2024 - Inc. Gypsy Water, Blanche and More

The Top Byredo Dupes for 2024 - Inc. Gypsy Water, Blanche and More

Byredo Eau de Parfum fragrances hit up a storm within the fragrance world from their conception upon launch in 2006. Niche fragrances outside of the typical luxury designer perfumes, have great respect for their quality focus on the notes and accords that create customised scents to life-Byredo is no different and is the epitome of such mastery.

Founded by Ben Gorham in Stockholm Sweden, Each fragrance within the collection is a recollection of stories, experiences and memories which have contributed to the fragrant creations. Byredo Gypsy Water, a woody aromatic fragrance, was the first to debut, and became a social media hit, for the delicate notes and alchemy the scent brings to fragrances. There isn't an influencer or celebrity that doesn't boast at least one of the fragrances from Byredo, but it is very likely the Byredo Gypsy Water perfume being the one many have in their collection.

Today we recollect the greatest scents from Byredo signature scent debuts, as well as their famous dupes which you can have for less, for the same staying power, scent notes and of course overall performance. Don't worry, there will be more than one Byredo Gypsy Water dupe for you to consider here!

Best Gypsy Water Dupe Fragrances

Gypsy water is a woody scent with top notes consisting of lemon, bergamot, pepper and juniper berries. The middle notes are made up of pine needles, incense and orris root. The main base notes are what can mostly be picked up when the fragrance drys down after the initial sweet spray of the fragrance- these are vanilla, sandalwood and amber.

Bijou by Parfumery

The first of the Byredo's Gypsy Water dupes we have on the list, is Bijou inspired by Gypsy Water, from Parfumery. This fragrance is probably the most accurate and a great Gypsy Water Dupe to consider. Why? Well, the fragrance top notes, middle notes and base notes are exactly the same to the original, making the scent pretty much a replica, for much less. Despite the pepper being in the top notes, the warmth and spice of this scent really pulls through the fragrance, making it as if there are pepper middle notes too. Don't be deceived, the alchemy of this Byredo Gypsy Water dupe is really original and a great creation for any perfume lover to have in their collection.

Click here to check out the number 1 Gypsy Water dupe, Bijou.

Gold by Commodity

Gold from Commodity is another lovely fragrance that has a similar style and notes to the Byredo Gypsy Water. The 100ml bottle of this however comes costing a fraction of the hefty price tag of Byredo's Gypsy Water 100ml bottle, which many wanting to invest in a fragrance like Gypsy Water, really appreciate.

If you were to summarise this perfume by three characteristics, you would get a scent profile of sweet, woody aromatic fragrance and vanilla. The opening spritz of Gold welcomes fruity Juniper berries and musk, which is bright and splashy (like Gypsy Water), and then the Gypsy Water dupe scent really sinks into a denseness when the woody amber and vanilla notes take hold. The scent really is the perfect fragrance for creating an abundance of decadent cosy sophistication, which after 8 hours of strong projection and sillage, it then develops into a skin scent that captures attention within intimate proximity. Many prefer the performance of this over Gypsy Water as the original Byredo scent unfortunately, doesn't have the same lasting power as Gold.

Lost Cause by Phlur

Lost Cause by Phlur was launched recently in 2022, with top notes such as Bergamot, Rhubarb and lush greenery. The middle notes bring into the fragrance, more floral notes and fruity fresh hints that lingers just for a bit, until the base notes of ambergris and vanilla orchid come through.

While you wouldn't expect this mix to smell anything like Byredo's Gypsy Water, there is a resemblance, with many saying this is simply a more earthy and floral fragrance version of the Gypsy Water. So, if you found that Gypsy Water is possibly missing a hint of floral notes for a greater feminine twist, maybe this fragrance could be the one for you?

Top Mojave Ghost Dupes

Mojave Ghost is a later release from Byredo, and is considered an Amber floral fragrance, due to the top notes of Sapodilla, Ambrette, Musk, the middle notes/heart notes of magnolia, violet, sandalwood and the base notes of ambergris and cedar. The drydown of the Mojave Ghost is quite powdery and musky, making it a great layering fragrance to consider, if you are wanting to really get the best of its spraying power, especially on clothes.

