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The Best Creed Clones

The Best Creed Clones

Top Creed Aventus Clones

Before we can dive into the Creed Aventus clone dupes, it's important to delve deeper into Creed Aventus and its history. Creed Aventus is a fragrance with a mixture of both fruity notes and woody notes. The fruity opening comes directly from the use of top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, apple and lemon. The woody dry down of the Creed Aventus eau de parfum fragrance, comes from the oak moss, cedarwood and woody dry birch base notes. There is also a natural smelling hint of the floral heart notes Moroccan Jasmine and Patchouli, however they come through as rather fresh smell, that is a great calming addition to the spicy kick the black pepper gives to the fragrance's profile. You can try out a sample of Aventus by clicking here.

This original Creed Aventus mens fragrance comes with intention and inspiration from the historical past. Inspired by the success and life of Emperor Napoleon, the perfume bottle itself showcases the impressive silver emblem of a warrior, which Napoleon certainly was. This heroic scent is ready to be mounted by any man who is wishing to add to their impressive collection of fragrances. Creed Aventus is an impressive fragrance with a beautiful fragrance profile.

Why is Creed Aventus so popular?

Creed Aventus offers a beautiful selection of notes for its fragrance scent profile that are harmonious and embody the luxury perfumery house that is Creed. While other fragrances smell similar and offer similar notes, the fruity sweet citrus and woody profile of this fragrance is certainly unique and none have been able to match it, until now.

Aventus clone perfumes have made it on the market, and have actually been able to embody similar if not exact top notes, heart notes and base notes of the Creed Aventus perfume. However, due to the need and want from fragrance enthusiasts now on the market, it does not mean that every Creed Aventus dupe is worth spending money on and purchasing.

So, below is a summary of the best Aventus clone eau de parfum options right now, which are more affordable than the luxury price tag, and still smell similar. Perfumes can still smell similar without the hefty price tag!

Citron by Parfumery

Inspired by the mighty Creed Aventus, this Aventus clone brings the exact same notes and finest ingredients from the fragrance, with a sweeter kick to work harmoniously with the base notes of the perfume. The original DNA of the fragrance is heightened in its opening with deep oil based contents, and makes the dry down of the fragrance even more potent and long-lasting.

Citron really takes the power over the original scent, with its powerful sillage. By choosing to wear Citron, you are knowingly accepting the scent trail you will leave behind. Wear this all year round, but with the warmer months in mind, this scent will become even more powerful, and heighten the fruity notes, and make that fruity opening project and move past the initial 15-20 minutes of introduction. Longevity of this Creed Aventus clone is almost 7 hours of strong detection. After that, the scent warms down and becomes an intimate skin scent, which could be reapplied if you much preferred to take the limelight once again.

The great price of this fragrance makes it a steal and gives you more reason to pick this over the Original Aventus if you are conscious of the high-end price point. Don't forget to pay attention to the zesty and tropical kick of the middle notes if you do!

Get your hand on either a 5ml sample or 50ml full bottle of Citron today.

Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf

Another very inexpensive option, the Club de Nuit intense Creed Aventus clone became a hit once discovered by the fragrance mainstream crowd who could not bear to part with the price point of the original Aventus. While this dupe comes with good longevity, in addition to sillage, the biggest con for this fragrance is the sharp and strong opening that many have had to manage to tolerate, for the dry down which is very similar to Aventus.

While many Creed Aventus dupe fragrances hit the market since its release in 2015, this was one of the first ever Aventus clones, which earned it instant popularity. Now however, there are many dupes like the Citron for example, that do not share the issue of a strong and intolerable opening and offer a similar scent, if not exact performance from the moment you first spray, until the skin becomes a lovely skin scent. Nevertheless, being that this was the first ever released, and very close to the original scent's dry down, this should definitely be listed as an option.

Parfums Vintage Emperor Extrait

This Creed Aventus dupe has a longer performance than the previous Club de Nuit intense variant. While the initial spritz gives off a very fruity opening, from the black currant and pineapple note, there is a smokey dry down that resembles woody birch, musks, ambergris and patchouli. The smokey base of this fragrance makes it a little heavier than the original Aventus, but one thing many users of the original scent wish for, is a longer performance and longevity. So maybe this is your answer?

Therefore, it is important to take note that while the Parfums Vintage Emperor Extrait Eau de Parfum smell similar, it isn't an exact match and many can call it rather, an inspiration of the Creed Aventus but with a twist. One thing is for sure however, the opening of this scent is not unpleasant and you do not need to wait for it to pass like the Club de Nuit Intense for example.

Afnan Supremacy Silver

Next on our list for Creed Aventus clones is the Afnan Supremacy Silver. This fragrance offers those interested in Creed, a budget friendly option, that smells very, very similar to the original Aventus. Supremacy Silver has very similar woody notes with earthy textures, in addition to the fruity notes Aventus fans will crave. It is just as refreshing, and uses the same loved notes: Moroccan jasmine, pineapple notes and patchouli. 

You are also looking at a very similar performance from a sillage and longevity perspective too, and at a quarter of the Aventus price, you can't really complain, can you?

Mercedes Benz Select

This may possibly come as a shock that a world renowned car retailer has delved into the world of fragrances, but it is completely true!