The nostalgic and diaphanous sense created from this fragrance is the reason Byredo has become a master perfume house within the industry now, but within the recent years, dupes of Mojave Ghost have popped up...

Sable by Parfumery

Utilising reverse osmosis techniques, Parfumery have created a notable Mojave Ghost dupe, that vibrates with the same loved violet feminine musks, as well as the Sadopilla florals and the woody scent notes such as cedar and sandalwood. The amber in the Sable inspired by Mojave Ghost, really gives the perfume texture and an earthy foundation for the rest of the fragrance.

After hours of wear you are left with a transformed smell, a musk like incense that is comforting, fresh and lingers for days on your clothes.

If you're after Mojave Ghost but want to save some money, then view Sable now.

Santal Glow by Zara

Santal Glow is an Eau de Toilette fragrance from Zara, that has sparked an interest for its resemblance to the popular in demand Byredo fragrance Mojave Ghost. Utilising just three notes in its entire fragrance, its the heart notes of Jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, that bring it very close to the fragrance, with even greater longevity and duration on the skin when worn. While it has been discontinued, there are some traces of this fragrance within stores. This calls for a pending shopping spree at Zara..Who's with us?

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

Okay, so any Chanel fragrance isn't considered as affordable, in terms of price range however, when you compare the price to Mojave Ghost, it still comes down at a fraction of the price in comparison to a 100ml bottle of the Byredo creation.

When we break down the fragrance notes profile, there are some differences of course. Chance Eau Tendre has a zesty opening due to the citrus notes of grapefruit and Quince. It is only when the middle notes of the fragrance begin to come through, that the floral powdery-ness hint creeps in, with the white floral jasmine accords and the eventual iris, musk, amber and cedar of the base notes. If you want a similar feel to Mojave, you have to be patient and let the Chanel fragrance develop on your skin, for the base notes to really shine.

The Greatest Blanche Dupes

Blanche is a typical skin scent that rose to fame, for its simplistic and effective formula, that offers hints of clean sheets, musk and soapy white florals. The gentle formula offers an easy going perfume that is suitable for everyday use with minimalism and grace. Blanche is probably one of the most popular fragrances for all-seasons, as the floral, peppery, musk and woody mix, alters and heightens depending on the weather. In warm seasons the spicy textures come out more, where in colder climates the cosy musks really shine in abundance.

Violet by Parfumery

To kick-start the Blanche Byredo fragrance dupes, we have Violet from the inspired range at Parfumery. Violet offers the same note profile as Blanche- with stronger projection and performance. The fragrance has higher concentrated oils, making Violet smell exactly the same but better. Just like the original Blanche, once the scent emulsifies down, it becomes a skin scent that works beautifully for intimate situations. The fresh clean sillage will follow you around, and have you smelling like skin- but better all day long.

Simply click here to get your bottle of Violet today.

Toy 2 by Moschino

Toy 2 by Moschino isn't an exact replica to Blanche, and is very much an inspired fragrance that resembles Byredo's works. However the top peppery notes, mixed with florals and woody accords in the heart and base notes, really get you wondering if you have smelled this before...

Toy 2 does have a stronger and smokier overall output in terms of the fragrance projection once the scent dries down, meaning it is in no way as soft or as subtle as the Blanche; which can be an 'almost' tease as a fragrance, as you have to get in close enough to catch a whiff. Therefore, those that love Blanche for the subtle airy characteristics, may possibly find the loudness of Toy 2 quite off-putting and brash. Worth getting a sample and checking it out for yourself though, right?

Above the Clouds by H&M

Above the Clouds is a bespoke fragrance from the popular high-street fashion brand H&M. Just like Blanche, the scent is the definition of a fresh laundry-like scent. Amplified for its qualities in the warmer months, you will really enjoy the longer duration and performance this fragrance offers. The spicy kick from the pepper middle notes integrated with the amber musks, have you quite literally lingering above the clouds...


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