Mercedes Benz created their select fragrance at a cheaper price than Aventus, but many could still call it a luxury price for an Aventus dupe. All the reviews online say that this fragrance is very similar to the scent profile of Aventus, despite combining new fragrance notes into the mix. New notes you would expect include Cedar, Lavender and Sandalwood, which make Mercedes Benz Select similar but not an EXACT match. So do keep that in mind.

Best Creed Aventus For Her Clones

Verte by Parfumery

Next, we move on to the female dupes for Aventus for Her, and we start with one of the most similar scents out there for this, from Parfumery. The Verte from Parfumery, offers the same revitalising citruses, calming violet, and peppery kick. Opting for the same opening of this fragrance, give you the exact performance you would expect from the first initial spray. As you sink into the middle notes of the fragrance, the fragrance warms up and becomes a more floral-woody and airy mix from the clean musks combined with rose florals. Nevertheless, there is a woody nuance added too, which mimics the Aventus For Her fragrance.

Once the perfume begins to dry, the fragrance becomes denser and settles on your skin, and that is when the ambers and fruit notes really blend in with the fragrance. It may surprise you that a fragrance that is significantly cheaper, will hold such similarity to the original scent, and even perform the same. That's right, this perfume also performs in a similar manner, with a 5-7 hours longevity depending on your skin of course, and the projection surpasses 4-5 ft away, until the perfume becomes a skin scent hours later, or a residue on your clothes. 

Click here to view Verte and get your hands on a bottle

L'Aventure Femme by Al haramain perfumes

L'Aventure Femme is another dupe alternative for those wanting Aventus For Her, but are on a budget. Offering the same fruity and woody textures Aventus Her offers, the scent profile is not exact to Aventus For Her, but it's near enough. Unlike Verte and Aventus For Her, this scent is heavier on the rose florals, which as you know, the original scent uses an airier mix, as does Verte. So this may be too rose heavy for some, once the scent begins to dry down. In addition to this the fruity black currant notes linger on just a little, passing the initial spritz, which may not be liked by some. 

However, one great aspect about this fragrance, which surpasses Creed Aventus For Her, is the Sillage and longevity. This scent performs longer than 9 hours, and the scent trail continues for the same amount of time, making this a better option for those that dislike Aventus For Her performance in the long run, especially for the price you pay. You get the luxury scent performance with this one, but for a great price.

Best Creed Virgin Island Water Dupes

Noix by Parfumery

Noix is the sister fragrance to Island Water from Creed. Those who have the original Aventus Island Water, will like it for the tropical performance and its great performance during the warmer months. Noix offers just that too. 

With the same zesty bite from that first initial spray, Noix's use of coconut mimics Island Waters' softer touch to the citrus notes lime, bergamot and mandarin. Just like the original fragrance, the dry down of this pushes this fragrance into a musk-like sugary and creamy finish, and yet, it has a spicy kick from the White Rum. If you spritz this and the original, you would be surprised at the similarity, as you will most definitely not be able to tell them apart. Noix is the best clone, hands down!

St Barts Men by Tommy Bahama

St Barts Men is another favourite for Island Water Creed dupes. While it isn't a perfect match like the Noix, you will find that the musks at the base notes, as well as the vanilla, work in a similar way to the creamy love and finish given to wearers of Island water. This dupe is much more aquatic which makes it an island vacation in a bottle too-but maybe just not the exact same island as Island Water from Creed. It's definitely a neighbour and a close match though. With impressive longevity, as well as the same boozy touches, you will definitely still be fond of this within your collection, and if you spray it alongside the original Island Water or Noix dupe, you could create the perfect summer scent of your own!

Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff has been compared for many years as a replica and dupe to Irish Tweed, for the aquatic fresh opening that the fragrance offers. While the notes are not the exact same as Irish Tweed you can see the similarities between the two and immediately make the resemblance. Both Cool Water and Irish Tweed, use leafy green notes added within the middle and top notes, which give that freshness to the scents opening. In addition to this, the dry down of both fragrances offers woody and smoky textures as both fragrances use Ambergris with variations of Cedar and Sandalwood. However it is worth noting that, due to the variation of the heart notes, you will find the journey of the two fragrances similar, but not the same. Cool water is a little bit more floral, due to the jasmine and Neroli.

Nevertheless, Cool Water really was and still is a game changer for aquatic fresh scents for men, and puts it alongside Irish Tweed, but at a fraction of the price!

Tres Nuit by Armaf

Last but not least, we have the Tres Nuit from Armaf. This fragrance smells floral, fresh and citrus like, and utilises similar notes to the Irish Tweed. The opening of this fragrance with the first spritz is pretty much exact, however the addition of the lemon, which is unlike the Irish Tweed, makes this even more fresh and aquatic you could say. 

The journey of the fragrance takes you on a similar walk as the Irish tweed, due to the violet and lavender notes, however it has that little bit more of a spicier kick to the fragrance, due to spicy heart notes within the fragrance. For that reason, this cologne offers a denser dry down, that makes the fragrance project a bit more than the Aventus Irish Tweed. Nevertheless, it's possibly the closest dupe out there for Irish Tweed and is perfect for the warmer months.

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